SportsDevil Kodi Addon – 3 Easy Steps Installation Guide 2023

Today’s guide is all about sports lovers who are enthusiastic about sports and love to watch live streaming without a single miss out. We will discuss in this guide about sportsdevil and how to download it on kodi. If you love to stream live sports at home, you probably have heard about it and if not, you are at the right place.

Wondering how will this guide help you to stream live sports? Well, see it for yourself, read the article till the end. 

What Is SportsDevil?

It is one of the well-known third-party Kodi addons for streaming live sporting events and sports replays for free online. 

In SportsDevil Kodi addon, you can stream sports from multiple channels and HD quality streams for various sports.

It will bring you Live TV Sports worldwide, including PPV events like UFC, Boxing, etc.

But streaming on Kodi without VPN may get you in trouble; how? Because your internet traffic could be tracked and monitored by your ISP.


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SportsDevil Install Update March 2021

SportsDevil works great to access Premier League, NFL, IPL, NCAA, MBA, NBA, NHL, etc., when used properly. Just be aware that free streaming Kodi sports add-ons (and many Firestick sports apps) sometimes find live game streams that are pirated. These apps and add-ons have become the targets of corporate legal departments, government agencies, internet service providers, and copyright infringement watchdog groups. 

Without protecting an encrypted VPN, you may quickly find yourself facing internet blackouts, a stolen identity, court cases, and even worse. 

Only connect through your Hola VPN app to watch live SportsDevil broadcasts and networks. Hola VPN allows you to enjoy the game from home without spending a fortune in time and money.

Cy4Root – Best Repo To Use For Updated SportsDevil

Repo Name: Cy4Root Repo

Source URL:

Cy4Root Repo is the only Repo that works best for the updated SportsDevil till now. If you don’t update its graders and make certain your hola VPN is working and connected then you may not see any working live sports links to stream.

The Cy4Root Repo hosts the SportsDevil Kodi add-on. To install and enjoy this great sports streaming add-on, you must first give Cy4Root a repository source location on Kodi. Giving the source location on Kodi is the First of the 3 stages of installation.

Stage 1. How To install Cy4Root Repository Source Location

 Follow the steps below to complete this first stage of installation.

1.To open the setting area, select the system icon on the Kodi home screen.

Click setting on Kodi home screen

2. Click on File manager.

File manager

3. Select Add source on the left.

Add source

4. Select <None> to add a custom URL.

5. Enter the following URL: and click the “OK” button, type the name cy into the text area. And then below the source address click “OK” again.

6. Check again for typos then click “OK”.

Stage 2. How To Install Cy4Root Kodi Repository

The must follow step to complete the task before installing the SportsDevil sports streaming Kodi addon.

  1. Open the Add-ons browser menu tile.

2. You can also access the Add-ons browser through its icon above the menu in the Add-ons area. Sometimes it is called the Package manager.

3. Choose Install from Zip File.

4. Click open the cy source installed earlier.

5. Select the file

6. A pop-up window will appear in the upper right corner to confirm.

Stage 3. How To Install SportsDevil On Kodi?

This is the last installation to endless hours of open HD sports streaming journey. Follow the steps to complete the last installation.

  1. Click Install from Repository.

2. Choose the cy4root repository.

3. Select Video add-ons in the cy4root repo directory.

4. Click on the SportsDevil add-on in the list.

4. Click on the Install button to start the SportsDevil download and install.

click install button

5. A pop-up message should appear letting you know that SportsDevil Add-on was installed successfully.

SportsDevil Downloaded

Featured Sports In SportsDevil Kodi Add-On

  1. Football (American)
  2. Football (Soccer)
  3. Basketball
  4. Baseball
  5. Cricket
  6. UFC
  7. Boxing
  8. Formula 1
  9. Hockey
  10. Tennis

You can also get more sports streaming free online with SportDevil Kodi add-on than those listed. Whatever your sport of choice, you can almost positively find it in the SportsDevil add-on as a live stream or video-on-demand replay.

SportsDevil Menu Categories

  1. Favorites – you can easily bookmark your selected channels and favorite streams.
  2. Highlights – watch the most interesting and striking moments of recent matches.
  3. Live Sports – go into live sports streams online and catch the game as it happens.
  4. Sports TV – view a full variety of sports events and catch up with sports replay channels.
  5. Live TV – stream broadcast network TV shows and movies live online as they are shown.

SportDevil Alternatives

It isn’t easy to proceed with a reason why anyone may want to use something else, but there are sufficient sports streaming add-ons worth installing besides SportsDevil:

  1. Gridiron Legends
  2. The Loop
  3. ZiggoSport
  4. Joker Sports
  5. Pro Sports Kodi Addon
  6. Veilside
  7. Brit Flix
  8. Sports World
  9. StreamHub
  10. Elektra Vault
  11. Channel Pear
  12. Rising Tides

Repositories To Get SportsDevil Except Cy4Root

As said above Cy4Root is the best Repository but still there are several other repos available you can get SportsDevil from.

  1. Lazy Kodi
  2. Supremacy
  3. Kodil
  4. XvBMC
  5. Zero Tolerance
  6. All Eyez on Me
  7. GoodFellas
  8. TkNorris
  9. UK Turk Addon
  10. Lucifer’s Repository
  11. Rising Tides


Is sportsDevil Dead?

No, SportsDevil isn’t dead. You can find many versions of the SportsDevil add-on in many several repositories. Not all the versions have been updated to use the latest Kodi scrapers. 
The latest version of it can be found in the Cy4Root repo, which works great. And Hola VPN will enable you to watch all available live streams.

Is SportsDevil Legal?

Yes, SportsDevil is legal, but sometimes the sources can’t be trusted it receives content from. It is recommended to use VPN to stay safe from pirated content or content which has copyright.

How to Install SportsDevil Addon 2021?

You can download sportsdevil on kodi from several repositories available on the internet. But, one of the best and recommended repositories is Cy4Root. To get a complete installation guide go through the complete guide.

Why Is SportsDevil Not Working?

If SportsDevil isn’t working first thing, there might be an internet or server problem. If both of them are working well, you might want to try local troubleshooting or exit the sports devil and restart your device. 
If it still is not working, uninstall SportsDevil by going to Kodi Home Screen > Add-ons > Video Addons and then reinstall it.

Why Is SportsDevil Installation Failed?

There might be an internet or server issue. If you are certain the internet and server are working fine, you may need to reset Kodi and reinstall the Sports Devil add-on. Resetting Kodi clears out all your data and add-ons. But, you can recover some of it by Backing up the data.

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