How To Root Any Redmi Phone?

What is rooting?

It is the process of gaining all the control over the entire system. You can download and use all of the app or features that are blocked by your system. You can easily Root Redmi phone. Remember that rooting a device is not risk-free, it can damage your device also. Rooting also provides full access to system app, data partition, and many more things. is not recommended you to root your phone, you will do it at your own risk. is not responsible for any type of damage. Remember this post is only for Redmi users.

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Before root your phone you should know the pros and cons of rooting.


  1. Installing Custom ROM’s.
  2. Remove Pre-installed Applications.
  3. Blocking Ads in any Apps.
  4. Install Incompatible Applications.
  5. Boost Your Battery Life.
  6. Increase the size of Internal Memory and RAM.


  1. Your Warranty will be over.
  2. You face problems while updating your device.
  3. Rooting can damage your device.

Now, you know all advantages and disadvantages of rooting a phone, so it’s your call whether you want to root a phone or not. But if you want to root the phone then the question arises how to root Redmi phones? It’s very simple you just need to follow the below mention steps in order to root your redmi device. Remember that while rooting your redmi device, your phone battery should be 30% or more otherwise your phone will be off during the rooting process and this will lead to damage your phone.

Steps To Root Redmi Phones:

  1.   Download the ZIP file. (Password: OCWrc1Hefn)
  2.  After downloading the file, extract the file into internal memory in any folder.
  3.  Now, go to update an app.
  4.  Then go to option and “choose update package”.
  5.  Then locate the root file and press OK.
  6.  Now, it will install the root file on the phone and after some time your phone will be restart.

After the restart, you can also check whether your cell phone is root or not by using the app root checker. You can download the root checker app from the playstore.

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