Uploadocean.com Scam Alert: Don’t upload on this website

If you want to earn money by uploading files on pay-per-download (PPD) websites.

Then, I strongly recommend not joining uploadocean.com and never uploading on this website because, after a few payments, all your payout will be put on hold and never paid to you.

This site will not pay you money after your earnings reach the payment threshold. So, don’t waste your time and money uploading files on this website. There are many sites like this that pay out money on time with good rates.

Uploadocean com scam with proof (screenshots)

Uploadocean minimum payment threshold is $10. The minimum payout balance should be $10 to request a payout. I have earned $120 till now, and out of this, they payout me $94. But my $26.38 is still pending for the last 7 months.

Also, I referred more than 1295+ new members on their site. When I asked them to payout my money using their Facebook and Instagram pages, they blocked me.

They will pay you in starting, but after a few payouts, they will not pay out your money. I also contacted them using their email address, but they are not responding. I am sharing the screenshots.


My two payments have been pending for a long time. Sure, they can pay your money in the beginning because you are a new member on their website. But, after a few months, they will hold your payout.


I have referred 1290+ members. Sending this number of members to their business. But still, in return, they are not paying out my money. I know many individuals like me referred to hundreds or thousands of members to this shit scam website.

You can read the comments of users on their Facebook page. Here is the screenshot.

So at last, I suggest that do not upload the file on this scam website. The rest is your choice. Uploadocean.com is a scam who don’t care about the members and their community. You can try similar websites that are paying good money.

Best Alternatives: PPD Sites (Pay per download)

You can try these similar websites. These are the best alternative to the uploadocean. I have tried these two websites. These two sites always payout the money at the right time and also provide good customer support.

Right now, I am using only these two websites for uploading files and earning money. If you are looking to earn money by URL shortening or using a link then you can check this list.

1. File-up.org (File Upload)

File upload or file-up.org is a good website for uploading files and earning money. They give money on time and also provide customer support.

I am mainly using file upload for uploading my files and earning money because their pay-per-download rate is better than most of websites.

I have listed userscloud on the 2nd number, but truly speaking, I mostly use file upload. Till now, I have found this website much better than other websites in every term (earning, support, and payout).

Website: file-up.org

Mirror Link: www.file-upload .com

File-up earning report

file-up earning

Useful points to read

  • The minimum payout is $1, you can request for payout after completing $1.
  • You can receive your money via PayPal, Bitcoin, western union, MoneyExpress, etc.
  • File upload pays $6-$7 for group A countries (USA, UK, Canada, Australia).
  • You can earn up to $7 per 1000 downloads depending on your geographical location.
  • You can upload any type of file, like videos, images, documents, etc.
  • The size of the file must be larger than 1 byte.

2. Userscloud

Userscloud is also good in terms of time-to-time payment and customer support. But in terms of making money per 1000 downloads, it is behind file-up. It is paying a decent amount per thousand downloads but not the best.

Useful points to read:

  • The minimum payout is $5, you can request for payout after completing $5.
  • You can receive your money via PayPal, Bitcoin, Wire transfer, WebMoney, Amazon gift card, etc.
  • For wire transfers, the minimum payout threshold is $200.
  • Userscloud pays $6-$7 for group A countries (USA, UK, Canada, Australia).
  • You can pay between $0.5 to $5 per 1000 downloads depending on your geographical location.

Website: userscloud.com

Userscloud earning report

userscloud earning

Currently, I am using these two websites to upload my files. My first choice is definitely file-up. You can try both sites and check the results. Then, according to your results, analytics choose the best one for uploading your files. But do not try the scam website uploadocean.

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4 thoughts on “Uploadocean.com Scam Alert: Don’t upload on this website”

  1. Absolutely right. Same thing happen with me. They do not reply any messages or mail. I have tried to contact them but they never reply. Better to upload on other ppd sites.

  2. Same Here, I made 16$ and requested a payout, they didn’t paid me. it was 1 year ago. i contacted them via twitter, fb, email. they always said payments will be processed within 2 days. and now they are even not replying to me! they are such a scam!!!

  3. Same with me. Uploadocean is a scam, my $34 is in pending and they are not replying to my messages. I don’t know how people are writing a good review on this piece of shit website and writing good reviews. Recently, I checked some other pay per download websites. I am surprised when i see a website ranking at number 1 position mentioning the name of uploadocean. I found your post genuine and now i am also going to write about this scam.


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