Mp3 Juice: Download Free MP3 Songs & Sites Like MP3 Juice

Free music is a thing that we almost all love to find, download, and listen and mp3 juice is the best platform for this task.

To know more about mp3 juice cc, what it is, how it works, how you can download mp3 songs, the best alternative website, and much more, then stay with us and read the complete guide.

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MP3 Juice, also known as mp3 juices cc, is an online website that allows users to find and download any track that they want to listen to online or download.

The link to their official website is, and it works as a search engine.

Similar to google or youtube, when you write a query or song in the search bar, they show you related results, and you can click on one of them to play or download an mp3 file.

It is a 100% free platform, and you can access an unlimited amount of songs without any registration.

You can also access the cutter tool to cut any mp3 songs. All you have to do to cut a song is enter starting and ending times. The maximum length of a track they allow for cutting is 1:59:50.

MP3 Juice Features

The website mp3 juice cc is very popular among music listeners all around the world.

It contains excellent features below; you can read some of them.

  • It works as a search engine, and you can find almost all music tracks.
  • You can play and listen to songs online, and also you can download it.
  • Searching speed is outstanding and very fast
  • MP3 Juice also provides to cut music tracks
  • Downloading file quality is excellent
  • Simple, neat, and clean design

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How to Download mp3 songs from mp3juice cc

You need to follow these steps to download mp3 songs from the mp3 juice cc website.

1. Open the URL of the website (

mp3juice cc

2. Enter a song name in the search bar, and you will see different sources. I love to listen to 8 Parchi Punjabi songs, so I searched for it.

mp3 juice

3. Click on one of the sources that you trust. I click on youtube.

mp3 juices cc

4. Here you can play it online in video format, and if you want to download it, click on the download button.

On this website, you can download only the mp3 files, and you cannot download the video file.

I hope you will understand how you can download mp3 songs from the mp3 juice cc website.

MP3 juice apk

If you are not a laptop or PC user, and you want to download music through the app, then you can use the mp3 juice app.

Their app is available for both Android and iPhone devices.

To download the mp3 juice apk for android, you need to click on this link, and it will redirect you to the google play store, or you can directly open the play store and search for MP3 Juice. The application has a 4.2 rating out of 5.0, which is outstanding.

To download the mp3 juice apk for iPhone, you need to open the given link or go to the apple play store, search and install it on your iPhone and enjoy your favorite tracks.

MP3 juice cc alternative

There are many websites available that allow downloading mp3 songs, and some of them are paid, and some are free.

On the free website, you have to bear pop-up ads and redirects to new sites, and on the premium mp3 music website, you will not face ads, redirection to new sites, or promotions.

Anyway, here we will share with you the 5 best websites that you can use to listen to music online or offline.

1. MP3 Skull

mp3 juice alternative

The first website that we choose to listen to and download mp3 tracks is mp3Skull.

Mp3 skull is a very similar website to mp3 juice. They also work as a search engine and provides direct links to tracks hosted on a third-party website.

When you search, a query in the search bar mp3 skull only shows three sources which are Youtube, 4shared, and Deezer.

The mp3 skull website also provides an mp3 converter. You can enter the youtube video URL, and it will redirect to the mp3 file.

It is the most secure, trusted, and free platform where you can download any song in mp3 for free.

Key Features:

  • The free and best platform to download mp3 songs
  • A simple interface and easy to navigate
  • The site promotes different extensions and websites in the form of ads which is annoying

2. BeeMP3


The second free and best source to download mp3 tracks is The site first appeared as, and later due to some issues, they moved to

On beemp3, you will find an unlimited amount of songs and genres for free. You can see the latest top 20 artists and 20 songs as well.

Similar to, they don’t host any files. When a user enters a query in the search bar, they find the best-related sources from different websites and show you on its website.

The process and downloading mp3 songs method are very similar to the mp3 juice website, and you can consider it as an excellent alternative.

  • Unlimited amount of free mp3 songs
  • All music is well arranged and well organized
  • The name of music must be written in the correct spelling



If you’re looking for a free and legal platform to download mp3 songs, then take a look at

Currently, it is known as one of the most popular and big platforms to listen to music for free. They allow users to use their content for entertainment purposes.

The website was founded by Sylvain Zimmer and Pierre Gérardin in 2005, and their headquarters is located in Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

Jamendo’s website also allows you to use their content for business purposes, but if you want to use tracks in your videos or presentation, you need to buy a copyright license.

It is the best and most legal platform, and it is much better than the mp3 juice website.

Key Features

  • 100% legal and free music
  • Allow you to use their music for business purposes
  • Neat and clear design



Similar to, SoundCloud is a legitimate platform for listening to mp3 songs and broadcasting.

It was founded in 2007 by Forss, and its headquarters is located in Berlin, Germany. It is the most popular platform all around the world. Around 76millions users are registered on

It is not a completely free platform, but you can use 30 days trial for free.

Consider it as a great alternative to mp3 juice and the best platform to listen to mp3 music.

Key feature:

  • Allow to listen to music Legally and free
  • No malware or spam link
  • ads-free

5. Youtube


We all know about youtube, and you can use it to listen to audio songs. Youtube contains an unlimited and huge collection of music related to all languages, categories, and music types.

It is easy to access and use. All you have to do is to enter the name of the song and write the audio as well. Click on one result you want to listen to and enjoy.

Key Features

  • 2nd largest search engine
  • Allow to only listen to songs
  • Some songs contain ads

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Is mp3 Juice legal?

We can say Yes and No. Legal in case if download music that is royalty-free and available to download and use without permission. Then mp3 juice is illegal, and if they provide you music without permission, which you will see most of the time, then you and mp3 juices both are doing illegal activity.

Is it safe to download

Yes, it is safe to download.

Can MP3 juices cause a virus on your computer or phone?

No, they do not cause any viruses to your computer or phone. When you download a song, it redirects you to a new page. Simple close it, and you’re safe.

Where can I download mp3 songs for free?

To download the mp3 song for free, you can use the mp3 Juice website. It is the best site to download free music.

Can you go to jail for downloading music?

In some countries and states, there is a law that if you download and use copyrighted music without permission, you will be charged with upto 3years and £150,000, and if you continue to do it, you’ll get more hard punishments.

Is downloading free music illegal?

No, if you download music that is available for free, then it is not illegal, but if you download a song that is not available for free and copyrighted, then it is an illegal activity.


We all love to listen to mp3 music during work, travel, or want to relax. But we aren’t able to find music according to our mood on our device.

But now, using the mp3 juice cc website, you can download your favorite music you want to listen to immediately. All you have to do is to follow the given guide.

If you want to find more websites similar to mp3 juice cc or its alternative, then read the above section where we share the five best alternatives to mp3 juices cc.

If we miss anything or you want to get more detail, then share your opinion with us in the comment section, and don’t forget to share.

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