Jingling Traffic Bot Software English Version Free Download 2022

Jingling traffic software or jingling traffic bot software is now available in the English version also. So, you can download Jingling English version traffic software for free also known as traffic spirit. In this article, you will know what is jingling? Where to download jingling traffic bot software English version? and many other questions related to jingling software.

What is Jingling?

Basically, Jingling is a traffic bot software that automatically generates traffic for the targeted website or webpage. The traffic is generated with the help of a bot, not by a human. When the traffic or views of any particular website or webpage is increased, then its Alexa rank will also decrease. You will also get a number of benefits after getting high views. If you have a good amount of traffic on your website then your search ranking will also improve. You will also get some promotional offers or sponsorship. In short, your overall revenue of the website will increase. But there is one problem the Jingling traffic bot software is developed by a Chinese developer and available in the Chinese language.

After some time, some developer develops the same software in the English language. So now you can download Jingling English version software for free. The English version of the jingling traffic bot is also called traffic spirit, so don’t get confused between it. No need to waste your time in jingling software Chinese version. Previously People were using the jingling Chinese version and it was very difficult for them to use it freely. Because they know only limited options and it was hard to understand all the options because of the language barrier. Read the whole article and you will know where to download it? how to use it? and all the other questions you have right now in your mind.

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Should we use Jingling traffic bot software or not?

With the lot’s of advantages, it has some disadvantages also. You should know all of these before using it. Then you can decide whether you should use jingling traffic software or not. It’s completely your’s call. I can only tell the pros and cons of it, so you can take your decision more wisely.


  • It increases the traffic on your site then your revenue will increase.
  • Your Alexa rank will also decrease.
  • The traffic is not only from one location.  You will get traffic from different locations.
  • It’s free software, you don’t have to pay for anything.
  • Not any annoying ads.
  • It’s user-friendly software and easy to use.
  • If you get a good amount of traffic on your site then you will also get many promotional and sponsored offers. So your overall earnings will increase.


  • One of the biggest disadvantages is that, If you have google ads on your website and still you are using the jingling traffic bot for automatic traffic generation. Then there is a huge chance that your Google Adsense account will block. Because Google is very strict with this type of fraud activity, If they will detect you are using some false method to get traffic on your site then they will block your Adsense account permanently.
  • If your Adsense account will block then there are some more alternatives still there. But their pay is not as high as Google Adsense. Still, they offer almost the same amount. But Adsense is still more trustworthy than any other.

Download Jingling Traffic Bot Software English Version Free

The whole process of generating traffic from the jingling bot English version is divided into four simple and short steps. If any step is unclear or difficult to understand then you can ask me in the comment section or message us on Facebook.

  1. Click on the below link to download jingling traffic software in the English language. The password is hackchefs.
  2. After downloading, you have to add your site on which you want traffic.
    Write the URL of the site and then set the amount of traffic you want daily. By default, the daily traffic is set to 3000. You can change it also.

    : If you enter your homepage URL then the traffic will send to the homepage of your site. If you want to get traffic on a particular article or post then write the URL of it instead of homepage URL.Jingling Software English Versionjingling free download
  3. After entering the URL and Daily traffic, Press ok and your site is added successfully. You can add up to 10 sites simultaneously.jingling english version free download
  4. As you can see. the status is online means the automatic traffic by the bot is transferring to the site. Whenever you want to stop this process you can click on the “Stop” button next to online.jingling traffic software in english

Download Jingling Traffic Bot Software Chinese Version

If you still want to download and use the Chinese version, you can download it from the below link. There is a huge chance that you download a virus along with jingling software. But don’t worry, every software or file in our site is virus free and did not contain any malicious file.

jingling traffic bot

Jingling Traffic Bot Result: Views of the site increased

Below are the result, you can clearly see that within 30 minutes I got more than 100 views. Previously I have only 28 views, but after using the Jingling Software English version my views go up to 157 within 30 minutes. You can also change this number. If you want the immense amount of traffic on your site you have to increase the  “daily traffic” in jingling bot software. Or you can keep going the jingling traffic bot or traffic spirit without stopping it. By this, you can also get a good amount of traffic. I have mentioned this in the second step above.

You can see the results in the screenshot.

You can stop it whenever you want to by just pressing the stop button in jingling bot software. After stopping, It will look like this. You can clearly see, now the status is offline.

jingling english version free download

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