Reddit NFL Stream And Its 5 Best Alternatives.

Reddit NFL Stream is one of the biggest platforms where NFL fans can watch live streaming for free, or we should say Reddit NFL was a valuable resource. Many of you could be well aware of Reddit’s banned, but those who love to watch NFL occasionally probably don’t know the whole picture of that. Well, guess what we are here for the entire image to show you and give you the best alternatives as well so that you can still watch the NFL for free.

Why Reddit NFL Stream has banned?

Reddit NFL stream banned.

Reddit NFL Streaming was going well, and it had millions of viewers who used to watch NFL on Reddit with a simple link clicked. As we know, nothing is permanent, this free ride also came to an end and left its users afflicted. However, the reason for Reddit’s most popular page banned is illegal authorization, violation of copyrights.  

NFL streams regularly broke Reddit’s rules on copyright invasion. Reddit isn’t a stranger to copyright notices, as they received almost 35,000 notices & over 124,000 post removals in 2019 alone, according to Reddit’s Transparency Report. 

The amount of flagged copyrighted content in 2019 was more than 2018 & 2017’s combined total, leading to more investigation from Reddit admins to take down the worst offenders. Since then, many other subreddits dedicated to posting live streams have also been banned, like r/NBAStreams & r/SoccerStreams.

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Alternatives of Reddit NFL Stream. Reddit NFL stream isn’t the last option.

National Football League has a mesmerizing fan base with around 1 lakh viewers. One lakh seems such a huge fan base, and mostly everyone wants to stream NFL for free. Apparently, when Reddit was banned, most of the viewers got disappointed because not everyone has the privilege to afford cables and subscriptions.

We all know everything has a loophole, so has Reddit NFL stream. Reddit users always seem to find a way, despite the ban. Some dedicated Redditors still post a live stream or two in comments, and others make unique live stream subreddits, where mods post links to other websites where you can live stream a game.

Despite all of the above statements, now I will introduce some more best alternatives where you can still stream NFL for free and without any hustle.


Alternative of Reddit NFL stream

This free NFL online streaming website is keeping the first position in our top list of live streaming website. is solely dedicating to NFL coverage. It is fully committed to NFL game free streaming online. Each NFL game is listed every week with the free streaming links. Also, the site provides up-to-date NFL Standings.

This website contains multiple ads. This website also added premium NFL service ads link just above the free streaming link with a fake player image. That is very tricky for first-time users, so I must suggest being careful with that.


Alternative of Reddit NFL stream

This one is also a free streaming website that includes  NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Handball, Hockey, Motor, Rugby, Tennis, Volleyball, and Other sports as well. This site has a considerable amount of web traffic around 1.84M monthly, usually from the USA and the UK.

This website has a very accurate and up to date schedule that attracts visitors often. You can find several links for a game to watch. On this website, you can communicate with the admin through the live chat option.

The website contains too many ads and banners, which are placed very close to the streaming link.

3. NFL Game Pass

This website is a legal free and reputed one for streaming NFL games. The website is a league’s official media company that provides high definition streaming’s. 

It has a one-year free trial, and that is the reason I have included it in our list of free NFL streaming sites. It is cooperative with most of the operating systems, including Windows, iOS, and android.


This one allows you to watch NFL games online, and It will enable you to stream local broadcast channels like NBC, Fox, and CBS for free. 

Of course, all of these channels showcased NFL games throughout the season without asking for a monthly fee or an upfront cost. As of now, Locast is only present in 13 major American cities, and therefore it is not national. 

Still, it is a fantastic deal for the fortunate people to be living in those areas. Locast offers free services, but they urge their customers to make donations to help the company survive and thrive.

5. The NFL mobile app

Last but not the least, the NFL mobile app allows you to live stream NFL Games throughout the season by using your phone or a tablet. The app allows streaming of the games being broadcasted in your local area and games televised nationally NBC’s networks NBC. 

This app enables you to live stream NFL games that you would otherwise have been capable of watching on your TV with a digital aerial. Though, you can’t use these apps to live stream the games on a smart TV or a laptop. They only work on smaller screens like phones.


Can you stream NFL on Reddit?

You could have watched the NFL a while ago, but now, you can’t. You cannot watch NFL on Reddit because it has banned due to some illegal authorization. It still has a source for valuable information about the games and star players; you can sometimes find it useful.

Can I stream NFL games for free?

Yes, you can stream/watch the NFL games for free. Some websites and apps still provide you free access to the game. You just have to reach out to those websites, and you will find your free live streaming links of the NFL. 

Where did Reddit NFL streams go?

Reddit NFL streams were very popular amongst the fans where fans used to watch games for free. Reddit violated copyrights and was illegally streaming NFL, so it had to go. Now, Reddit is banned, and it’s hard to say that it is coming back anytime soon.

Is it illegal to watch NFL streams?

Yes, if you stream the NFL on Reddit or any other unlicensed third party. Even though everyone knows its illegal to watch like that, some people still love to watch.

How can I watch NFL football without cable?

You can watch the NFL games without cable on your phone or laptop.
There are some apps and websites available that enable you to stream live games for free.

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