Mechat: The Secrets to Finding Perfect Match and virtual date

Dating can be tricky. It seems like everyone has an opinion on how to do it, and sometimes it feels impossible to find someone who is on the same page as you.

Mechat: The Secrets to Finding Perfect Match and virtual date

If only there were an app that could help you find your perfect match…oh wait, there is!

MeChat is a dating game app where you can find the love of your life without all the hassle. Simply create a profile with your interests and preferences, and find the perfect match who shares your same interests.

With MeChat, you can chat with potential matches and get to know them better. The game features many characters, including Jules Anderson, Glenn Hobbs, Jordan Downes, and Mikael Soro. You can pick any of these or among other many more characters to find your one true love.

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What is The Point of MeChat?

The point of mechat or other similar dating apps is to help you find a romantic partner. It can be used to find friends, as well. The app is perfect for anyone who hides their feelings and wants to explore the world of dating without any hassle.

With mechat, you can choose your favorite characters(Virtual crushes) and start chatting with them. The most amazing thing about this dating game app is its story and how it is played. The use of story brings exciting chats and uses pictures and Emojies to make and feel like everything is real(which you’ll notice you have strong bonds with certain characters).

In Short, mechat is perfect for those who want to:

  • Find a romantic virtual partner
  • Find friends
  • Have exciting conversations
  • Play an exciting dating game with the great storyline

How To Download The MeChat Apk?

Downloading MeChat should not be an issue as the app is legal and safe to install and browse. And most importantly, you can find the app on the iOS and Android app stores.

To download the app, all you need to do is open the play store or AppStore and type “MeChat” in the search bar. Once you find the app, install it on your phone.

The app’s popularity can be judged by the number of downloads from the app store. As of date, there have been more than 1 million + installs from the Google Play Store. The app has a rating of 4.2, which is, again, pretty good.

You can also further read people’s reviews on the app, which include what they like, what they don’t, and what improvements they would like to see. All of this will give you a better understanding of the app.

Speaking of improvement, many users suggest the app needs to store data on the cloud. So that even if they change their phone or delete the app by mistake, they don’t lose all of their data. The currency in the game is also an issue that people have complained about. It’s not easy to make and takes a lot of time.

Besides that, the app is pretty good, and you will not regret installing it. So go ahead and try it out.

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What Are MeChat Popular Characters?

There are many popular Mechat characters. These characters are categorized into men, women, and non-binary. Based on your preferences, you can either click/choose Male, Female, or Non-binary and then see the list of popular characters under that category. You can check out the complete list here.

Below are Some of the popular Mechat characters:

What are MeChat popular characters?
  • Jules Anderson
  • Glenn Hobbs
  • Jordan Downes
  • River Morales
  • Joel Troy

These are just some of the popular Mechat characters. For the complete list, you can check out

5 Top Most Popular Mechat Alternative – Best Dating Games

There are many dating games out there, but not all of them are as popular or, we say, as good as Mechat. So if you’re looking for some good alternatives to Mechat, then give a look at the list of games mentioned below.

We have listed some of the best alternatives to Mechat that you can try out. The games are quite popular and have good ratings as well. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Lovelink – Chapters of Love


The very first and most amazing app on our list is Lovelink. This app has been developed by the team of “Ludia Inc.”. The storyline of this game is outstanding even those who used both mechat and Lovelink will prefer this one. And the best part about this game is that it’s free to play.

The 1 million + installs on the google play store show the popularity of this game. You’ll find some exciting characters in the game, and your task is to make choices that will lead you to your love simply. So overall, it’s an amazing game, and you should try it.

Wink – Meet New People & Chat


Winked is another excellent Mechat Alternative and one of the best dating games similar to Mechat.

Winked also works very similar to MeChat and LoveLink, where you start by creating an avatar, and then you can begin chatting with different virtual characters.

The good thing about this app is it allows you to buy outfits, hairstyles, and other cosmetics for your avatar and character to make them look more stylish. However, it will cost you a few bucks. The app is free but to buy stuff, you need to spend real money. Winked is not only a great dating game but also a great way to have fun in your free time.



Picka is also one of the popular mechat alternatives for android and iOS devices. The app also has ads and In-app purchases features. The most standout thing about this app is its dialogue. The Picka app features very good and interesting dialogues which make the app more entertaining and realistic.

The app also offers a great storyline and different characters to chat with. You can also find different missions and offers to earn a few golds if you do not spend your money on in-app purchases.

Romance Club

Romance Club

When we talked about popular dating game apps, how can we miss Romance Club? The app is specially designed for girls and boys who want to experience a virtual dating world. It is also the oldest and most downloaded dating game app on the play store, with more than 10 million downloads.

Romance Club is a virtual dating simulation game where you can find cute, shy, and bold girls. You can also choose stories, including fantasy, supernatural, horror, and more. You can find different missions every day to earn more rewards and get more chances to interact with different characters.

My Love & Dating Story Choices

My Love & Dating Story Choices

My Love & Dating Story Choices is also one of the best dating simulation games like mechat. The good thing about this app is that it offers you a wide range of stories to play. Each kissing game features tons of characters and stories that are enough to keep you excited and engaged for a long time.

The only issue I found while going through the reviews on the play store is that the app needs to improve work on its character’s graphics. Other than it is worth trying.

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Is MeChat a dating app?

Yes, mechat is a dating app that helps you experience a date with virtual characters in a chat room. The app has been featured in Apple’s App Store and Google Play. You’ll find amazing stories, bonds with characters, and emojis that make everything real.

Is MeChat available on PC?

You cannot download or install MeChat on your PC. The app is only available on Android and iOS devices. To use the app on a PC, you must install a mobile emulator like Bluestacks.

Is MeChat available on Android?

Yes, MeChat is available on Android devices. The app has been featured in Google Play, and you can download it from there for free.

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