Soccer Streams Reddit is Dead – 5 Amazing Alternatives For /r/soccerstreams in 2023

Soccer Streams Reddit, also known as Reddit Soccer Streams is no more working. If you have been watching online soccer on one of the well-known subreddit, SoccerStreams, bad news for you, this channel has been shut down. Reddit took strong action against the illegal online streaming channel and took it off.

This was one of Reddit’s most-watched, followed, and ranked channels. The followers and free online soccer streaming seekers are really awestruck. How could Reddit do with such a ranked subreddit with 50K followers?

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Soccer Streams Reddit

Soccer streams Reddit, also known as Reddit soccer streams, have been shut down. The popular subreddit was taken down by the officials after it received a copyright strike from the premier league.

I have seen the loyal fans searching for the subreddit; they think it could be a bug, and officials have taken this down as a mistake.

subreddit to watch online soccer

This was one of the popular subreddit; I had been following this to watch online free football streaming for free.

Yes, we do not like this when any of the top streaming sites get banned. But, the truth is, that they were streaming the copyright content. The content is created and owned by someone else.

They were taking streaming it live without the owner’s permission. One needs to switch to the legal channel to witness one of the most popular games in the world.

The plans for watching a football match, especially a Football league, are too high to purchase. The norms just cannot spend this much but still want to witness the thrilling games.

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This subreddit took fame during the last FIFA world cup. Every online match was watched and followed by millions of users. People were getting no server or hosting issues over the links provided by the channel for the live matches.

The Subreddit really offered a splendid experience to the users without charging anything. So, now it has been taken down, what are the alternatives? As those people who cannot afford to have the premium plans purchased would love to watch the live matches free of cost?

Here we are going with the top Reddit alternative for SoccerStreams:

Soccer Streams Reddit

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Top 3 alternatives to Alternative to Reddit/soccer Steams:

Do not you want the alternatives of SoccerStreams subreddit to watch online soccer matches? If yes, then here we are with the top alternatives. You need to learn that the subreddits we are sharing here are illegal soccer live streaming channels, and Reddit officials are hunting for those illegal channels.

There are possibilities that if these channels come under the radar, they also might get banned. So, we are not sure how long these subreddits have existed. These pages provide AceStream and Direct Streaming links, so let’s look closely at them and see how one can have them on board.

1. /r/SoccerStreams69

Another amazing subreddit created by football enthusiasts. The people who cannot afford to subscribe for a premium subscription can have this subreddit to watch football matches. This subreddit is taking no stone unturned in providing every possible live match link. This is for the fans who want to stream free sports online without any hiccup.

/r/SoccerStreams69 - reddit soccer streams

I have said earlier, that Reddit is super strict on copy content, especially in live streaming content. The officials are constantly working to catch the pages streaming online matches and block them. So, there are possible this page also comes under the radar. This is not a permanent solution to watching live football streaming. Still, you can watch today’s soccer match until you do not purchase the premium subscription.

  • This new subreddit might not fill the gap of SoccerStreams; still, you got the opportunity to watch a match. The subreddit does not cover the major leagues; matches outside the USA simply do not get coverage here.
  • Stream most of the Soccer matches, not all.
  • All links work fine.
  • It does not come with numerous links like the way SoccerStreams does.
  • No Asian league coverage.
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2. Redditsoccer

Another popular subreddit to watch online soccer matches on Reddit. This page is famous owing to providing links before every match. This page is getting fame rapidly and has witnessed 10k subscribers within days. You see a whopping number of people online every time over there. They understand the needs of the users and always come up with targeted solutions.

Redditsoccer - stream soccer reddit

They know that one link might get banned and always provides more than 2, or 3 links. Users around the world, in different regions, can behold their favorite moments of the thrilling game of soccer. The page by all heart servers is good to the online soccer streaming community and offers services in AceStream links. The AceStream links are popular and render the highest quality results without buffering and rendering.

The page also has a strict link posting policy. Anyone posting spam links kicks out instantly. In this way, you can follow the streamer’s links as well and choose the favorite link as per your choice, region, match, and language.

