Easy Ways To Use Kinemaster Watermark Remover – Latest Guide

Kinemaster Watermark Remover is an extensive video editor app that provides a great range of video editing functions. Where you can add transition effects, handwriting overlays, texts, and many more. The only problem of kinemaster is a Watermark that is left on the exported videos.

Kinemaster Watermark remover

Kinemaster is available in both free and paid versions. However, users face watermark problems in the free version but can get rid of the watermark issue in the paid version. Kinemaster is famous for making videos for youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Moj, Twitter, etc.

This article will go through every particular thing you should know about kinemaster watermark remover. Continue reading this latest guide till the end to find out the methods of removing kinemaster watermarks.

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Some Of The Best Ways To Remove The Kinemaster Watermark:

Way 1:  

  • Download and install the kinemaster app from the play store.
  • After installing the application, you can see an option in the ‘About’ section of kinemaster to purchase a premium version.
  • By purchasing the premium version, you can get rid of the watermark. And use the app without a watermark.

Features of premium version:

  1. Eliminates watermarks on exported videos and customizes multiple animation styles.
  2. It eliminates all pre-rendered watermarks on exported videos.
  3. It adds unlimited layers and saves the video in a different file format.

Way 2:

  • Download and install the app from the play store.
  • Open the app and create or edit a video.
  • Uninstall the app now; after uninstalling, download Kinemaster Mod/Pro Apk.
  • Then continue editing the video, and yes, your watermark is successfully removed.

Kinemaster Mod/Pro Apk has robust tools like:

  • Speed control
  • Blending modes
  • Chroma key
  • Subtitles
  • Special effect
  • Voiceovers
  • And many more..


  1. Free premium unlocked
  2. No watermark
  3. Multiple layers support
  4. No ads
  5. Premium assets unlocked for free
  6. Speed control up to 16x.
  7. Analytics disabled

Most professional video editors use kinemaster pro apk to edit their videos. This video editor is straightforward and easy to use.

Way 3:

  • Download lucky patcher and install kinemaster.
  • Make sure that you are logged in to your google account.
  • Open the lucky patcher and click on the kinemaster button.
  • Open the menu of the lucky patcher, check the two options, and select apply.
  • After this, go to the kinemaster’s account settings. Select in-app purchases and then click on the BUY option. 
  • After clicking on the buy option, a pop-up window will appear on the screen asking you to buy the item for free. Click on YES there.
  • Yes! You have now got the Kinemaster premium version for completely free.

Way 4:

  • Download and Use any Watermark remover app.
  • Create and edit the video in kinemaster and save it in your gallery.
  • Share the video in any watermark remover app.
  • By using the watermark remover app, you can erase the watermark from your video.

Difference Between Kinemaster Watermark Remover Free And Paid

The main difference between them is the watermark issue. Other than that, there is a difference between the sources they provide the users. That includes text, fonts, effects, overlays, and much more. The free version provides only 2 out of those mentioned above. However, the paid version offers tons of valuable sources.

Technical Details Of Kinemaster Watermark Remover

Technical Details Of Kinemaster Watermark Remover
  • Devices that support kinemaster – Android, iOS/iPad, web-based.
  • The pricing model of Kinemaster – Free , monthly payment and Annual Subscription. You can choose according to your needs.
  • Users – Anyone can use it – small businesses, large enterprises, school kids, college students, medium businesses, and freelancers.

Final words

I hope you were able to clear all your doubts in this article. If you have any questions or doubts regarding this article, please feel free to write them in the comments section below. Also, if you liked this article and learned something valuable from it, please share it amongst your family and friends by clicking on the share button on the top or bottom of the page. 

Frequently asked questions

Is kinemaster free?

Yes, kinemaster is available in both paid and free versions. But in the free version, you cannot use all of its features, and especially you cannot remove watermarks in it. In the paid version, you will not get the watermark issue.

How can I remove the watermark of Kinemaster?

In order to remove the kinemaster watermark, you can use any of the following methods mentioned above. You can also use software such as Markgo etc.

What does the premium version of Kinemaster mean?

The Premium version of the Kinemaster app offers a few extra features. You can also remove watermarks. Users get access to numerous font styles which are not available in the free version.

Is removing the kinemaster watermark for free legal?

Yes, it is legal if you use it only for personal use like school projects or anything. It becomes illegal if you use it for commercial purposes.

Therefore, Kinemaster is entirely free to use. You can unlock more features with a kinemaster premium subscription. Subscription of kinemaster helps to remove the kinemaster watermark and offers an ad-free experience. The above 4 ways can be used to remove the kinemaster watermark.

Make sure that the images whose watermarks you have removed are not used for commercial purposes. This will be illegal.

Use It only for your personal entertainment or school projects.

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