Make Money Online

Let’s come to the point you are here because you want to know how to make money online in 2019 in a legitimate way.

Anyone can make online money; there is no restriction. If you are a student or you already doing a job, you can make extra money doing online work. Although making money online is not as easy as it seems because, on the internet, many scams and ineffective methods are available.  If you choose one of those methods, you will not earn a single dollar.

So here we tell you legitimate ways and the ways that we use to make money online, and we withdraw our payments as well.

Basic things that need to work online are an internet connection, a PC or laptop, and a passion that never allow you to give up.

Below you will read 5 ways to make money online in 2019.

1. URL Shortening

Do you know sharing links you can earn money? Many websites on the internet allow you to earn money by sharing links. On URL shortener websites you paste a link that you want to share, and they provide you specific and short URL. 

On this shorter link, whenever a user clicks, you will get some bucks. Each website has its own rate, and it also depends on location. For example, if a user clicks from the United States, you will get a higher amount of money compared to Asian countries. 

We recommend you to pick the best and high paying URL shortening website. 

All you have to do is to make sure that you can share where the maximum amount of people click on a shorter link. You can get traffic from youtube, website, social media accounts, pages, groups, emails, and so on. 

You can earn massive amounts of money through the URL shortening website, and it is 100% legit way of making money online.

2. PPD sites

The second best way to make money online is PPD sites. If you are not familiar with PPD sites. PPD stands for Pay Per Download. Whenever a user downloads a file that you upload on the PPD site, you will get a commission. 

Similar to the URL shortening website, these are also websites that allow to create an account and upload a file that users will download. The more people download a file, the more you will earn.

While choosing PPD sites, make sure that you select the best PPD sites that provide you the maximum amount of commission in minimum downloads.

Don’t go for sites that are scam sites like uploadocean. It is a scam site, and you have to avoid these types of websites. 

NeoBux is a legit website, and you can make money from it.

Basically, two PPD sites are available. 

  • With Survey
  • Without Survey

If you pick a PPD site with the Survey, then a user has to complete a survey and then he will able to download. This Survey consists of annoying ads that minimize the chances to download a file. 

On the other side PPD sites without Survey allows the user to direct download. On PPD sites with survey users will not face any type of ads, and this will increase the number of downloads, and you will earn a higher amount of money. 

So we recommend you to choose the best PPD sites without Survey. The average amount of money you can receive in this way is $20 per 1k download. It is also a legit way to make money online in 2019.

3. Ad network

If you already have a website or you plan to make a new one, and you want to earn through it the best monetization for you is an ad network, and you can make a tremendous amount of money through an ad network.

Using, earn high revenue. These sites provide a code that you have to paste on your website where you want to show the code. Whenever a user clicks on the ad, you will get money. 

A major ad network that some of you may listen to is Google AdSense, but there are multiple online ad networks that you can use and monetize your blog or website.

While choosing an ad network, make sure you check how much you will get paid for 1000 views and also check your website traffic location and then pick an ad network that pays you more according to your target country. Check out best high paying ad networks website.

You can consider ad networks as the most effective and long term method to make money online in 2019. Also, if you have a website, check out the five best ways to earn money from a website.

4. Survey Website

All three ways that we mention need traffic, and if you are one of those who are not able to get the traffic it is the best way for you to make money online from home.

Earning through Survey websites is not the best way, but it is one of the easiest and simple ways to make money online, and you can get a handsome amount of money. 

The process of starting work on a survey website is not difficult; all you have to do is to choose a legit survey website, registered yourself, and start Survey. In the Survey, you have to provide answers about a specific product. Each survey website pays different rates for each Survey. The average money that you get from a single survey is around 40 to 200 SB, and 100 SB is equal to $1.

You can earn some bucks each day it’s up to you how many surveys you have done, and if you’re serious about making money online in 2019, we recommend you to start an online business and choose one of the six ways to start an online business.

5. Youtube

In the list of making money online in 2019, we pick youtube at five positions. Everyone knows about youtube we spend most of the time watching videos. According to a report, youtube is the second largest search engine and third most visited website then why don’t get benefit from this platform.

On youtube, all you have to do is to create useful and high-quality content. You can earn money on youtube in multiple ways some of them are following.

  1. You can earn money through ads
  2. Promoting amazon, Clickbank and other affiliate products
  3. You can sale your own product or course
  4. You can promote other YouTubers’ channels or blogs and many more.

All you have to do is to grow your youtube channel and subscribers, and then money will automatically find you. It’s one of the most effective and best ways to make money online in 2019.


Earning from the internet is not as difficult as it was 7-10 years before because now the internet is available all around the world and everyone has smartphones. So, its the time you should move to the online work. We tell you the five most effective ways to make money online in 2019 just pick one and start your online journey.