Remove Tag display in Post Page of WordPress Website

In this article, I am going to tell you, how you can remove tag display in post page of WordPress website. The tag is the part of SEO and writing good tags will also improve your optimization. The reason why many bloggers including me don’t want to disclose their tags are:-

  • Any other blogger having the same type of content can copy this.
  • It doesn’t look relevant for your users.
  • And discloses your tagging technique.

When you have searched for it, then you will find that many bloggers or forum member provide a bunch of code and tell you to paste it in CSS file and do several changes but that will not work for every single theme this will only work for specific theme or numbers of a theme but not for all. But don’t worry, I will tell you a  trick, that will remove tag display in post page of WordPress website and this will be applicable for all WordPress website theme.

You don’t need to write the bunch of code or do several changes, you just neet to write a single line of code.In order to remove tag display in post page of WordPress website, you have to follow this simple and short steps.


Remove tag display in post page of WordPress website

1. Firstly, Open the Post Page that having tags.

Display tags on post page

2. Then Press Ctrl+Shift+I (Developer Tool).

3.  Press Ctrl+Shift+C.

4. Now, carefully select the Div ( division) of tags and check the name of that div.

5. When you know the name of tag div( i.e entry-footer) then go to Dashboard<Appearance<Editor and open CSS file and write


and Update. Finally, you have successfully remove tag display in post page of WordPress website

Note: Remember the name of div will be different for a different theme. In my case it is entry-footer. If you are unable to find the div name, then contact us on our Facebook page and we will tell you what code you should paste in CSS file.

The remove tag display in post page of WordPress website is successfully done.


My name is Azad Ansari. I am from Delhi. I have completed my bachelor degree in computer science engineering. I have an interest in technology and blogging that's the reason why I have started this blog.

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