Putlocker Today – Watch Free Movies [Working Sites 2023]

Putlocker is a network of different websites and hosted files. Which is used for streaming entertainment media such as movies and television series for free?

This initial website of putlocker was created in 2011.  It was created with the Url putlockers.com. Which received millions of daily views after the shut down of Megaupload. In 2016 it got blocked in the United Kingdom by the High court order.

It was listed in the top 250 most visited websites in the world by Alexa Internet. When it was at its peak. Unfortunately, it is also listed as a piracy threat by the Motion Picture Association of America.

The domain of the site is changed too many times in history. The most recent domain with a URL  putlockers.me. At the moment we can not say that the original Putlocker’s website is available or not because more than 50 mirror or proxy websites are identified with the same name.


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Issues with Putlocker?

As Putlocker is identified as a piracy threat then the movies uploaded on it are illegally obtained and provided to the public. As different sites such as Netflix, Hulu, and Popcornflix consist of different libraries with different movies and Television series where different people pay month by month to watch them.

Putlocker is providing those paid videos for free which is a part of copyright infringement. Downloading such content is also a part of copyright infringement which can lead to serious results.

As it results to affect the business of movie makers and television series producers, downloading them without paying will lead to severe risk of getting caught and charged according to the law.

Why it is down?

Due to the piracy threats using Putlocker’s is considered as a copyright infringement. Motion Picture Association of America has reported Putlocker’s more than one time to stop it from doing such things, but the main problem is that Putlocker’s keeps on doing such work by using different domain names for launching their website again and again. This is a big difficulty because downloading and uploading of pirated content cannot be stopped permanently but shutting down a Putlocker’s sites can provide a release for only a small period of time after every shutdown because they have come back more than one time.

The new working site of Putlocker movie site is putlocker.me.

Putlocker New Working Sites 2021:

  • www.putlockers.me
  • www.putlockerstoworld.com
  • ww1.putlockerfree.sc
  • ww1.putlockers.net
  • putlockerfree.net
  • https://w1.putlocker.to

Is Putlocker illegal?

A part of the content uploaded on Putlocker’s is copyrighted and most of the content is posted without permission leading to copyright infringement. In most countries, the person uploading such content is accused of copyright infringement. This totally depends upon where you are.

If you want to know whether Putlocker’s is legal in your country or not you should search and go through google results.If you don’t know whether it’s legal in your country or not you should not try to use it as it can create further inflictions. I hope that all the countries will start a crackdown against the websites providing pirated movies to stop copyright infringement.

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How safe is Putlocker’s?

Putlocker’s consist of a lot of pop-up ads that instantly blast you and when you try to close the ads new ads appear which can be irritating. All pop-ups are not harmful but some of them are only a click apart from attacking your system with malware or an attack to steal your personal information. To protect your system from such attacks you should always use an ad blocker.

Using a VPN

A VPN hides the IP address and redirects you to the website through its servers from your desired country. The website which you open will receive the IP address of the servers of the desired country you selected through the VPN and then none of your online histories is visible even if you go through a copyright infringement difficulty.

Using Free Proxies

VPN services are paid all over the world then you can use a free proxy but in any free service, there is a risk of exposing yourself. Most of the sites block the IP address used by free proxies. Free proxies are not as safe as VPN consequently if you want to shield your online privacy using put lockers, free proxies will not hide your IP address which can lead to serious issues if you stream or download movies.

No Need to Create an Account

The best facility provided by putlocker is accessing there site without an account. You just have to open the website and watch or download the content. This also gets you out of the risks of being caught.

Putlocker Alternatives

There is some putlockers alternative today that you can also use to watch free movies. You can also use the putlocker9 and putlockers2 website to watch movies. Some of the famous movies and TV shows you can find on the putlocker9 are game of thrones and superstore. You can easily find these shows on the website, but if you didn’t find it on site. Then you can also search in google like watch game of thrones online putlockers and superstore putlocker.

Movies On Putlocker Site

Putlocker’s consists of more than 6000 movies in 25 genres. Categories vary from Animation, Comedy, Science fiction, drama and more. Other than movies Putlocker’s is also providing seasons including the most popular American Idol. You can select movies from different countries and can download them by using downloading software.

Putlocker’s also provide some movies before the release which get us out of the suspense and waiting time. Putlocker’s allows you to watch the seasons a lot of time before the release.

Putlocker’s is not just providing movies for free but it also provides them in Full high definition resolution i.e 1080p. It shows all the available resolutions where you can select the desired one.

Some of the most famous TV shows like Game of Thrones and superstore are also available here.


Putlocker’s is a website providing pirated content that is only legal depending upon your location but in most countries it’s illegal. The website’s ads policy is unsafe. It can cause serious issues because such types of websites cannot earn through a legal method.

If you want to remain safe from the risks of using Putlocker’s. You should use a VPN, not a free proxy because it is dangerous and can lead to serious issues.

Putlocker’s is providing you with paid entertainment content such as movies and seasons for free in high definition resolution and can be accessed on the mobile phone.

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