Prevent Yourself From Hacking

Almost every person who wants to hack facebook and Instagram; the first thing that comes in their mind is phishing. If you are one of them and want to know what is phishing and how to hack facebook and Instagram accounts using phishing, you came to the right place.

We grow up watching movies where a hacker sits on the front of the system and starts hacking. While watching these movies, we enjoy a lot, and also we start thinking about hacking. So the basic steps most of us take are we try to hack social media accounts such as facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on, and to hack these accounts, we pick a phishing technique. Some of us able to hack an account and some of us or not.

Hacking a facebook and Instagram account using a phishing technique is not as difficult as it seems.

So without wasting further time, let’s talk about the main topic.

1. What is phishing

Phishing is a technique that is commonly used by hackers to get the username, number, password, and other details of social media accounts, credit cards, email information, etc. It is an illegal activity, and if a person gets caught, he charged with criminal offenses. 

In phishing, hackers create a login page. For example, a hacker wants to get information about facebook, i.d. To obtain information about the i.d, he/she will create a login page similar to the facebook login page. 

The fake page he/she will send this fake page to the user. The user thinks that he entered his login details on facebook, but in actual, he enters its details on a fake page, and all his information will assemble and accessible for hackers. You can hack facebook account using phishing on your fingers. You can also hack a facebook account using kali Linux.

Read more about Linux, How to Install Kali Linux On VMware, and how to hack a social media account using Linux and so.

Security tips to stay safe from phishing

  • Do not accept the request of people you don’t know
  • Never click on links that ask your personal information
  • Keep your system and facebook and Instagram application up to date

2. How to create phishing page

Creating a phishing page in 2019 is a very simple task. If you know Html and CSS, you can create a phishing page by yourself. If you don’t have enough knowledge about coding, then you can read a detailed guide and create a phishing page. Follow the guide, and you will create a phishing page easily.

Security Tips

Below you can read some of the security tips that can help you to protect from a Phishing page.

  • Before clicking on links, think it is a safe or spam link.
  • Should install an Anti-Phishing toolbar in your internet browser
  • Check your social accounts on a daily or weekly basis

3. How to hack a Facebook account

If you are looking to hack a facebook accountyou have to keep in mind that it is not as easy as it was before, but following our guide, you will learn easy to hack any facebook account.

There are many ways that you can use and hack a FB account, but here we will tell you three best and working methods.

Keep in mind we don’t recommend you do this because it is illegal, and if you caught, you might get jail and penalty as well.

Security Tips

  • Lockscreen of your devices
  • You should use a strong password and also enable Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Go to the security and login option and use the Remote control feature.
  • Limit third party websites permissions

1. Using Z Shadow

The first way to hack facebook using Z Shadow. It is an online tool that provides services to hack a facebook account, Instagram account, Gmail, Yahoo, and so on. 

It is the easiest way to hack facebook account you don’t need any expertise in coding, programming, or hacking. All you have to do is to follow the guide and hack facebook account with the help of a z shadow tool.

We don’t recommend you to do any type of illegal activity with other people’s accounts because it’s a criminal activity. But you can implement this method on your account to check the security and is it hackable or not using these tools.

2. Using Shadowave

The second way that you can use to hack a facebook account is by using Similar to z shadow, it is also an online website that allows users to hack social media, gmails, yahoo accounts. But as we already mentioned, don’t apply this technique on other social accounts. Only use this to check the security of your account. 

The process is very simple. 

  • Go to
  • Create your account
  • login with your account
  • enter the i.d you want to hack or check its security, and after processing, you will get the username and password.

Read the details if you still aren’t able to hack facebook account using shadowave.

3. Using Anomor

Another tool that you can use to hack a facebook account is Anomor works on the same technique used by the z shadow and shadowave website. When you enter a user id to hack, they sent a hacking link includes phishing links, and when a user enters details on the phishing page, you will get all his details.

We tell you here steps if you feel confused or not understand go to the guide hack facebook account using anomor.

Security Tips:

As we know that most of the online hacking sites are not trusted, so to stay safe from these websites, follow these security tips.

  • Use recovery number or email
  • Not enter your personal information
  • Used a demo account to make sure the site works or not.

4. How to Hack Instagram account

So the above all was about hacking facebook below you will read how and what tool you can use to hack an Instagram account.

Instagram is the most popular social media platform after Facebook. Many reasons occur that you think about hacking.

Security tips

  • Use a strong password and enable two-factor authorization
  • Use email to get notification about your activities and make sure your email is safe
  • Change your Instagram account password frequently


Instahax0r is a tool that is used to hack Instagram accounts. It works on Rainbow Tables and phishing techniques since 2016. It is one of the easiest and effective ways to hack an Instagram account. InStahax0r is not used only to hack Instagram account; you can use it to enhance your account security.

According to, the rate of hacking Instagram account using instahax0r is more than 94% because more than 95% of people don’t use a strong password, and this tool able to extract their password.

Using z shadow

Z shadow also used to hack an Instagram account. The tool is famous because most of the time, it works, and also you can use this tool. Z shadow used different effective phishing technique that makes the user enter their details, and then they easily extract their information. 

Go and learn how to hack; you can using z shadow Instagram account hack. Only use this tool to increase the security of your account never implement this on another user account it is illegal.

Using Shadowave

Same as hacking facebook account using shadowave, you can hack Instagram account. The process of hacking is on the shadowave is the same as we guide you in the facebook account hacking section. Shadowave provides you phishing links, and they link you can send on any Instagram user account whenever he clicks on the link he has to enter his account details, and you can access these details easily

Security Tips

  1. Make sure you are not saving your password on online hacking sites
  2. Always log out from public devices or devices where you open Instagram hacking sites
  3. Protect and stay away from Spam and malware websites
  4. Always enter your mobile number as a recovery option in your account


We hope this guide on how to hack facebook and Instagram account using phishing links help you. We never recommend you use these techniques on other user accounts and pages. Take this in a positive way and implement this technique to check and enhance the security of your account.

Also, if you want to save your account by hacking, use a strong password, never click on links that you are familiar, deactivate accounts that you are not using. 

Hacking social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook is an illegal activity, and it is a crime. So never do that.