How To Use Y2mate? Best Youtube To Mp4 Converter In 2023

How To Use Y2mate Best Youtube To Mp4 Converter In 2021

Did you hear about Y2mate? But, you do not know how to use it? Don’t worry. We will help you out. This article will thoroughly explain in detail what exactly Y2mate is, its features, alternatives and much more. Also, about Y2mate apk download, Y2mate game.

Let’s move ahead,

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What is Y2mate?


Y2mate is an online downloader or a website that enables users to convert and download audio and videos from Youtube or any other popular video-sharing apps like Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, etc., to Mp3, Mp4, or FLV in HD quality. Users of Y2mate can choose their preferred format before downloading.

Y2mate is not a detrimental site. However, the pop-ups and notifications that appear on the site can affect your device if you click on it. has a virus known as the virus. Y2mate cannot harm your device, but the virus might harm you. The only advice is to avoid clicking on the ads or pop-ups while using Y2mate because the download app keeps moving. Regrettably, once you click on it, your device will automatically get infected by the virus. And countless harmful installations may occur. 

Amazing Features of Y2mate.

  • Free to Download – You can now download the audios and videos with Y2mate for absolutely free. It is straightforward to download with a few clicks.
  • Registration Free – You do not have to sign up or fill in any of your details to download Y2mate. Since most of the apps ask for registration and sign up information, Y2mate doesn’t require any. This also saves the users time.
  • Very Compatible – It is compatible with any browsers you might be using like, safari, chrome, firefox etc. It works amazingly.
  • Supports Formats – It is easy to convert audio and videos into Mp3, Mp4, FLV, AVI, WMA and many different formats. Y2mate supports all of these. 
  • Language options – It has various language options for its users. Even if the person doesn’t understand English, they can easily navigate on Y2mate without wasting time.

How To Do Y2mate Apk Download?

Y2mate provides Apk Download, where users can easily install and download videos.  

The Y2mate android apk is simple to use. 

For this also, you don’t need to register or sign up. You can download multiple videos at a time.

This is not available in the Play Store due to Google policies. Users can download the apk from the official website.

It is like a mini youtube, where you have to search for the video you need and download it; the download option will be right below the video.

How to Use Y2mate?

Step 1: Open Youtube, search and select the video you need and copy its URL.

copy url from youtube

Step 2: Go to chrome, safari, firefox anything and access the Y2mate online service i.e, (http://Y2mate/ ). Click on the Right mouse button and Paste the URL.

search y2mate

Step 3: The Y2mate platform will automatically identify the video, and the users can then choose the format of downloading. After selecting the format, click on the ‘ Download’ option. Users can also change the size of the video.

Step 4: Now download the file of your preferred size and save it to watch later or offline.

How does Y2mate make/earn money?

If Y2mate is free to download and use, then how does it earn? It earns through advertisements. When you visit the site, you can see several ads popping up on the screen. 

Also, when you click on the Download button, you will be redirected to a new website, where the y2mates have a partnership. If you sign up for their websites, they will earn a certain amount. Whenever you click on their ads intentionally or unintentionally, they make money.

Some of the Best Alternatives to Y2mate 

With 25.15M monthly visits, it allows you to convert and download audio and videos for free. 

89.07B monthly visits. It is the most visited website in the world. It is a search engine where you can search for anything you like and even download it

1.07B monthly visits. It is a web search engine operated by Microsoft. It gives a variety of search services, including videos, audios and images etc.

952.32M monthly visits. It is an internet privacy company. That empowers you to take control of your personal information online.

12.91M monthly visits. It is one of many online video-converting sites. It is known as the best and fastest youtube downloader and converter.

 4.48M monthly visits. It helps you to download videos even if your connection is slow. You can then watch your videos offline.

33.77 B monthly visits. It is a video-sharing website that is absolutely free. You can even create and upload your videos for others to see.

Final thoughts

Though Y2mate offers impressive features, it has some disadvantages of inviting viruses onto your device. It is a helpful website that allows its users to download videos in any format in HD quality. But one has to be careful when it comes to clicking on harmful ads or sites. 

We hope you have now understood everything about Y2mate. If you are looking for anything else, you can browse our website and discover more apps and sites.


Is Y2mate free?

Yes, it is absolutely free to download and use in any required format and size.

Is Y2mate safe to use?

Y2mate can help you download videos, but it has some security risks. It can also infect your device with viruses. Users have to be careful and avoid clicking on harmful websites. Other than this, it is safe.

Is Y2mate banned?

Y2mate is showing a shutdown to visitors in the UK and US. It is to be a mere geo-blocking stance rather than a complete ban. The reason behind blocking its service shutdown in the UK and Us is unknown. 

How to block ads from y2mate?

One example in chrome:

To remove ads from chrome:

Copy the URL given below
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and search Click on the three dots next to it. And click on the ‘Block’ button. That’s it, and you are done.

How to remove from Windows 10?

Click on the Start button. Select settings.
Click on the systems tile, then click on the Apps and Features option and locate recently installed suspicious programs in the list.
Then click on the uninstall option near it.

How to remove from Mac?

If the above-mentioned points don’t work, then go through the following steps listed below:

Download the free AppCleaner.
Drag the from the app folder to the AppCleaner windows.
You can now choose along with other apps that you want to uninstall.
Click on the delete or uninstall option mentioned there.

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