Ok caller – How To Remove Your Personal Information And Everything You Should Know.

Ok caller and other online telephone number directories are available on the web to find a person’s or business details, and it’s kinda cool, but not for some people who aren’t aware of having their details on the online telephonic directories or are concern about their privacy. 

Ok caller online mobile phone number directory

Sometimes we need to find urgent details for a person, and these online directories like Ok caller help us a lot. If anything has advantages, it also has disadvantages, so do these online, telephonic directories. The online privacy risk is too high with these directories as they let everyone see the details of a person. 

This post will discuss the advantages, features of the Ok caller, and everything else you should know. It will also help you minimize the online privacy risk by removing your number from the Ok caller. 

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What Is Ok Caller?

What is ok caller

Ok caller is a mobile phone number lookup or online telephone number directory with over 800 million phone numbers and addresses. It is not a simple directory, the site encourages its users to update their details regularly. It is totally free to use and funded by third parties

The accuracy of the Ok caller is too high because users are always allowed to update and add their information. It is also a Malware free and easy-to-use site without having any age boundaries. The main point is that the site is well-known and highly credible that receives more than 942k visits per day. 

Ok Caller May Concern You Because – 

The Ok caller doesn’t work illegally, but there are some things you need to concern about. 

  • The website is designed for individuals, but you can also find businesses registered that is high privacy risks. 
  • No account registration is required to enter the information, which means anyone can easily update information. 
  • When you find some information quickly, the data without the registration process will be the first to show. 
  • Web scraping software doesn’t show registered information properly.

Features Of Ok Caller

The Ok caller offers several features that can help you with find details.

Features of ok caller
  • It offers a feature where you can find out about unknown numbers easily.
  • When the unknown or a call from seles come, it will identify the caller immediately, and then you can decide to pick up the call or not.
  • You can send messages directly to phone numbers registered on the Ok caller with a return receipt.
  • The messages also can be forwarded on the email.
  • It also identifies the unsafe callers and marks them as ‘not safe’.
  • It also identifies the caller’s name while receiving the call.
  • The site also offers a feature that let you find out the address or location of a caller.

How to Remove Your Personal Information From Ok Caller?

Here we have mentioned the steps to remove your personal information from the Ok caller. But here is a twist: it will not obliterate your data from the directory but any personal info associated with the number. However, your phone number will be marked as ‘Unlisted’ or ‘Private.’ By following the steps below, you will be able to Unlist your number from the Ok caller, and it will prevent people from accessing your personal information any further. 

1.To remove Your details first, you need to go to the Okcaller’s official site.

okcaller icon

2. Now, enter your phone number into the search bar to search your associated information. Click search.

Search phone number in okcaller

3. Scroll down to the page to the section “Edit your listing.” 

Edit your list in ok caller

4. Select a text message or a phone call option to verify your identity. 

5. Enter a pin you have received and enter ‘Unlisted’ or ‘private’ in the new listing caller ID.

6. Now, your id is listed as private; you don’t need to be concerned about your personal information getting out there.

If you have any other concerns and questions about your personal information, you can email [email protected], their team will help you out with your queries. 

What Next?

When your number is finally listed as ‘Private’ or ‘Unlisted,’ you don’t need to worry about getting your information out there. There are lots of tools and sites like Ok caller available that use your personal information. If you are concern about your privacy online and want to minimize the risk, you need to keep working.

If you want your information getting hosted out there by any directories for permanent, use the OneRep tool. It will help you protect your information online by showing you how to control your online presence. When anyone looks you up online, they will not see your private information like addresses and phone numbers.


Is the Ok caller safe or unsafe?

The Ok caller is an online phone number lookup directory and totally safe and free to use. It gives a safer browsing experience and considers it safer by WOT.

How does the Ok caller know my name?

Ok caller mainly relies on the public record and the user’s information what they have added on the Ok caller. The site collects all the information and identifies the user’s name and other personal information.

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