How To Remove Watermark With Watermark Remover Apps?

How To Remove Watermark With Watermark Remover Apps

Watermark remover apps – a watermark is a piece of text or logo overlapped onto an image or paper. Watermarks are customarily translucent so that the users who view the image can still applaud it. Sometimes you recognize the photographer through the watermark. Watermarks are put on paper or images to preserve the original image or make it harder for the user to copy things. 

What if you come across an amazing picture or an image that you would like to use in your project but cannot submit with the watermark on it? Will it not annoy you? 

Here is the solution to it. You can now easily remove watermarks using a watermark remover app on your phone. With which you can get free of watermarks and any unwanted things you would like to remove from the image. Like a date, time, and stamps.

You can also check if you need step by step guide to remove watermark.

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4 Best Free Watermark Remover Apps

If you wish to remove watermarks without paying anything, then here are the apps you can consider. These apps are the best performer, as we have checked, and will surely give you satisfactory results.

1. Photo Healer 

This watermark remover app helps you remove undesired objects, including the watermark, from an image. It helps you to keep the image looking original. This app is straightforward to use, and it is also well-organized. 

Apart from removing logos and watermarks, you can also remove pimples and spots to make your picture look faultless.

It gives you fantastic makeup filters to get rid of unattractive features in a photo. You can also remove people from the image.

How to use Photo Healer to remove watermarks from an image?

  • Firstly, download and install the photo healer app on your device.
  • Pick a photo and select the object you want to eliminate. 
  • Click on the Heal button and save the image. It can be used endless times.
Download Photo Healer app

2. Unwanted Object Remover 

Remove objects from the photo — It is also one of the best watermark remover apps for Android, which can be used to eliminate unwanted watermarks or objects from the image. It has the feature of enhancing pictures. 

This app helps you to remove logos, text, stickers, stamps, watermarks, dates, times, people, etc. 

It has amazing features such as Tone and color, move me, magic crop, magic eraser, retouch, background eraser, textures, and many more.

Also, it has an object removal portrait with Brush or Lasso tool to remove imperfections from an image.

Download Unwanted Object Remover app

3. Remove logo from video by KKapps 

This video editor application helps you eliminate a watermark logo from a video. It has an intuitive interface. The app is straightforward and easy to use. It allows you to create a video without a watermark in seconds.

It helps eliminate watermarks. And supports all popular formats.

It easily identifies the videos present on your phone for you to search and edit them easily.

How to remove a watermark from the video by using this app?

  • Download and install the app on your device
  • Select the video you want to edit, click on remove watermark and choose the region where the watermark is. 
  • The logo or watermark will then be eliminated. And save the video.
Download KKapps app,

4. Background eraser

It is an application to eliminate watermarks. You can also remove the background. Using this app is not at all problematic. 

Pick out the picture you want to edit, and use the tools that are available to work.

Once the editing is done, the image will be saved by default in PNG FORMAT without background. You can also save it with a white background.

Download Background eraser app

3 Best Paid Watermark Remover

If you want to have some extra features with watermark remover that will help you edit your images, then these below-given apps are for you.

1. Fotogenic: photo editor

This app mainly makes you more photogenic but removes watermarks, backgrounds, etc. To remove the watermark, you can use the patch and clone tool; you will have to buy a pro version of this app for $6.99. Some of its features include captions, mosaics, blur, speech bubbles, etc.

How to use this app for the removal of watermarks?

  • Download and install this app on your device.
  • Choose a photo from your gallery or click a photo.
  • Select and edit the watermark.
  • And save it on your device.
Download Fotogenic app

2. Touch Retouch 

It has many features, but its item removal feature is the most prominent. This app helps you in removing mailboxes, overhead electric wires, and mainly Watermarks. The features also include an undoing-redo function, a stamp tool, and quick photo repair. This app costs approx $1.99.

To remove the watermark:

  • Select a picture from the gallery or click a new picture.
  • Use the healing tab from the Retouch tab.
  • Select and highlight the region of the watermark and double-click on the areas you want to change.
  • You must repeat this process until all the watermarks are changed or removed.
  • And save the edited picture now on your phone.
Download Touch Retouch watermark remover app

3. HitPaw

This app is available for users both online and offline. It offers 3 modes: smooth filling, edge filling, and texture repair to remove the watermark. 

To remove the watermark, select the video area you wish to remove, and HitPaw will do its job. 


You can edit videos in multiple formats, including removing watermarks. 

It helps the user to add audio notes or music to the video.

It enables the users to convert the video to the desired format.

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  • Make sure that the images whose watermarks you have removed are not used for commercial purposes. This will be illegal.
  • Use It only for your personal entertainment or school projects.

Therefore, you can use any of the applications listed above to remove the watermarks.

Download watermark remover HitPaw app
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