Metronome Apps For IOS and Android – Top 5 Apps For Metronome

In a world full of chaos, music is the only thing that helps individuals release their stress to its finest level. Musicians understand the value of good music so does we; that’s why we are here to help you make good music with virtual methods like metronome apps. 

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Let’s talk about the metronome that helps you keep a consistent speed so that you don’t inadvertently speed up or slow down. It provides a constant click marking a musical interval.

Musicians can’t afford to skip a beat, and there is no way musicians should be working old fashion way. Why should everyone have all the fun? When everyone is going digital for accurate and efficient work, musicians also need to be introduced to the metronome virtually.

There are dozens of metronome apps available. The range of metronome apps is from simple to complex. These days musicians have the opportunity to find an app that’s perfect for their skill level and goals. But we are going to mention our favorite and top 5 metronome apps in this article. Choose your app wisely with us.

Our 5 favorite metronome apps for ios and android

Metronome Plus

app for metronome, metronome plus

Price: Free (in-app purchase available)

Platform: iOS

Metronome Plus catches the gold for mild interfaces. This free app has an attractive and straightforward workflow by limiting its features to the most necessary for practice and performance. Here you can find customizable rates and grooves, 16 different voice options, and a setlist manager, as well as various themes to customize the look to your desire.

  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • 16 different voice
  • Training, practice, and recording modes
  • Fully customizable rhythms and tempos
  • Simple setlist management
  • Multiple app themes and backgrounds
  • Bluetooth, STOMP compatible
  • Full-version upgrade available

Pro Metronome

app for metronome - pro metronome

Price: Free

Platform: Android

Pro Metronome is a king when it comes to balancing power with ease of use. This app is a flurry to navigate. The metronome can boast visual, vibrate, flash, and airplay modes, keeping you in time sonically, physically, and visually. When you update to the full version of Pro Metronome, you can program in-depth subclasses, polyrhythms, and much more. If you are looking to push rhythmic boundaries, Pro Metronome is the way to go.

  • Dynamic time-signature settings
  • 13 time-keeping sounds, including voice
  • Landscape mode offers increased resolution
  • Tap tempo
  • Color Mode displays time graphically
  • Pendulum Mode, for visual feedback
  • Power-Saving/Background Modes
  • Session timer
  • Audiobus support

Smart Metronome

Price: Free

Platform: Android

Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to the smart metronome. And the majority likes it that way. On this attractive-looking app, you’ll find the capacity to program full songs, including tempos, time signatures, beats, and bars. This app also boasts Dropbox integration and Bluetooth for saving and sharing your presets. 

  • Normal, repeat, and program model
  • Bluetooth wireless control
  • Analog metronome visualizer
  • Simple, streamlined workflow
  • Apple Watch integration
  • Dropbox integration
  • Android


Price: Free

Platform: iOS

Pulse is a trendy option today. Download its free version, and you’ll have access to exact tempo control, presets, customizable themes, and tap tempo. Like the other four apps on the list, you can also update Pulse to start an even wider variety of options. Pulse also allows for Bluetooth and Apple Watch alliance for wireless, physical, and visual connection to your music that a simple snap can’t match.

  • Simple, intuitive interface 
  • Tweakable themes with custom colors and click sounds
  • Tap tempo 
  • Apple Watch support
  • Customizable playlists 
  • Tempo syncing across devices with Bluetooth
  • Haptic vibrations
  • Background mode enabled

Time Guru

Price: $1.99

Platform: iOS and Android

Renown guitarist, Avi Bortnick developed this app; Time Guru is a balanced powerhouse directed at pushing your playing to the next level. This app is entirely accurate and has a different trick from other apps up its sleeve. You can set Time Guru to mute itself randomly. It is genuinely a metronome that takes your rhythmic sensibilities to the next level. 

  • Randomized muting
  • Multiple time signatures or combinations of time signature
  • Customized audio engine delivers accurate timing
  • 18 metronome voices
  • Human voice count in English or Chinese
  • Tap tempo

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Why metronome only plays 4 bars and then stop?

When you turn on the metronome timer, this problem occurs. Press the icon towards the bottom of the screen to get access to the control.

Can I input 6/8 times into the metronome?

You can input them at any time signature into the metronome.

When I change from 2 to 4 beats per bar, the visuals change, but the rhythm isn’t; why?

The rhythm will not change except if you adjust the tempo or you change the number of beat divisions. You will only notice the transition when you change the beats per bar if you have the first beat importance turned on.

What should I set my metronome to?

You should begin by setting your metronome to 40 bpm.

What is a 4/4 beat?

A time signature of 4/4 means counts of 4 quarter notes to each bar. So the beat is counted 1, 2, 3, 4 -1, 2, 3, 4, and so on. That means all the notes in every bar must add up to 4 quarter notes.

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