9 Ways to know if your phone is hacked

How to know if my phone is hacked? Yes, there are some ways that you can use to check if your phone is hacked or not.

I have written some useful tips in this post that you can read to find it by yourself. If you take all security measures to secure and prevent your Android device from hacking, then it is not possible for a hacker to hack your Android phone or computer system.

If you are worried to know if your phone is hacked or not, I will tell you some ways by which you can check it by yourself.

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9 Best Ways to know if your phone is hacked

If your phone is hacked, there must be some unusual activities on your phone to notice.

I have mentioned 10 unusual activities that you can notice to identify if your phone has been hacked by someone and how to recover from this type of attack.

1. Unknown Applications

If you find an unknown app installed on your phone which you did not install on your phone and some of your apps are not working well. Then it may be a sign that your phone is hacked.

However, you probably get malware if you installed a free but infected app. Installing such apps results in damage to your phone data and privacy. Therefore, I recommend you to download apps from play store only.

2. Battery Usage

Check your phone battery usage. If your phone uses its battery fast and running extra apps, which are connecting you to the network or tracking your location all the time.

If you notice that your battery gets down quickly from the last 1-2 weeks then it may be a sign that your phone has been hacked.

3. Data Usage

Look at your data usage. If it has spiked while your usage has not, then it has probably been hacked.

So, How to know if your phone is hacked. Are there any apps that would tell me? How to check data usage increased or not?

You can use android phone antivirus such as Avast, AVG, etc. You can check the data usage by going to the settings of your phone and then check for the option data usage.

To check all the data usage stats, you can also download the My Data Manager app from the play store to keep eyes on data usage.

4. Unknown Links

You could have infected the phone by clicking on an unknown link to a malware-infected site. This malware links can hack your phone.

Nowadays, even YouTuber’s accounts are getting hacked. The hackers may send an email or a message that contains a link.

If you click on the link then it can steal your browser cookies. In this way, they can get your email ID and password.

Sometimes, they target big YouTubers, Instagram influencers, etc by sending an email offer to review a product for paid sponsorship. If you download the software and install it on your laptop/computer then it may steal your data.

Therefore, before clicking on any unknown link, do check it using antivirus or by yourself. Check the email address of the sender, search the company on Google, and then if it looks like authenticated then you can click on the link otherwise always ignore clicking on unknown links.

5. Phone Speed and Performance

First, check your phone speed. In case, your phone is constantly running slow, it is possibly due to the phone being hacked or it needs an upgrade.

Look at the phone’s performance monitor, like the memory usage and percentage of the CPU used. If you have turned off all the apps and those resources are still being used, it might be hacked. This way you can know if your phone is hacked or infected by malware.

6. Open WiFi

You can also call it public WiFi. Are you using open WiFi near your home for a long time? Then, stop using it, hackers can use the man in middle attacks to steal all your phone data. You can read these hacking tricks and preventions.

7. Asking Money

If your phone gets locked and asking for money to open your phone. Then, this is the sign that your phone is infected by a ransomware virus.

8. Spyware

Spyware is the program/software that can secretly monitor your phone activities such as call history, photos, apps, etc.

It can be installed by your close friend, relative, or someone else. For installing spyware on your phone, a person needs your phone for 5-10 minutes to install and activate it.

Therefore, always stay alert when you are giving your phone to someone else for a few minutes, hours, or for a day.

9. Targeting SIM Cards

SIM swap attacks are increasing with the increase of internet users. So, what you need to know in this attack is never to share any OTP to someone who is asking you over the call.

In this method, the cybercriminal will ask you to provide an OTP and introduce himself as an official of the company.

After gaining your trust, he will ask for OTP and when you provide it then he will easily transfer your phone number to his own SIM card.

He can use this SIM card for various types of fraud activities. Therefore, always stay alert and try to contact your nearby police if you receive any fraud calls.

How to Recover Your Phone?

  1. Hard reset your phone. The first step is to switch off your phone. Now press the UP and Power button of your phone. A boot menu will open and you have to tap on wipe all data. Please note that it can erase everything on your phone.
  2. Do a factory reset. You can find the factory reset option in your phone settings.
  3. Use antivirus and scan your phone.
  4. Use SP Flash Tool to reset all the software and wipe the previous data. It can also recover all the major software problems that you are getting on your phone.

How to protect yourself?

Try to back up your critical files, but be careful not to back up all the apps. Otherwise, you’ll re-infect it when you do a restore. In these ways, you can know if your phone is hacked.

  • Never click and open unknown links because it may be a phishing link
  • Don’t use open/Public/Free Wi-Fi instead of using a free Wi-Fi connection you should afford one for your personal use
  • Never share OTP password, personal details like name, address, bank details, etc on the phone
  • Install trusted antivirus on your phone
  • Don’t make the payment on websites that are not using SSL

So, these are some ways by which you can check if your phone is hacked or not.

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