MovieRulz: Working Mirror Links and Similar Websites Like MovieRulz

Every person who loves to download and watch Bollywood, Hollywood dubbed in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam movies online is familiar with Movierulz Ms. Now, the website URL ( has been changed and the working URL of the website is

In this article, we will talk about the Movierulz website in detail. Why it is so popular, movieRulz apk, is it safe and legal site, and best Movierulz alternatives and websites to watch movies online.

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It is the most popular website that provides an unlimited amount of movies, tv shows for free. After the tamilrockers, It is a most top rated site that provides a newly released movie immediately after its release.

Recently they release Sahoo movie after its release in HD quality. But the problem with this site is not new. It is similar to other pirated websites. They publish all movies, and videos without permission and without any license. So, it is an illegal site. That’s why they don’t have one permanent domain. They changed domain time by time, and they used mirror links that help them to survive.

3movierulz ms

As we already told you that it is not a legal website. So, the URL of the website keeps on changing. Now, the official and working link of the website is, You can browse this URL to open the website.

movierulz ms

Movierulz APK Info

As you know it is a very popular website and they have their app. Below you can check its apk information.

App Name Movierulz
Version v3.0
size 1.4mb
Requirement for android Minimum 4.0 version
languages English
Last update 25 Dec 2018
Free or Paid Free

Why is Movierulz so popular?

The main reason for their popularity is they upload new released Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, etc. movies in a day in HD quality, and users easily access and watch these movies.

Another reason is that an unlimited amount of Malayalam, Telugu, Bollywood, and Hollywood dubbed movies are available in free and in excellent quality.

Did you know that 70% of people think that online piracy is not wrong and they have no hesitation or problem to access these types of sites? These are the reasons that Movierulz and similar other pirated websites become more and more popular.

What type of movie can we download?

You can download and watch almost all types of movies for free such as Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Punjabi, Hindi and Tamil dubbed, films and so on.

If we see it is all in one platform where you can access all movies, then it’s not the wrong statement.

How to unblock the Movierulz website?

If you’re living in a country or state where the government blocks website, and you are not able to access it, and now you want to know how to unblock it.

The latest working website is, and if you are not able to open it, then take the following steps.

Their domain changed time by time, so if this domain does not work, then pick a domain from the mirror sites section.

Note: To unblock the website, the only thing you need to do is to access IP where it is blocked or banned. To do this, you can do the following things.

  1. Use VPN
  2. Use Proxy
  3. Online browser

1. VPN

The first way to unblock is by using a VPN. VPN stands for the virtual private network, and using VPN users can browse websites anonymously. VPN provides a specific unique IP to each user. There are many VPN’s available that you can use most popular are express, Nord, Hola VPN.

To hide IP download and install a VPN on your device after installation, opens it and connect with given IPs.

2. Proxy

The second way that you can use to hide your original IP and unblock any site is proxy. The work of Proxy and VPN is the same. The only difference they have is proxy only changed the IP of your internet browser and VPN changed IP of complete PC, mobile, or any device.

To unblock any site using a proxy, go to an internet browser, search a proxy (betternet, hola, browsec), download it, and install it on your browser. After installation, you will see an addon icon click on it and connect with it. Now you can browse any site.

3. Online browser

Some online browser is designed to change IP time by time, such as Tor browser. Using these types of the browser, you can unblock any site that you want.

These are the three basic ways that you can use and unblock Movierulz.

New Leaked Movies On Movierulz Ms

The latest movie that leaked on the Movierulz website is Dear Comrade (2019). After the release of dear comrade movie, they get a copy of the film from their sources and upload it on the website.

Many famous movies such as Godzilla, Rajdooth movie, Kurukshetra, Pailwan, Nata Sarvabhouma, Seetharama Kalyana, Yajamana, and many other films leaked.

You may think about how they can get a cd of the movie. The team that works behind have their links and sources that provide movieRulz owners a movie cd in the original result, and in return, they get money.

Why it is not working?

The reason behind not working of movieRulz is straightforward. It is a pirate website, and Internet service providers and government of each country try to take down all pirated sites. So, similar to another site, they blocked and remove movieRulz domain from a search engine, that’s why it is not working. Still, the site is available but with new domain extensions.

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Is it possible to access the website in 2020?

Yes, it is possible to access Movierulz, but you have to find its latest working website.

As I already mentioned that it is one of the websites that provide all content illegally, and most of the countries such as India, Us countries blocked their main domain. So, to stay active, they used mirror sites and proxy sites that you can only access directly.

Below you can read their working mirror sites and the method how you can access.

MovieRulz mirror sites

Note – These mirror links are changing from time to time. So, there may be chances that some links may not work.

Proxy/Mirror Sites Status Speed active Very fast active Very fast active fast active fast active fast active fast

Movierulz alternatives

Below you can check the best movie rulz alternatives websites.


