Whatsapp Complete Tips And Guide 2022

whatsapp has become a lifeline for almost every user. It is one of the most popular chat app. But a lot of people are not aware of some new updates and new upcoming changes and features. If you want to know some tips than read the given below whatsapp complete tips 2016 that will help you.

1. Find out who has read your message in a group chat

If you want to check that who reads your message in a particular whatsapp group then just tap and hold on your message(on that message you send in a group), and then tap the Info option(Info option is showing at the top as “i”). You will see the message details like the exact time it was delivered and read. And if your message is read by everyone then those double blue ticks will appear.


2. Tap to speak

If you don’t want to type big paragraphs and long messages, at That time you can use tap to speak and say whatever you want to message . It can be used Simply, by pressing the ‘mic’ or tap to voice button in your keypad and now send your long messages to the app.


3. Search your WhatsApp chat history

You can search for a particular message in your chat. Go the contact screen where you want to find the message(like if you want to find about any particular message). Tap the option button > Search > Type the text you are looking for. The app will find that word in the search along with the conversation it came in.

4. Personalise your WhatsApp Wallpaper

You can make your whatsapp more attractive. You can change the wallpaper of your WhatsApp. You will find this option under settings. Then go to chats and you will find a option “wallpaper”.


5. Reply to a specific message

You can reply to a specific message quickly and easily by making it less confusing. you can answer the specific messages.Just press on the message you want to answer and select the reply button and then type and send your response. It will appear with the original message so that the context is not lost.

6. Create shortcuts for particular contacts

You can create shortcuts for your important contact on your phone home screen. All you have to do is go to the whatsapp contact chat window > Settings > More > Add Shortcut. Now your shortcut has been created.

7. Style your messages

You can add some style to your messages using bold, italics, and strike. For e.g. *hello * for bold, _hello _ for italics and ~hello ~ for strike-thrus.


8. Mute the noisy group notifications

If you are irritating due to Continuous messages in a group. all you need to do to mute those irritating notifications. Tap on a group name > tap on Mute and then select how long you want to mute the group.

9. Broadcast live feature

If you want to send a message to particular friends at once. You can do this using broadcast. Open your whatsapp then Go to the Contacts screen, now tap on a particular contact and select your contact (choose the contacts you want to send the message) and then ‘New broadcast’. that’s it now you can send message to all your friend/relatives/others with single message.


10. Send a map of your location to your friends

you have to tap on the share icon and then send your location. Your GPS should be turned on before you send the location.

11. Whatsapp Settings

You can make changes to your profile, Account, Chats, Notifications, Data usage etc.  Now these are direction how one can use whatsapp and look out what he needed. Hope this article “whatsapp complete tips 2016” may help you.



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