Reddit NBA Streams Shutdown – Alternatives of r/nbastreams Subreddit

Reddit NBA streams or r/NBAstreams was a very popular subreddit. It was the place where everyone access lives streams of NBA matches for free.

But unfortunately, in June 2019 Reddit banned the subreddit.

It was not the first time that Reddit bans a subreddit and the admin of the r/NBAStreams said that they are familiar with that kind of action and they know that someday it may happen.

The number of followers of the subreddit was over 400,000.

reddit nba

The community of R/NBAStreams shares the stream of all matches includes playoffs, semi-finals, finals in HD quality and every member of Reddit can access it free.

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How to Watch NBA Online for free – Alternative of Reddit NBA Streams?

This post will help you with the best ways to watch live streaming for free.

1. Reddit NBA streams

It was a great source to watch a live stream of the NBA matches but due to the privacy violation, Reddit bans it but there are some Reddit NBA Stream alternatives available you can use them to watch live matches.


liveTv - reddit nba stream alternative is a free online website that streams all kinds of sports includes basketball, football, hockey, tennis, cricket, etc. it also covers all the major tournaments of basketball (NBA).

The website works on P2P technology to provide high-quality streaming. Another great thing about the website is that they allow the user to share their feedback through the comment section.

Also, you can see the highlights of previous games, live scores, and updates. It is a great Reddit NBA streams replacement after the NBA streams Reddit shut down.

You need only an internet connection and adobe flash player to watch live streams. But for streams, you have to install SopCast software as well. Also, the speed of your internet should be 1024 kbps.

It is only available through the web they don’t have any mobile application yet. You can register yourself to enable commenting feature on streamings and if you want to delete your account you can do it.

3. Reddit nbastreams Discord Channel

Another option to watch NBA online is Reddit NbaStreams Discord channel. If you do not know what is discord channel and how it works. It is a freeway chat app you can use it on a computer and mobile. Using discord channel you can share images, text, videos, and links.

As we already mention that the moderators and admins of the r/nbastreams familiar that at any time Reddit will ban them so they already setup Discord channel before subreddit took down.

On the discord channel, you’ll not receive any direct link because it violates the rules. You’ll get Reddit NBA streams links from appropriate subreddits and discord channel mention you these subreddits.

4. NBAStream.TV

nbastream - reddit nba stream replacement is the best option to watch NBA live streams and it is a great alternative to NBA live stream Reddit.

On you will get a daily schedule of all NBA matches and news updates about different NBA teams such as GSW, OKC, Rockets, Cavs, Raptors and the Heats.

All streams are not directly hosted by the, all videos and live streams are hosted on external hostings and servers such as Reddit NBA stream or buffstreams.

5. - r/nbastreams alternative is another popular website where you can watch best and free NBA live streams.

When you will click on “watch live” you may notice that they redirect you to the new website.

The reason behind this is does not host any live streams they gather all the external links that provide live streamings for free and provide you.

You can watch a live match of your favorite team as well just click on your team and it will redirect you to their live match.

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Why Reddit ban r/NBAStream?

As we mentioned earlier that on r/nbastreams Reddit users share the stream of all matches in free and due to this free streaming NBA loses their 19% viewership in 2019.

Also, the subreddit violate the privacy rules of Reddit. Before the nbastream ban r/Cricketstream, r/MmaStreams, and r/SoccerStreams also banned due to the privacy violation of Reddit.

Definitely, it hurts the fans of subreddit but it was the right decision because you are not allowed to share the streaming without the permission and the legal rights of original creators.

After the ban, when you will search r/nbastreams you will see this page by showing the message “This subreddit was banned under Reddit’s Repeat Copyright Infringement Policy.

reddit nba stream shutdown

User Reaction On NBA stream ban

When the Reddit announces that they ban r/nbaStream due to the privacy and rules violation it hurts the user of the subreddit and makes them angry.

And they vent their anger using Reddit and twitter. Below you can see the reaction of users…

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NBA(National Basketball Association) is a very popular sport in the united state.

It has a very huge fan following and they love to watch every single game. And using live streams they can watch enjoy every game.

That’s why r/nbastreams get a huge fan following in a very short time. But the ban of subreddit hurts users and it makes them angry but it was the right decision and we have to accept it because it is not the right way to use someone’s else content without permission.

We also mention some alternatives to watch nba stream you can check them and if you know some better source of nba streaming tell us in the comment section it will help thousands of NBA lovers and fans.

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