The first website that we choose is the bolly2tolly website. From bolly2tolly, users can download and watch online English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, etc. movie in HD quality. The website does not own the content similar to the Movie rulz website. They don’t have the server they get embedded codes from other sites and paste on their site.

The website did not upload copyrighted content, but they promote, and in some countries, promoting illegal material is also not allowed. So in some states, the website is blocked, and you can unblock by doing the same method that we tell you in the above section.

The layout and interface of the website are easy and user-friendly. They used to pop up ads to generate money. All the videos that available on the bolly2tolly website have HD quality and fast loading speed.

Key features

  • Easy to navigate
  • High-quality videos
  • Fast loading speed


Similar to the bolly2tolly website, yo-movies provide high-quality Bollywood, Punjabi, Tollywood action, romantic, comedy, thriller movies. It is also a great alternative to movieRulz. They do not host any videos file, and according to their statement, all content provided by a non-affiliating third party.

The design of the website is neat and clean, and a combination of black and blue color makes the website attractive.

They have a vast audience and publish and update content daily, and the quality of the movies is outstanding. Most of the film are available in 720p and 1080p. The speed of the website and loading playing is also good. Just click on the play button, and the video will start. A user can watch online and download any movie.

The only problem with the website is they used some redirection to another site; otherwise, it is a great platform to spend time watch movies and TV shows.

Key Features:

  • HD Quality videos
  • Completely free


If you are looking for a source that is 100% legal and safe, then don’t miss The website owned by Star India company, launched in 2015, and its headquarter is in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

It is a great source to watch an episode of star networks drama and movies in HD quality, and it is the best alternative to moviRulz. You can watch Hollywood or Bollywood movies in other languages such as Tamil, Malayalam. As we tell you, it is a legal platform, and to maintain their quality and services, they charge you a small amount. To watch movies, you have to pay 365 Indian rupees for a year or $5.

The quality of videos on the is superb, and also you will not face a single ad.

It is a great and legal platform to watch movies, tv shows, and we recommend you to spend a small amount of money and enjoy your favorite shows.

Key Features:

  • 100% legal movie website
  • Owned by star India which is a trusted corporation
  • Very cheap premium plans


Another legal and safe platform where you can watch Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, etc. movies is You can watch and download movies on this website.

You will watch all the videos on the is HD quality and without ads. Similar to, they charged you a small amount of money, and in return, you will get more than 4.5 million Bollywood songs, movies, and short videos.

From, you can also purchase any videos or movies you want.

You can get their apps for your mobile, tablet, and smart TV. Hungama is a huge digital company, and you can consider as the best alternative.

Key Features:

  • Day and night mode
  • No ads, promotions
  • Neat and clean design


The last website that we pick in movieRulz alternative is is also a legal website to watch movies online.

The interface and design of the website are outstanding. The quality of videos is ultra HD, and speed is superb.

They provide all types of movies such as Bollywood, Tamil, Punjabi, and so on. You can also access popular tv shows such as Ishq Subhan Allah, Yeh Teri Galiyan, and many more as well. is available in 16 languages includes Hindi, Russian, Thai, English, Tamil, Marathi, etc.

On, you will not see a single pop up ad or other promotional stuff. Neat and clean design provides a user-friendly environment.

To watch or download movies, tv shows, you need to register and purchase a plan. Some stuff is available for free, but if you are buying a premium subscription, you can enjoy an unlimited amount of stuff and their support. It is a great platform and worth your money.

Key Features:

  • Multiple language support
  • 100% legal and secure platform.

6. List of free websites to watch movies

So, In this list of alternatives, we have covered premium streaming website services as well as free websites to watch movies online.

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1. Is It Safe To Use MovieRulz Ms?

No, if you lived in a state where the government have banned this because of illegal and pirated activities, then it is not safe to use MovieRulz. If you lived where these types of sites are not yet prohibited, then you can access them.

2. What is the Movierulz website?

It is a public torrent movie website that provides the latest released movies for free but without permissions and legal licenses.

3. How do I install Movierulz?

To install Movierulz Kodi addon, you need to click on “Install from the repository” > “Reasons Repository” > “Video Add-ons” > click on the install button and now it is installed.

4. Is it a legit website?

No, it is not a legit website. All the content on the website is pirated and without any legitimate license. So, it is not a legit website.

5. In which language movies are available?

You can get movies in multiple languages includes Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, English.

6. Are the videos are available in HD quality?

Yes, Most of the videos on movieRulz are available in HD quality.


Online piracy increased more rapidly day by day, and the example is the MovieRulz website.

The website provided copies of newly released movies for free in good quality, but if we see its drawbacks, it hurts producers and creators of the movie. They didn’t get much in return from the movie that they should because of these types of pirated sites.

We provide all the answers and information about the Movierulz Ms and also a list of legitimate movie websites that you can as an alternative.

If you like this guide, then don’t forget to share it.

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