Reddit NHL streams – Watch Hockey Live Streaming For Free 2023

If you are a fan of the National hockey league and you watch online hockey matches, then you may hear about Reddit NHL streams.

NHL(National Hockey League) has enormous fans following in the US and all around the world, and it is on number 6 in among all sports in the US.

If you are not familiar with r/NHLStreams, no problem, in this guide, we will explain to you what the Reddit  NHL stream is? How does it work? How you can watch all the live matches?.

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What is Reddit NHL Streams?

Reddit NHL is a subreddit or you can say a category of Reddit. r/NHLStreams community provides you with link to external websites where you can watch all live streams of NHL games. The community of r/NHLStreams is more than 230,339 people includes 12 moderators who manage the subreddit.

How Reddit NHLStreams Works?

As we already mention the subreddit provides all the links to live matches, but when you visit it for the first time you will think the subreddit is empty and there is no live streaming.

Let’s find out how it works and how you can watch a stream of NHL live matches…

Keep in mind they do not host or play any live stream. On r/NHLStreams you will find only links that lead you to third-party websites where you can watch live streams.

Around 30 minutes before the start of the matches they post a thread with a link that redirects to a new website and when the match is over they delete the thread and link. That’s why when you visit r/NHLStreams you do not find many posts.

So we recommend you to go to this subreddit when the match is about to start. Also, when you visit the link, you will face some popups and unnecessary ads because these third-party websites pirate the content, and they only earn from these ads. So you have to bear these ads, and it is better to install an adblocker extension in your internet browser.

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How to Watch NHL live stream free using r/NHLStreams?

To watch hockey online free streaming using r/NHLStreams, you have to stay active on the subreddit. When the match is about to start, you will see a thread having a link to the third-party website. Just click on the link, and it will redirect to the source where you can watch NHL streams and highlights of previous matches.

How to Live Stream NHL Game on Desktop?

Follow the youtube video (different sport, and different subreddit but the idea is the same).

How to Live Stream NHL Game on mobile?

Follow the youtube video (different sport, and different subreddit but the idea is the same).


Is it legal and Allow by NHL official?

No… it is not a legal way to watch live streams and not allow by NHL official broadcasters. The websites that offer watch NHL live free they are pirated sites that theft the content. If you watch all games regularly, we recommend you to buy a premium plan from the official source instead of going to spam and not trusted websites.

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Moderator of r/NHLStreams and their Advice

Twelve moderators who manage r/NHLStreams and provide daily updates on matches and how they improve the subreddit and their future plans. Also, they are fully aware that they are broke rules of Reddit which can lead to getting subreddit banned. Because before this all subreddit who provides links to sources that pirate the content gets banned such as Reddit NBA Streams. So they post on a forum that we have our backup on the discord server. In a case, if the subreddit removed from Reddit, you can join us on our discord server.

Which games can you watch? Is it free or paid?

In short, you can watch every NHL streams on NHL live stream Reddit. Every preseason, NHL draft, all match events, and all-stars events. Using r/NHLStreams, you can watch NHL live stream free online without paying a single dollar.

Alternatives sources to Watch NHL Stream



nhltv - Reddit NHL streams alternatives

In the list of alternatives of r/NHLStreams is one of the best options to watch hockey games. is the only source where you can watch hockey online for 24 hours. The website is specially designed for NHL fans. is available all around the world.

The website is compatible with all devices such as PC, android, apple tv, Roku, Xbox, Chrome cast, PlayStation, and Amazon Fire. It is a great source to watch complete seasons and matches without any problem.

Unfortunately, it is not a free website so you have to pay a monthly $25 or yearly $140 to watch all the games.

Key features:

  • Watch live games on demand and in high quality
  • High-quality camera with extra angles
  • DVR controls at your fingertips
visit website


ustvnow - Reddit NHL streams live

USTvNow is also a website where you can watch all hockey games and also you can see other games as well. The website is available all around the world; you can access it from any location.

It is also not a free website to watch live streams. USTVNOW offers three different plans that include free plan, basic plan, and basic plan + DVR.

In the free plan, they give you access to 5 tv channels if you like their services you can upgrade to a basic plan which costs you $29 or a basic plan + DVR is $39 per month with 23 channels. It is a great source to watch all hockey games and the best alternative to Reddit NHL streams.

Key features:

  • Compatible with all major devices
  • No Pop-up ads or malware links
  • 24/7 support
visit website


3. YouTube TV

watch hockey online free streaming

Youtube TV is also a great place to watch and enjoy all live NHL games. No doubt youtube has a huge name, and it is an official and trusted source. On Youtube TV, You all can enjoy all the games by joining.

You can try it for free if you like their services you can upgrade to the premium plan which costs around $49.99 for each month.

You can also record videos while recording with the DVR feature. YouTube live Tv supports only iOS phones, Android phones, and Chromecast.

Key features:

  • DVR feature
  • Easy to use with an excellent interface
  • No ads
visit website


Not all people afford to watch live streams of every match so they prefer alternative free options such ask Reddit NHL streams. Because on r/NHLStreams, you can access all live NHL streams for free. The process is straightforward to follow the instructions we mention in the above sections.

Keep in mind that It is not a legal way, and also third-party websites used Pop up ads. So use a better adblocker that prevents to lead to spam sites. You can watch every type of event match using Reddit NHL Stream.

If you see this guide as helpful or you want to mention anything that we miss tell us in the comment section also tell us about which NHL team is your favorite.

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