14 Best Ways to Speed Up Computer and Laptop for Free

If you have any questions like this: How to speed up computer? How to speed up laptop? How to make computer faster? and how to make laptop faster.

Then, you are in the right place. In this tutorial, I have written more than 10 best steps that you can follow to make your computer faster for free.

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How to Speed Up Computer

The major components that affect the speed of the computer are: RAM, HDD/SSD, Graphic Cards, Adware, Virus, etc. You can read these steps to improve your computer or laptop performance.

1. Increase RAM (virtual memory)

I have already written a step by step tutorial on how to increase the RAM of a computer for free. You can also see this video tutorial given below to see the step by step instructions to increase the RAM of your computer or Laptop (virtual memory).

2. Stop unwanted programs

Many times, it happens that the applications/programs that we are not currently using but they are working in the background. You can easily identify such applications using the Windows Task Manager.

You can open the task manager using the shortcut keys Ctrl+Alt+Delete

Identify the programs that you are not using but they are still running in the background and then end the process of those programs.

It will help you to improve the speed of your computer or laptop.

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3. Clean Up Unnecessary Files using CCleaner and delete unused Programs on Your Computer

There can be a collection of too many unused garbage files that are worthless to store. Therefore, you can clean those files using the software.

CCleaner is one of the best software to boost the speed of your computer by cleaning up unnecessary files.

4. Use SSD and add more RAM

Using the SSD will make the computer faster. But the main problem is that they are expensive when compared with HDD.

You can also increase the RAM of your laptop for better performance.

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5. Delete unwanted files, images, and other data

Delete images and files that are no longer in use. It will help you to get extra space and also improve a little bit of performance.

Therefore, deleting the video files and images is a good way to make computer faster.

6. Delete browser cache

Over time, the cache can eat up a lot of space in your storage drive. Therefore, clear the browser cache once a month or within 2 months.

Yes, it will be helpful and it will also clean up space.

7. How to Speed Up Laptop by Removing malware

If your computer has been infected with a virus then it can create a lot of problems for you. Therefore, I suggest using a good antivirus like Avast, AVG, etc. to tackle this problem.

Once your computer gets cleaned and all the malware gets deleted then you can clearly observe the difference in the performance and speed. Your computer will work faster.

8. Display limited applications on the desktop

Try to keep only useful and important applications on the desktop. Therefore, I suggest displaying limited applications on the desktop screen to speed up your laptop speed. Please note that all the points that are mentioned in this tutorial can help you up to some extent only to make your computer faster.

9. Update operating system and drivers

Always stay updated with all the last Windows update and update the latest drivers. It also helps in the security and monitoring of your computer with the latest design and security features.

10. Find applications that are eating more resources

Check the performance of your system and then check all the programs to find out which applications are taking more resources. After finding such applications you can delete them if they are not useful or no more longer in use.

11. Completely uninstall programs of no use

The most common answer on the topic of how to speed up computer is to uninstall programs that you are not using. It will save your storage and makes your computer faster.

12. Remove unused Google Chrome Extensions

Most of the people use Google Chrome Extensions to save time and to get extra features in the chrome browser. But if you are using too many Google Chrome extension then it can also slow the speed of your system and you may face slow loading.

If your chrome browser automatically opens unwanted new tabs then it may be a sign of a virus. In this situation, your chrome browsing may get affected and it slows down your computer/laptop.

You can remove Redirect Virus From Chrome by watching this tutorial (in case if you are getting this problem).

13. Do not run too many application at a time (run 2-3 only)

While working many times, we open many tabs, due to which the computer becomes slow. Therefore, always try to open only 1-3 applications at a time. In this way, you can make the computer work faster.

14. Put your computer on sleep mode so that hardware can get cool

When the computer/laptop gets heated than at that time the speed of the computer becomes slow. Everything opens slowly. So, in this situation, you can use the thermal heat paste for the CPU. You can also put your computer on the sleep mode for 15-30 minutes so that it can work normally. That’ it, this is the end of the tutorial on how to make computer faster.


You can try the points mentioned in this tutorial and I have personally tried all these steps and it helps me a lot to make my computer faster.

I have also mentioned the points like increasing the RAM, using SSD, graphics card, etc. If you don’t want to spend money on your computer then you can follow the rest 13 steps which are written in this tutorial.

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