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9 Internet Security Tips You Must Know To Keep Safe Browsing


9 Internet Security Tips 

1. Always install a good antivirus software and keep it up-to-date for your system security as well as for internet security.

2. Always visit known and trusted websites and do not visit the malware affected sites.

3. Perform a virus scan on the files and email attachments that you download before running them.

4. Regularly update your operating system and browser software and antivirus for a better security.

5. Never share your password (email, bank logins etc.) with anyone for any reason.

6. Choose a strong password with numeric and alphabet value.

7. Never login your bank details to untrusted websites and never share your OTP with anyone.

8. Never open any unknown links on email, social sites or anywhere they might be a phishing link which can hack your all information.

9. Never connect with unknown open WiFi as they can collect all your information in forms of the packet if you want to connect to open WiFi then choose it as public network while connecting with that network in your PC settings. These are some internet security tips that can be beneficial for safe browsing.


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