5 Best Alternatives of Soap2day – Top Rated Movies and TV Shows

As we talked a lot about movies and tv sites and again we came with another interesting one which is soap2day also searched as soap 2 day.

In case you are not familiar with the site, Soap2day is an online site that offers to watch movies and tv shows in different genres for free. When you enter the word “Soap2day” you will see multiple sites with the same name but different extensions such as .site, .biz, .vip, and it will continue.

The reason for doing that is straightforward and clear, all the movies and tv shows we access on this site are published without permission and time by the time these sites are taken down by officials and media companies.


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Almost all the sites on the internet that offer free movies or tv shows come with multiple domains. Whenever one site is down, they transfer all their data and come with a new one. Most of the visitors to these types of sites come directly.

The soap2day.to is their latest domain and still working correctly. 

In this article, we will take a look at the site, what movies are on their site, how to watch and download movies, soap2day alternatives sites, and importantly you can trust this site or not.

So let’s start and see all the things step by step.

How to watch a movie on soap2day?

The process is very simple. Just follow these steps.

  • Open the site in your internet browser.
  • Scroll down and choose a movie you want to watch or put the name in the search bar and press enter.
  • When you open the page, on the top, you see the movie poster with movie detail and description. Scroll further, and you will see a media player.
  • All you need to do is to press the play button.
  • Make sure you already install a good AdBlock plus you have a good internet connection.

Can you download movies on soap2day?

The site Soap2day didn’t offer any download button or option to download movies, tv shows, or a video. However, if you installed a downloader on your device, such as an internet download manager, you can easily download the movies. When you install the IDM it will show automatically on the video, and you have to press the button, and the movie will start downloading.

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3 Best way to Browse Soap2day Safely

As I already mentioned, I used an ad blocker because it contains pop-up ads that appear every second. Sometimes you can click any of them and can install spammy apps and extensions without knowing. And it’s risky, and probably you get the virus in your system.

First, I suggest you stay away from these types of sites because they are not legal. However, if you want to browse then consider these 3 ways for your privacy and device safety.

1. Install an adblocker, there are many free and paid options available, but you should choose one. Because it contains a tremendous amount of pop-up ads that lead to the application installation page, in case you randomly clicked on one and installed it, it could hurt your device.

2. The next important thing is you are asked to Sign Up or create an account to stay updated and get the latest news. Don’t do it; you do not need to sign up. You can download and watch all stuff for free without signing up. If you sign up you probably get scam emails and phishing attacks. So it’s better to stay away from this.

3. If you have good internet that streams the video smoothly, then I recommend you to watch it online instead of downloading it and watching it later. Because chances are when you download the movie, you download unwanted files with the movie as well. So it’s risky to download stuff, and if possible, you should not download the movie or TV show.

What movies are on soap2day?

On soap2day you can access all types of new and old movies. The popular genres on the site are the following.

  • Drama
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Musical
  • western
  • Fantasy
  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Biography
  • History
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Documentary
  • Animation
  • Family
  • War
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Sci-Fi
  • Thriller

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Soap2day alternative Sites

If you are looking for Soap2day alternative sites, then this list is for you. On these alternatives to Soap2day sites, you can watch your favourite movies and tv shows for free in 2020.

1. Putlocker

We mention this site in most of our sites because it is one of the top free sources that offer you free movies and tv series just like soap2day.

The interface of the website is clear and super easy to navigate. Also, the speed of the site is very fast.

You can access the latest Hollywood movies and old movies for free. Similar to soap2day site, putlocker website is not a legal site and also contains pop-up ads that can lead you to spammy sites. So you should use adblocker as well to prevent these ads. 

2. MovieRulz

If you are looking for a site where you can find Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil movies then consider MovieRulz.

The layout of the site is simple, and on top of the menu, you can access Malayalam, Telugu, Bollywood, Hollywood movies with a single click. Along with movies you can listen to and download songs as well.

The problem with the site is the same as other pirated websites and to find this site you need to access the site directly with this URL “http://4movierulz.ws/“.

Overall MovieRulz is a great alternative to Saop2day, and you can find lots of movies in HD quality.

3. VexMovies

The next site you can browse to watch movies is Vexmovies. Vexmovies is very similar to soap2day. But you can access only movies on this site; they do not offer tv series or shows.

The quality of movies on the site is FULL HD, and all movies are available with different links. In case you cannot play the movie with one link you can play with another one.

4. TubiTv

Tubi tv is a legal site that offers both movies and tv shows for free. On TubiTv you may not access the latest release movies, but they have a huge collection of amazing movies and tv shows. You can browse the site through an internet browser, and you can install the application on mobile devices as well.

You can create an account and get the latest news and request different movies and signing up on TubiTv is totally safe.

TubiTv site is like Soap2day that offers movies and tv shows for free, but the only difference is TubiTv is a legal site.

5. Netflix 

Netflix is a top site that offers users to watch unlimited amounts of content, whether it is a tv show, documentary or movies.

To access all content, you need to create an account and subscribe to a plan. Don’t worry, you can get a Netflix free account from your friends, or you can subscribe to a 30-day free trial plan. And Netflix allows you to cancel subscriptions whenever you want. So after 30 days, you can cancel your subscription.

Here we talk about how you can get free Netflix accounts in 2020, so you can check.


Can I trust soap2day?

No, you cannot trust this site or any other pirated site that offers content in illegal ways. These types of sites are created to make money online in a quick way which is fine, but the problem is to make money they use ads that are not safe.

Does soap2day give you a virus? 

The site contains lots of pop-up ads that lead to the extension and application to install on the device or in the internet browser. Sometimes these pages lead you to extensions and software that use different phishing techniques, and it could be dangerous for you and give you viruses as well. Just make sure you didn’t download and install any application recommended by them or ads.

Is soap2day legal and safe to use?

The straight answer is no, soap2day is not a legal site, and most of the states announce browsing pirated sites is a crime that makes this site, not a safe option.


Soap2day is a platform that offers the latest movies and tv shows for free. But you need to take care of some things while browsing the site such as using an ad blocker and don’t sign up. You can read everything in detail from the above section.

Also, there are some good alternatives and sites like soap2day are available that offer movies and tv series for free, without ads, and legally.

So I recommend you to take a look and choose one of the sites and watch your favourite movies and tv shows for free.


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