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If you’re looking for a platform where you can find your dream job. Jobinja is the best platform for you. is an online job website that posts and updates the latest jobs daily. It is a Persian based website, and its language is also Persian. You can convert it into English using google translator in your internet browser. Nowadays, Two things where more people are attracted are online jobs portal to find jobs and making money online.

According to, the website ranked at 36,652 numbers among all sites from all around the world, and in Iran, it ranked 291. In jobs and career categories, Jobinja ranked on 439 number.

More than 970,000 visit the Jobinja website daily, and most people come directly to the site.

The website gets most of the users from these five countries.

  1. Iran > 85.29%
  2. United States > 5.58%
  3. United Kingdom > 2.37%
  4. France > 1.71%
  5. Netherlands > 1.15%

Below you can read more about the website, what types of jobs you can find, the latest jobs on Jobinja, how you can prepare your resume for applying for a job, how to apply for a job, and much more. So let’s start.


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What types of jobs are available on

You can find almost every type of job on The most popular categories in which you can find a job are Web, Programming and software, Sales & Marketing, Content production and management, Office, Executive and Administrative Officer, Financial and accounting, Designing, Customer support, and affairs, and the list is going.

Latest jobs

At this moment, the latest jobs that are available on the site are digital marketing expert, a foreign tour sales counter, Frontend and backend developer, .net developer, customer support expert and affairs, and many more.

All these vacancies are available on the site, and companies required immediately. So if you’re an expert in your field, filter the category and find a job that suits you.

Feature of Jobinja site

It is one of the most trusted platforms for finding and getting jobs.

On this platform you can stay up to date about upcoming jobs, you can discover new job opportunities, and the best advantage that you can get from this website is you can explore multiple companies in your field.

You can get updated about the latest jobs through email. Whenever a new job publishes, you will receive a notification in your mail.

The site provides a list of the 50 best companies in Iran. Browsing the Jobinja site daily helps you to know about the market trend.

They also allow you to publish ads on their website. The advantage of the ads is when a person browse the Jobinja site, he/she will see your ads at the start, and the possibilities of getting a job will increase.

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How to prepare your resume to apply for a job on Jobinja?

To prepare your resume, first of all, you have to create an account. After creating an account you need to fill out personal information in the “about me” section, Professional skills, Academic background, languages you can speak, career preference section.

First of all, Go to the jobinja resume builder you will see a page like this.

homepage of resume builder

1. Enter your first name and last name. Choose employment status. If you already have a job write some about the previous company and job. Enter your certifications.

2. In the personal information section, enter a phone number, email, province of residence, year of birth, residence address, marital status, year of birth, gender.

personal information

3. If you have professional skills, write them down. If you’re fresh, then skip this portion or type looking experience, and if you have the experience, write it in a good style.

4. Add Academic background and language.

5. At last, if you are looking for a job in your dream city or state, then fill the career preference section.

When you complete your resume, you will see in the sidebar score that will tell you how strong is your resume.

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How to apply for a Job on the Jobinja website

The process of applying for a job is straightforward. When you find a job that you found useful to click on it. You will see the job title, description, and requirements. If you fulfil all criteria, then click on “select resume file” and click on sending the resume button.

send resume on jobinja

The client or company will receive your resume or CV and contact you for further details.


Find a dream job is not an easy task but with jobinja, there are possibilities that you can get an excellent job.

It is a 100% legal and trusted platform where you can find your favourite job. Before applying for a job, make sure that you ready your resume. Your resume should look, professionals, clean, and easy to read.

We hope by following and implementing the techniques that we mention, you will find a good job.

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