What Is Kodi? How To Install Kodi On Your Device in 2023?

Kodi is an accomplished open-source media streaming solution. The replacement to Xbox Media Center (XBMC), You can organize and play your favorite multimedia content here. 

Unlike other streaming software companies such as Android TV or Plex, It gets handled by the non-profit XBMC Foundation. The software is continuously revised and upgraded by many coders and developers around the world. You can customize Kodi by installing add-ons or builds

Like much open-source software, It comes with a ton of documentation and broad community support, but the software can still be a bit devastating to set up and use. Our guide walks you through everything you should know in 2021.


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Features Of Kodi

You can turn your computer, smartphone, or tablet into a digital set-top box or streamer with Kodi in your mentioned devices. It let users stream from the internet, a home network, or local storage. More than that, it has some key features mentioned below:


  • You can play mp3, FLAC, WAV, and WMA formats. 
  • Like other music apps, it has a similar interface for the music addon.
  • You can make your own playlist and download songs offline.


  • It supports all the main video formats.
  • You Can import your collections.
  • 1000s of addons are available for movies.

TV Shows

  • You can stream your favorite shows.
  • Unlimited TV shows library available.
  • HD quality.


  • It is an exciting feature that makes Kodi more valuable.
  • You can make your own photo library.
  • Import them anywhere.
  • You can filter your images or edit them.


  • You can watch and record live tv.
  • It has an easy-to-use interface.
  • Popular backends list include MediaPortal, MythTV, NextPVR, Tvheadend, and many more.


  • With Skin, you can change the whole appearance of the interface.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Countless themes are available.


  • It is the real power of Kodi.
  • You can find a vast selection of user-created Add-ons.
  • 100s of addons available.
  • Add-ons categories include movies, tv shows, yoga, music, games, cartoons, and more.

Web interface

  • You can Interact using its JSON-RPC-based remote interface.
  • You can browse photos, videos, and podcasts quickly and easily.
  • Third-party tools are available.

Remote controls

  • 100s of remote controls available.
  • You can control your media as you want.

How to install Kodi on Firestick?

As above stated, Downloading It might be overwhelming but not impossible. Follow the steps to download it on your device.

  1. Go to settings and click Device.

2. Find the developer option and click on it.

3. Enable Apps From Unknown Sources.

4. Then, go to the search bar and find the Downloader app.

5. Install downloader app.

6. Direct downloader app to the Kodi website.

7. Choose the Android app.

8. Choose the 32-bit installation.

9. Click to install.

10. Customize Kodi as per your preference.

How To Install Kodi on Windows & macOS?

If you want to download it on Windows and Mac, every step stated above in the section ( how to install it on firestick) will be the same except one. 

  • For windows – at the 8rth step, choose the Microsoft Store, a 32-bit installer, or a 64-bit installer instead of a 32-bit installer.
  • For macOS – The only choice is a 64-bit installer.

How To Download TV Shows And Movies in Kodi?

Usually, people use Kodi as an online streaming source, they watch their favorite shows, movies online. But, here is an exciting feature you can use within is that you can download your favorite content to watch offline. With the download option, you can stream your movies, tv shows without buffering and without any connection problems. 

To download shows and movies you need to keep these things in mind;

  • Select the movie or TV show of your preference, then the list of sources will show up. Choose one of the sources and click the menu button.
  • Click Download at the menu.
  • A popup appears with the downloaded video name and size; click Confirm.
  • You will get a message regularly with the download progress in percentages. Once the download is completed, a popup appears showing that it was successful.
  • You can find the videos under the directory you chose

Pros of Kodi

Having Kodi on your device will give you an unlimited streaming journey for your entertainment. It will provide you with tons of entertainment options, features, and categories to watch. If you are a lover of movies, tv shows, or any other entertainment content, you should have this open-source right now on your device. Here are some Key pros mentioned below;

  • It works for almost every device.
  • It makes the app a valuable source for audio/video entertainment. 
  • You can find a variety of Kodi boxes, addons, and builds.
  • It has an option to sideload Kodi on Amazon Fire TV Cube.
  • You can watch family videos, listen to music, enjoy YouTube, obtain movie reviews and information, get sports scores, watch some national news, and much more.
  • You can organize your media, depending on the type. Create favorites, playlists, movie directories, and many other benefits.

Cons of Kodi

If anything has pros, it certain there will be cons too. Kodi might be the best entertainment source for you, but it might also get you in trouble sometimes.

  • Most of the content available here is 3rd party content.
  • If you stream pirated content, it will get you in trouble legally. 
  • Everything you stream is visible to both your ISP and the government.
  • The user must comply with all applicable laws in their country regarding use.


Kodi has unlimited entertainment resources, and users can stream anything and on any device of their choice. It features almost everything in the entertainment world, including music, movies, tv shows, cartoons, yoga, and more. As it is a vast multimedia resource, there are some drawbacks to use it as well. It mainly uses 3rd party content, so it’s recommended to use a VPN while installing it.


Can I stream offline in Kodi?

Yes, one of the great features Kodi has is Download your choice of stream. You can download anything Kodi streams on your device and enjoy your content bufferless.

Is Kodi legal?

Kodi doesn’t claim to be legal, so yeah, it’s not legal. Kodi mainly uses 3rd party content, which might get you in trouble if you do not take precautions.

Is VPN necessary for Kodi?

Yes, VPN is the must use software for Kodi. Everything you watch on Kodi is visible to the government, and most of it is pirated content. So, it’s necessary to use a VPN that will help you hide your INFO.

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