How To See Who Views Your Facebook Profile

Many people try to know who secretly sees their Facebook profile to find facebook profile viewed by which friends. So, is it possible to see who views your facebook profile? You want to find the name of your friend who secretly sees your profile pictures and timeline. However, there is no such tool, website or app which can give you right details about it. You can try some tricks for your satisfaction, Below there is one such technique you can use to check your facebook profile visitors who secretly views your facebook profile. And you can also check Your Facebook profile viewed, FB profile visited by whom.

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Step 1

Open any browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla or any)on your computer/laptop.

Step 2

Then Go to and open your facebook profile timeline.

facebook profile viewed, fb profile visited

Step 3

when your facebook profile timeline opens then right-click anywhere on that page and you will see an option “view page source” click on view page source.

my facebook profile visitors
Step 4

Now it will open in a new tab and a page will appear which contains the source code of that page.

facebook profile viewed

Now you have to press CTRL+F and type initialchatfriends in the search box, remember there is no space between these
three words.

bandicam 2017 06 12 17 25 29 547

Step 5

Now you will see many numbers below the word initialchatfriends like this 100000576708878. This number
is a profile ID number of your friend who visited most to your Facebook profile.

bandicam 2017 06 12 17 42 14 484

Step 6

copy that number and paste it into your Facebook URL for EX:

who views my facebook

Step 7

Paste the number at the end of the address and press Enter.

bandicam 2017 06 12 18 12 21 039

Now it will show an ID of your friend who visited most to your Facebook profile.

facebook profile visitors



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  1. Thank you for this I have seen those now. Most of them aren’t in my friend list but a mutual friend of mine. I just want to clear this thing.

    is this “The recent viewers?” or “the most viewers?”


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