Windows 11 Upgrade: System Requirements and Features [Guide]

Windows 11 is now officially released, and in this guide, we will see the latest features that Windows 11 is offering in 2022, the system requirements that you need to upgrade to the latest Windows, and a lot more to discuss in this post.

What new changes will you Notice in Windows 11?

1. The first thing that you will notice is the redesigned and latest look.

2. It comes with better security options, performance, new tools, sounds, and apps.

3. Better and easy to understand User Interface when compared with Windows 10

4. More features, new themes, easy-to-minimize screens in different sizes with a single click, and amazing-looking icons.

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Windows 11 System Requirements

  • 4 GB RAM is required to install this latest Windows on your computer or laptop
  • At least 1GHZ processor with 2 or more cores. It will run better if you have a faster system configuration like more than a 1.5 GHz processor
  • You should have at least 64GB of hard disk space so that you can install Windows comfortably without any space issues and run other software as well
  • System firmware should be UEFI, secure boot capable
  • You should have DirectX 12 compatible graphics
  • Microsoft account and Internet is required to upgrade to Windows 11

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Where I can get Windows 11?

If you are looking for how to download Windows 11, you can download it from the Microsoft official website (Microsoft Store), Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. New Windows will be available soon.

Windows Insider Program

You can also join the Windows Insider Program to check Windows 11 insider preview and check the latest features, user interface, and other stuff. You should have a fast internet connection to download Windows 11 insider preview to join this program. You can search the windows insider program in the search bar and open it. Click on Get Started.

You need an account registered in the Windows Insider program to get started. Therefore, if you don’t have an account on Microsoft, then create it or if you already have an account, then click on register.

If you are a developer, then I suggest choosing the Dev channel, and for other users, the Beta channel is a perfect option to choose. Click on confirm and then restart now (the restart now option will be shown on your screen when you click on the confirm button).

Now, it will take some time to download Windows 11 insider preview, and after that, restart your PC.

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  1. When I will be able to upgrade my Windows 10 to 11?

    According to the official Microsoft website blog, it may be available to upgrade in the mid or end of 2021 or in the starting of 2022.

  2. Can I upgrade my Windows 10 to 11 for free?

    Microsoft may provide free upgrades from Windows 10 to 11 for a specific period of time for eligible systems. But I am not sure about the free upgrade, so you can keep reading Microsoft’s official blog.

  3. How much time it will take to upgrade to the latest Windows?

    It may take 1 to 2 hours, depending on your Internet speed.


Microsoft Windows 11 is amazing, and it offers many new features compared to 10. It can also help you to maximize your productivity, and you can manage your stuff in a more easy way.

You have new features to connect to your friends, family, and colleagues quickly, and it does not matter what device they use. The chats and calls are free.

New features provide a quick overview of today’s latest news, the temperature in your city, ongoing events, information, entertainment, etc.

Easily find your favorite desktop apps with a single click.

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