5+ Best TextSheet Alternatives for Study

TextSheet was an online education website that helps students to find solutions and answers to different questions and problems related to their studies. 

The website TextSheet was worked through Chegg API. The process to find the answer using TextSheet very simple. You need to go on the Chegg website and find your answer and copy the link of those answers and paste them into the TextSheet. If you are not familiar with TextSheet you may wonder why I cannot find all answers from directly from the Chegg and the answer is You will not see the complete answer without premium membership and TextSheet provides you all content for free.

The website was very popular in students and teachers but unfortunate due to claims from the Chegg website was taken down.

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What happened to textsheet.com? Why Textsheet is not working?  

The answer to the question is very simple and the reason to shut down textsheet.com was very valid. Actually, TextSheet provides paid information of the Chegg in free through API technology without the permission of the chegg.com. In other words, the TextSheet was a theft website that copies the answer from chegg.com and pastes them on their website. For that reason, ISP took down and now the website is no longer available.

Why Chegg Filed DMCA against Textsheet.com?

Chegg is An American education company that helps students to get the answer to the question and it helps to solve other problems related to study and all the material on the Chegg.com is paid. If you want to access you have to get a paid membership and textsheet.com was a free source. TextSheet provides all material that is available on the Chegg to students for free. Actually TextSheet Chegg both provides the same services. When Chegg found that someone sold their content they filed a DMCA claim against TextSheet and other similar sites. Due to this claim, TextSheet and other similar free sites were taken down.

Textsheet Alternatives

After the textsheet not working you should take a loot at textsheet alternative. Below we share with you some websites like textsheets.

1. StudyLib

studylib - textsheet alternative

StudyLib is an online education website that provides a huge collection of study materials. You can get a clear idea about the website from the domain name, Study lib(study library) which means a library where you can find everything about the study. 

On the website, you will find huge collections of documents, answer to the question, Flashcards, and much more.

On the StudyLib you will see a grammar checker option you can use it to check the grammar of your documents. 

Studylib also allows you to share your documents as well to help other students. It is a great alternative to TextSheet.

Key features:

  • Show most searched and trending documents
  •  Powerful flashcards
  •  Grammar Checker

2. Slader

slader - textsheet chegg alternative

Slader is also a great alternative to TextSheet and it is well organized compared to StudyLib. It is a legal and trusted website where you can find the solution of the question in an organized manner. 

The website is most popular in the United States from middle school to grade school students. You can find the answer to different subjects includes Upper-Level Math, High School Math, Science, Social Sciences, and Literature And English.

The content on Slader is available in free but you have to bear ads as well and if you do not want to see ads then you can join premium membership. If you’re registered a member on Slader then you can submit solutions just like StudyLib.


Key features:

  • Students of every age can get a solution to the questions.
  •  Popular in the US
  •  Well organized and easy to navigate

3. CourseHero


CourseHero is also an education website and they claim that they have more than 30-million course-specific study documents.

You can find different topics and documents using the filter by schools, subjects, and books. CourseHere team is available 24/7 to help you. CourseHero allows you to earn money from the website by referring to other students. If you want to become a tutor you can apply for a tutor and they will pay you for your services if you get a job. According to my opinion, CourseHero is the best website and a good alternative to TextSheet and Chegg among other websites. You can only download documents when you’re logged in. So make an account and enjoy the website.


Key features:

  • Power filters help to find any course in minutes
  • Allow you to become a tutor
  • Paid membership in just $1.99

4. CrazyForStudy

crazyforstudy - textsheets alternative

If you are a student of high school or college you might already know about CrazyForStudy.com because it especially designed to help high school and college students. 

You can find millions of practicing questions, the solution to academic problems, video guides, and much more. The questions are available without any paid membership but to find the answer to the question you have to join paid membership. 

Like CourseHero CFZ allow you to apply for tutor position and become a tutor. If you want to learn new subjects or improve your knowledge of any subjects you can join their classes. The website is a great alternative to TextSheet and it is worth you to join their paid membership.


Key features:

  •  Specially designed for High school and college students.
  • You can join Online classes in different subjects
  • The attractive design of the website and easy to use

5. PaperHelp

paperhelp - website like textsheets

At number five in the list of best alternatives to TextSheet, we pick PaperHelp. It is an educational website as well and the name of the website “Paper Help” speaks itself that it is the website where you can find the solution to your papers and questions. 

On PaperHelp you can find complete search studies on different topics. Also, they offer students that they will complete their essays, articles, and assignments. They placed samples of the previous assignments and works you can see them and if you like you can place an order. They charge from $10 to onward and if you place an order between $500 to $1000 you will get a discount of 5% to 10%.     


Key features:

  • Complete research studies available on different topics
  • Their professional help you to complete your assignment
  • 5%-10% discount available

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Is Chegg cheating?

No, the Chegg is not a cheating website. It is 100% original website that creates their own content with the help of highly educated and professional people. Chegg did not tolerate any type of cheating if they caught they will terminate their account and also their subscription so be aware of your actions.

Why was Textsheet accused of piracy by Chegg?

As we mentioned early TextSheet was a content theft website that provides all the answers to the questions by taking from Chegg.com and also they never mention the original source(Chegg) in answers. That’s why textsheet was accused of piracy by Chegg.


How reliable is Chegg india?

Chegg is a 100% trusted and reliable platform where you can learn, and also you can earn. Using Chegg you can answer different questions and per question, you will get rewarded. The rate of answering a question is different for each student. By giving the answer to computer science question you will get 197 Indian rupees and for basic math, you will get around 75inr.

Is Chegg is a good alternative for textsheet.com?

Yes… if you’re not familiar with one of them or both Chegg and textsheet, textsheet.com actually takes answers from the chegg.com. Chegg is a very good source to learn about different topics and subjects, and you consider this as the best alternative for textsheet.com. So if you were a user of textsheet.com then you should go for a Chegg but Chegg is not free.

What is the best site like textsheet.com that Uses to bypass Chegg?

You can bypass Chegg using the following websites…

  • StudyLib
  • Slader
  • CourseHero
  • CFS
  • PaperHelp

Since textsheet and litanswers are shut down, where can I now go to find Chegg answers?

Textsheet and litanswers are the best websites among all educational website. It helps students to find the answers to the question of different topics in completely free, but unfortunately, both sites are taken down…

You can use slader.com and Crazyforstudy.com to find Chegg answers.


No doubt TextSheet was a great source to find the solution of problems for free but unfortunately, it was taken down due to copyright claims from Chegg.com. You can take a look at the alternative to the TextSheet. I personally use them, and all the sites we mention are great sources to learn online. CrazyforStudy and CourseHero are personally my favorites. 


If you know any website similar to TextSheet tell us in the comments section.


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  1. Thanks for such an amazing blog. I am sure these options must be helping thousands of students every day. I tried an alternative to these websites and it was very good too. The alternative I used was Crazy for Study, they offer similar services including assignment help and textbook solutions. You can check it out too.


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