  • Very Active
  • 10 K Subscribers
  • Offers live streaming in Ace Stream
  • The links work fine in every region
  • You got the option to choose from language, match, or channel
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3. /r/Redsoccer

This subreddit is taking Reddit by storm. This is getting views after the ban of SoccerStreams. The subreddit came to life after the ban of the most famed illegal soccer streaming channel. The moderator is sharing the live football links just before the match kicks off. So, if you are willing to watch the most thrilling game of soccer today, you can follow this subreddit. Again, this cannot be a permanent solution, as Reddit is leaving no stone unturned in finding the pages sharing copyright content. The copyright content damages Reddit’s reputation and comes under the radar of some big players.

As of now, there are very few subscribers you can see. This is very active, and I have personally witnessed the football live streaming up here. If you really want to have a link to watch football live streaming, you must follow this subreddit.

The subreddit has many strict rules to reduce the spam score, and only working links could provide. The links available here are in SD and HD video quality. The quality will be mentioned in the link, which a user can follow as per the data plan.

  • Free Reddit soccer links
  • Strict rules for link posting
  • Links are available in two video formats
  • All links work fines
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Best Alternative website in place of SoccerStreams:

SoccerStreams live soccer streaming has raised the bar higher. People literally adored this page, and within the shortest span of time, thousands of people accumulated around it.

This biggie is suddenly taken down, and we are just not getting it. So, if you are the one hunting down similar channels such as websites to watch soccer online. These best alternative websites in place of SoccerStreams can help you.


Sony, the biggest sports and entertainment brand, offers you to watch football streaming.

Not many people know this fact, and that’s the reason they still are bushing around. SonyLive App can stream any sport around the world officially.

Though the costs a tiny amount of money to get everything right, this tiny amount would not cost your arms and legs.

You pay this tiny amount, get the subscription and watch free soccer streaming legally. This channel will never be taken down; rest assured.


Do you want to get live soccer streaming links? If yes, then you are on the right path. AceListing is similar to SoccerStreams and offers you the same mesmerizing experience. This website link has been used for months by Soccer Streams, and the page’s followers would know it better.

This is one of the finest places to watch live soccer without paying a single penny.


One of the biggest sports franchises got the rights to stream any sport around the globe.

This channel is one of the biggies of the sports channel and covers almost all sports played.

You can watch its live streaming free of cost in the USA. For the people living out of the USA, VPN will fill the bill.

HotStar Sports

Hotstar hosts football live streaming, but only a few know. This channel is owned by the Star India group, and covers games mostly played in India.

You would have been watching IPL and such leagues on Hotstar. The channel has rights to streaming football and other big sports around the globe.

If you are looking for some legal channels, get the Hotstar Application, and start witnessing your favorite moments. This charges a little fee, far less than other counterparts.

Discord channels to watch football live:

If you are a tech geek or have been using the internet to connect with people, you would know what Discord actually is.

This is simply another VoIP that people around the world use. This is famous due to its various uses, and you can use it for chatting, messaging, video sharing, and connecting with like-minded people.

You might have seen video gamers talking to each other over this forum. This mere not limited to video gamers, people from all categories come here and have a smooth time there.

Now the trick comes, you install this application on Windows, Android phones, Mac, and iOS and enjoy the live soccer streaming.

Ever since the Soccer Streams is taken down by the officials, they have started their own discord channel. It works seamlessly and renders the same features along with living soccer streaming.

The users can comment, leave a message, post threats, and share links in the same way as Subreddits. So, you get it, right? You can have a working link from the comments and posts and get your way down to the live streaming of the latest soccer match.

The Final Thought:

SoccerStreams, without a single shadow of a doubt, was one of the finest stops to watch soccer online.

If you were the one who never wanted to pay for a premium subscription, you would know the importance of such a channel. For them, it is something they never desired. Here on /r/SoccerStreams, you were given the live stream link of the match before the match kicked off.

There were numerous links over there to choose from. The number of links was given just because if one link is down, others could fill the bill. The services and out-of-the-box solutions have made this page so popular.

People will always find another way to get the streams. You can have the mentioned websites or alternatives of SoccerStreams subreddits. I do not guarantee any of them working prolong. Still, you get a choice. I hope this guide on Soccer Streams Reddit may help you.

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