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Want to know where to watch the Philippines TV series in 2020, if yes then you should keep reading this page and take a look at pinoytva and Pinoy TV sites.

Most of us love to watch Philippine dramas series, but it’s challenging to find a good source that offers these TV series in English or other native languages.

So here I came with all the answer, especially what is Pinoy tv and pinoytva, how they differ, why pinoytva removed from the search results, and lastly which are the best site that provides philippine tv series in 2020.

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What is Pinoy TV and PinoyTVa?

Pinoy is a word that refers to Philippines peoples, and the meaning of Pinoy TV is the TV of Philippines people. And it is a pay-TV channel that was launched in 2005 by GMA(Global Media Arts) Network.

On this channel, you can access all philippine tv-series and dramas, and here comes pinoyTVa which has the same name, but they steal content from the Pinoy tv and then published on their site and offers peoples to watch for free.

Due to the massive popularity of Philippines tv shows, there are lots of sites that publish copyrighted content without permission and license, and on PinoyTVa was one of them.

Is Pinoytva still available?

At this time, I found pinoytva.hd,, and sites. Unfortunately, these sites are not working either I found another working site. But there are many more sites available, some of them are mentioned in the below section that you can use to watch Philippines TV series for free.

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How do I subscribe to GMA Pinoy TV?

If you are outside of the philippine then the best, legal, and easy way to access the Pinoy tv is through mavshacks.

MavShacks is an audio and video streaming company that offers users to watch tv series, shows, movies, and sports in one place. You can also watch Indian tv shows, movies, and series on mavshacks as well.

To subscribe to GMA Pinoy TV, you need to type “” in the search bar of your internet browser.

Next click on the “Join Today” button, it will lead you to the SIGN-UP page. Enter your email and password. Or you can directly go to this page(, create your account, and explore different packages.


Choose a package that suits you, and you are good to watch your favourite shows and series.

How to stream GMA Pinoy TV?

When you create an account on mavshack and choose a package, all content will be available automatically. You can select any category, video, movies, and can stream GMA Pinoy tv.

How can I watch GMA Pinoy TV on Roku?

Roko is an online service that offers access to different streaming media content along with GMA Pinoy TV. To watch it on Roku you need to set up Roku with GMA TV.

Things you need to set up are a Roku stick that you have to input into the TV port, a power adapter to provide power to the Roku stick, and a Roku account. Then turn on your TV, go to the setting, choose input from the setting that has a Roku stick.

Next, create a Roku account and add the GMA video channel. You are ready to watch GMA Pinoy tv on Roku. If you don’t know how to make a proper connection, then read step by step on

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Best Sites to Watch and Download Philippines series | Pinoy alternative

If you want to know how to watch Philippine TV online? Then consider these sites.


lambingan pinoy tv

The very first site you can try is On this site, you can find almost all tv popular series for free.

You can watch Kapamilya replay shows, gpa7 replay shows, tv5 replay shows, and live tv. The only problem I found while browsing the site is pop up ads.

Irrelevant and redirect ads make the experience worse. However, if you use a good ad blocker, then you can watch your favorite shows without any problem and ads.


tfc pinoy tv

The second best site you can use to watch the Philippines series is

You can watch a great amount of content for free, but you have to create an account to access all this content.

All the content on the site is available in FULL HD, and you can browse without any ads.

Furthermore, you can also get premium subscription offers where you can access unlimited content.

3. | pinoytva

Tvguide is another site that could be useful to find your favorite tv shows and an excellent Pinoy tv alternative.

The interface of the website is nice and looks premium. This site does not offer tv shows directly, but you can use it to find almost any type of tv series and shows.



In the television industry, Netflix is a name that almost all who watched shows knows.

It is a great source to watch unlimited tv shows and series including Philippines tv shows and series.

Just like GMA Pinoy TV, Netflix is also an amazing source that produces and provides great entertainment.

The good thing about the Netflix site is they offer 30 days free trial that you can unsubscribe at any time.


1. Can I watch GMA pinoytv live online?

Subscribe GMA Pinoy tv, and you can watch all available tv shows and serials online. You can browse it through the website and can download the GMA Pinoy TV app as well.

2. Where can I watch GMA shows online for free?

You can watch GMA shows online for free at, but the free content on is limited to access full content you need to get a premium subscription. Other than that you can watch for free on spammy sites that I never recommend you.

3. How much is Filipino Channel on Comcast?

You can go to the Premium Channels of Comcast and choose Filipino and check the latest prices. However, the monthly cost of Filipino channels on Comcast for a new subscriber is around $9 and $5 for customers that already purchase premium subscriptions continuously.


Since Philippines produced amazing TV shows and series the value of Pinoy TV increased in the outside countries as well. And for a long time, the users used pinoytva to watch their favourite tv shows for free.

But due to copyright issues, the site pinoytva is down now, but still, its great alternatives are out there and some of them I mention in the above section.

You can use these sites to watch amazing TV shows and series from all around the globe, and if you face any issue while accessing any of these sites, you can use a VPN.


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