How To Teach And Study With Study Island in 2023?

How To Teach And Study With Study Island

Study Island is a platform of learning for students of different grades and helps the students to upgrade their skills in different subjects. However, this platform is offered in 50 states in addition to Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario in Canada. Over 24000 schools use Study Island and it has more than 11 million users across the country.

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What is Study Island?

Study Island is a learning platform for students who are studying in different grades to gain skills in various subjects like mathematics, science, social studies, arts, and much more.

Working of This App

In Study Island, firstly, the students take a diagnostic test to determine the knowledge and separate the learning gaps. Then, the student focuses on the topics by watching user-friendly videos which have been provided by this platform. There are also different modes available for studying here, such as practice mode, gaming mode, or a printable worksheet.

Key Components of Study Island

It is very user-friendly and similar to a remote learning platform. However, It has great features for preparing the students for their assessment.

Some of those features are stated below:-

  • Supplemental:- It is an aid to the primary syllabus that allows the students to have a quick review.
  • Provides instant feedback:- On choosing the correct answer the student is given a yellow start and when a wrong answer is chosen another attempt along with a detailed explanation box is given
  • Goal-oriented:-  Students can achieve mini goals and also the goals set by their teacher in the curriculum. A blue ribbon is awarded when the student performs extraordinarily.
  • Provides remediation:- There are different levels for the same topic for the student to improve their skills and cover the learning gap.
  • User-friendly:- There are different tools and formats along with a speech option that meets the particular need of the student.
  • Fun to use:- Students get to play a game when they answer the question correctly.
  • Provides great reports and data analysis:-  The reports can be customized to an individual report or group reports for teachers.
  • Admin and teacher-friendly:-  Admin and teachers can add new students and create their own learning system.
  • Evolving:- it is regularly updating the features and tools to match the current educational standard

Features Summary Final Score of Study Island out of 10

FeaturesRating (Out of 10)
Learning Management7.6
Course Authoring9.0
Course Catalogue/ Library8.5
Player/ Portal8.5
Learning Content8.5
Mobile Friendly5.5
Progress Tracking And Certifications8.5
Compliance Management6.5
Learning Administration7.0
Learning Reporting & Analytics7.0
Social Learning6.0

OVERALL RATING:-  8.5/10.00

Latest Technical Details of Study Island

Deployment TypesSaaS
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

What are the characteristics which make Study Island Learning More Effective?

features of study island
  • Paced Learning – Students can set their own pace for covering the lessons and activities.
  • Interactive Learning – The students are kept engaged with interactive presentations and platforms.
  • Immediate Feedback – The assessments are instantaneous to keep the students motivated.
  • Mastery-Based Learning – The progression to the next level is only achieved after mastering the content.
  • Individualized Instructions – The program is custom made to suit each student’s learning needs.
  • Progress Monitoring – Both students and teachers can easily monitor the progress made by the student.

Why is Study Island such an excellent platform?

Study Island can help the students in learning gaps in case the students have missed any lectures, recognizing student ability and giving the work accordingly helps the students to accomplish their challenges, providing more information and instruction helps the student to think out of the box.

Research Behind It

A study conducted in 2008 shows that Study Island impacted the student’s test performance in a positive manner. The research also showed students and schools that use the aid of Study Island found an overall improvement in the test results ( mainly maths).

*Based on statistics given by Study Island

How is a study island a great tool for students and teachers? 

Study Island provides the facility to the teachers for giving individual classes to the students in case the students do not have a clear concept or have missed out on any lectures. Even teachers can conduct group sessions via this platform and get the students’ responses to the questions asked in real-time. Teachers can also conduct tests and even have the facility to save, re-assign and share the test results with other teachers within the school or district.

How to use a study island? 

1. Create your class1. Enrolling teachers and students
2. Teacher page and students settings2. Review & adjust school preferences   
3. Learner interface tutorial3. Start Studying
4. Start Practising 

Best Alternatives of Study Island

Freckle by Renaissance

Freckle by Renaissance provides students with practice in maths and language arts at their own pace. The online platform offers different skill sets and also challenges.


SplashLearn is an online platform for learning math. It also includes unlimited lessons and games on math for grades from K to 5th grade.


Canvas provides integrated tools and content for learning from grades K-12. However, it is a user-friendly platform that allows teachers and students to assess skills and assignments.


Study Island is a program that is interactive and customized to suit each individual’s skill set. The pace is particular to each student and set in such a way that everyone can master the skill. The teachers can also constantly monitor the progress made by the student and help them out in the needed areas. This platform provides an overall inclusive and interactive learning platform.


Who uses Study Island?

Small business and education management industry are the most active users of Study Island.

Is Study Island legit?

Yes, Study Island is a legit platform for educational purposes.

What subjects does Study Island teach?

Study Island teaches mathematics, science, arts, social studies, etc subjects.

How much does a study island cost?

The home cost for using Study Island is $15 per month or $180 per year for a single license covering all subjects.

Is study island free to use?

No, Study Island can not be used for free.

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