Instaleak – Secretly Hack Instagram Account

What is How to use it to hack an Instagram account? Is it legit and safe? What are similar sites like Instaleak (alternatives)? These are the main points that we will cover in this guide. 



If you’re not already familiar with the website, let me tell you. It is an online tool that provides services to hack Instagram accounts without jailbreaking or rooting android devices. You can hack your girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, wife, husband, son, or anyone Instagram account according to the official website Instaleak.

According to them, you can do all without any coding and hacking skills, only using their tool. How much is this true, safe, and legit that using Instaleak you can start hacking, we will see in the below sections.

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According to Instaleak that 99 times out of 100 their tools work. Below you can see more features.

  1. It is 100% free to use.
  2. Top notched security feature
  3. No need to download any software
  4. Simple and easy to use Graphic user interface
  5. Bypass https protocol of Instagram
  6. Built-in IP spoofer, customer support, etc.

How to use Instaleak and Hack Instagram Account?

If you want a hack Instagram account using Instaleak, follow the below steps.

1. First, go to their official website.

2. Click on the start hack button.


3. Enter/Write the Instagram username that you want to hack. In case, if you do not know the username of a person then visit her/his Instagram profile and copy the last part of his/her profile URL.

4. If you enter the right username, they will show you the message “User Found,” Otherwise it will show the message, “user not found.” Then Click on “Click here to continue.”


5. It will take some time to scan and loading the database. Wait and let it take to complete the process. After the complete procedure, it will automatically redirect you to the downloading information page and Download login details.


When you click on download details, a pop-up message will appear and ask you to complete a simple offer.


According to our experience, most of the time, sites that ask for human verification and redirect you to the new website are fake. So it’s up to you that you complete the process or not.

According to them, after completing the quiz, you will get details of the Instagram account that you type. But in reality, you will not get any password or Login details. You will waste your time-solving quiz. The real and best working tool is z shadow. It is a free tool.

Websites like Instaleak

On the internet, many sites provide their services to hack an Instagram account. Below you can check some of them, and also most of the sites are similar and great alternatives to instaleak


The first website that we pick is The site offers user to recover their Instagram and also hack any Instagram account. The design and interface of the site are user-friendly and looks professional. They provide users to install their tools on any device includes PC, iPhone, Android, etc. Also, you will see a video where a person tells his story about how he recovers his Instagram in minutes.


Another website that offers hack Instagram account in 2 minutes is They guide you step by step how to hack Instagram account and then provide you a tool link that they created. On the tool, you can try to recover your account. The layout of the website and tool is very simple; even a person who the first-time visit navigate easily.


The third website that you can use is The site offers hack Instagram, Facebook, and other social media accounts. It is super easy to use, and the speed of the website is also good. Also, they promise that your data and your information will not leak. You can do what you want without getting caught. It is an excellent website that you can use to hack an Instagram account.

Do these alternatives really work? The answer is No. We have made the list of alternatives because some users want to know the alternatives and similar sites. But in reality, none of these tools work. However, you can use shadowave tool to hack facebook or Instagram accounts.

Note: These are the website that provide services to hack social media accounts but who knows what type of script they use and who is behind these websites. So always take care while entering your personal data on these websites. We highly not recommend using these websites. These software can be dangerous for privacy, security, and data. So, never Install any such application, software or use any such websites.

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You can read these frequently asked questions on this topic.

1. Is Instaleak safe?

No, it is not a safe website because when you enter your personal information there are chances that they collect your information. So, instead of hacking someone’s account there are chances that you may be hacked using such websites.

2. Do these online Instagram account hacking websites actually work?

No. Most of the Instagram account hacking websites are fake. They want to grab the intention and data that a user enters; otherwise, Instagram is one of the most secure platforms, and they will not let anyone challenge their security. Instagram is a big brand and they have some best hackers and techies in their company who are paid highly to maintain the security of the website.

But if you want to try, you can do an experiment by creating a new account and enter your user name and check. In this way, you get to know it provides you the right information or not.

3. Is this legal?

No, it is not a legal tool, and there is no online tool legal that offers hacking. According to the terms and services of, they make this tool for only educational purposes and use it on your risks. It means that they are not responsible for what you face, so be careful.

4. Can this website steal my data and personal information?

Yes. There are chances that it steal your data and personal information that you enter on the site.

5. Can you use instaleak for instant password recovery?

You can try it for instant password recovery, but according to our experience, it will not help you.

6. Is it free?

Yes, It is a completely free tool.


So this is about Instaleak and Instagram account hacking. Hacking is a thing that needs lots of practice and skills, and to think about hacking Instagram account need special skills, so we don’t believe that using these sites, anyone can hack Instagram account. It is not legit and safe, and we don’t recommend you to enter your personal information, but you can create a new account and do an experiment.

That’s it for now. If you want more information about the Instaleak website that we missed, let us know in the comment section.

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