Logitech G Hub Installation And Troubleshooting Guide (Updated 2023)

There is nothing more frustrating than having an incomplete installation guide and troubleshooting/errors after installing the software we are eager to use. We face several issues even after installing the Logitech g hub in the right way. Errors we face such as – logistic g hub are not detecting my mouse or keyboard or headset and many more.

When we at Hackchefs faced the errors ourselves, we decided to research and fix errors and write a comprehensive yet short guide. This Logistic g hub guide will help you with troubleshooting and all the essential information.


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What Is Logitech G Hub?

Logitech g hub is a free software use to manage and group the settings for each compatible Logitech product in one place. It also gives you enhanced functionality and customization options for each of them. You can set up macros for your mouse and keyboard, tweak mouse sensitivity settings to an in-depth degree, set up custom profiles you can switch to depending on the game. With all your ideal settings already pre-entered, link the RGB settings for each device to your custom settings.

Logitech G HUB comes in a beautiful and smooth application that promotes easy discovery of supported tools and services. The app automatically recognizes all Logitech hardware you have connected to your PC and allows three levels of customization for each of them– Lightsync for in-depth customization of RGB lightning, Assignments for complete control over button presses, commands, macros, and system shortcuts, and Share for setting up your custom profiles and sharing them with the worldwide community of G HUB users.

The app is compatible with all modern Logitech G products, including keyboards, mice, headsets, speakers, and webcams.

Features Of Logistic G Hub

  • You can create several game profiles, also download, and share with the community.
  • You can easily control your stream built-in OBS and third-party integrations.
  • It can be control and sync lighting animate.

What Are The Hardware Logitech G Hub Compatible With?


  • G903 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • G900 Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • G703 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • G600 Gaming Mouse
  • G502 RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse
  • G403 Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • G403 Gaming Mouse
  • PRO Gaming Mouse
  • G302 Daedalus Prime
  • G402 Hyperion Fury
  • G502 Proteus Core
  • Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • G502 Hero Gaming Mouse


  • G935 LIGHTSYNC Wireless Gaming Headset
  • G933 Wireless 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset
  • G635 LIGHTSYNC Wired Gaming Headset
  • G633 RGB 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset
  • G533 Wireless 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset
  • G560 LIGHTSYNC PC Gaming Speakers
  • G433 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset
  • G432 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset
  • G332 Stereo Gaming Headset


  • G910 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • G810 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • G613 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • G610 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • G512 Carbon RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • G513 Carbon/Silver RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • G413 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • G213 RGB Gaming Keyboard
  • PRO Gaming Keyboard
  • G310 Atlas Dawn
  • G103 Gaming Keyboard

How To Download Logistic G Hub?

Download the G Hub is the most effortless process, and anyone can download it without any limitations. Follow the steps below;

  • Click on the link https://www.logitechg.com/en-us/innovation/g-hub.html
  • Now, you are able to see the different versions. Download the one which is appropriate for your device.
  • After compilation of download, open the installer and follow the steps of the installation wizard.
  • Now, the software is downloaded, you can find it in your menu bar.
  • Click on the software to open.
  • It should appear in your toolbar on the right-hand side, even if you close the window.

How To Keep Update Logitech G Hub?

For better results, you should always make sure it is always up to date. Follow the steps below to keep it updated.

  • Click on the Settings icon.
  • Now, click on Check For Update at the top.
  •  G Hub will now check online for the latest version.
  • Now it will be download and install automatically.
  • It is recommended to Enable Automatic Updates is ticked so that G Hub does this automatically when you open up the program.

Why Is Logitech G Hub Is Not Detecting My Mouse/Keyboard/Headset?

If your device is compatible with the software, there shouldn’t be any problem. Even after compatibility, the issue still occurs, follow the steps mentioned below;

  1. Assure the mouse/keyboard/headset is connected correctly to your computer by checking the USB connection.
  2. Ensure that Logitech G Hub is fully up-to-date.
  3. Restart your computer.
  4. Uninstall Logitech G Hub, make sure residual folders have been removed, and install it again.

If you are still facing the problem, we recommend you to get in touch with Logitech directly.

How To Form Macros On Logitech G Hub?

Macros are a string of commands that you can pre-program to be linked to one key. To form macros on any compatible device of Logitech, follow the steps below;

  1. Click on the device you want to form the macro for on the G Hub’s main menu.
  2. Click the arrow near the top left of the page.
  3. Select the profile. Then, click on the Assignments/+sign icon.
  4. Click on the Macros and Create New Macro.
  5. Allow a name and hit enter. 
  6. On the next screen, select the type of macro you want to make.
  7. Click Save to return to the previous screen, then drag and drop the new macro from the left onto the button/key of choice to assign it.

How To Assign Keys To Third-Party Software In Logitech G Hub?

You have already seen above assigning actions to third-party software underneath assignment. However, there is also the simplest guide you can follow : 

  1. Click on the device you wish to create the set action.
  2. Click the arrow near the top left of the page.
  3. Select the profile you want to make, then click on the Assignments icon.
  4. Click on the Actions, select the program in question.
  5. Then select and modify the action from under the Manage Integration drop-down list.


Logitech G Hub is not opening/working, how to fix the issue?

Restart your computer.
Disconnect all of your Logitech devices, then launch Logitech G Hub. 
Reconnect your Logitech devices and download the latest firmware and operators for all the devices.
Uninstall and reinstall Logitech G Hub.

How to add a device to Logitech G Hub?

Plug your Logitech device into your PC’s USB ports.
It should automatically add the device and it will appear on the G Hub’s screen.
Now, click on the product’s picture and it will open up an options menu for that particular device. 
If you have a wireless device and followed the installation guide that came with it, G Hub will detect it automatically.

How To Make Logitech G Hub Open and stop being open On Startup?

On the G Hub launch page, click on the Settings icon in the top right.
Under Start-Up, tick or untick the Always Start After Logging In box as you prefer.

Does Logitech G hub support G300s?

The Logitech G hub software supports G300s gaming mice. You can program these mice completely by installing either of the two software for any game.

How To Disable Logitech G Hub?

Ensure the automatic startup option is toggled off and then close the program.

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