7 Ways to know if your phone is hacked

If you take all security measures to secure and prevent your Android device from hacking, then it is not possible for a hacker to hack your Android phone or computer system. If you are worried to know if your phone is hacked or not, I will tell you some ways by which you can check it by yourself.

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7 Ways to know if your phone is hacked

If your phone is hacked, there must be some unusual activities on your phone to notice.

1. Unknown Applications

If you find an unknown app installed on your phone which you did not install on your phone and some of your apps are not working well. Then it may be a sign that your phone is hacked. However, you probably get malware if you installed a free but infected app. Installing such apps results in damage to your phone data and privacy. Therefore, I recommend you to download apps from play store only.

2. Battery Usage

Check your phone battery usage. If your phone uses its battery fast and running extra apps, which are connecting you to the network or tracking your location all the time.

3. Data Usage

Look at your data usage. If it has spiked while your usage has not, then it has probably been hacked. So, How to know if your phone is hacked. Are there any apps that would otherwise increase it? Only if you have set up an automatic backup and chat all the time. Has your data usage skyrocketed? It will if someone is tracking everything you do. My data usage is not up a lot.

4. Unknown Links

You could have infected the phone by clicking on an unknown link to a malware-infected site. This malware links can hack your phone.

5. Phone Speed and Performance

First, check your phone speed. In case, your phone is constantly running slow, it is possibly due to the phone being hacked or it needs an upgrade. Look at the phone’s performance monitor, like the memory usage and percentage of the CPU used. If you have turned off all the apps and those resources are still being used, it might be hacked. This way you can know if your phone is hacked or infected by malware.

6. Open WiFi

You can also call it public WiFi. Are you using open WiFi near your home for a long time? Then, stop using it, hackers can use the man in middle attacks to steal all your phone data. You can read these hacking tricks and preventions.

7. Asking Money

If your phone gets locked and asking for money to open your phone. Then, this is the sign that your phone is infected by a ransomware virus.

How to protect yourself?

Try to back up your critical files, but be careful not to back up all the apps. Otherwise, you’ll re-infect it when you do a restore. In these ways, you can know if your phone is hacked.

So, these are some ways by which you can check if your phone is hacked or not.


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