Insta Stalker – A Private Instagram Viewer and Instagram Story Viewer

Instagram is one of the most fastly growing social networks where we share moments of our life.

However, after time by time privacy leakage issues arouses our curiosity and we want to know who stalks our Instagram profile and what they are doing on our profile.

In this article, we will tell you about Insta Stalker and how you will know who visits your Instagram profile.

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Insta stalker – check Instagram profiles and stories

After time by the time Instagram update their technology and between all of this you heard about a myth Insta Stalker.

Actually, Insta Stalker is a myth that most people assume in the wrong way. Most people think the people who are on top of your list as visiting your profiles are stalkers but they are wrong.

According to Julian Gutman product lead for the Instagram home which includes Instagram stories and feeds he described how Instagram show people on top of the list. Check the following points…

  1. How often visit your profile
  2. How much he/she interact with your profile
  3. He likes your feeds
  4. Comments on your posts
  5. DM you and etc.

If you really want to know your secret admirer or who keeps on stalking your Instagram account? We will help you to find out.

And believe us there are lots of applications on the web who promise you to give you solutions but they are just useless and they want to achieve some amount of web visits.

Do not trust blindly on applications that promise you to tell you who visits your Instagram profile.

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How to use Insta Stalker

Insta Stalker is a website where you can view Anonymously Instagram profiles and stories of Instagrams users. It is a free tool that anyone can use.

Website –

1. First of all open Insta Stalker Website.

2. Search User Account.

private instagram viewer

3. For example, I search for “GaryVee”

insta stalker

4. Now open profile you search for.

instagram story viewer

5. Now you can see the profile and all stories Anonymously. You do not need to sign in or sign up for an Instagram account to see the stories.

You can use Instastalker tool to see stories anonymously. This is the best Instagram story viewer if you do not want or sign up for an account.

insta stalker

That’s it this is the best way to view stories and profiles without knowing other users. You can also download the Instagram stalker app from this link.

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Instagram story viewer – View profiles and stories secretly

Whenever someone sees your story on Instagram you get notification who see your story. Also when you enter a person’s story he/she also receive notification who see it.

As we know Instagram stories are located at the top of the platform, and when you click it other people know that you see his/her story. But, there is a simple trick to prevent this from happening. And you can do all this without downloading third-party applications. All you have to do is to enable “Airplane Mode“ from your device.

Follow these steps:

1. Open Instagram account.

2. Wait for all the content, stories, and shared photos to load.


3. Slide down menu bar of your device.


4. Activate Airplane Mode.

5. Open stories and enjoy

instagram highlights viewer

Now you all set you can watch all stories of contacts without knowing them. Although, this method will not work if stories, profiles, and contact are not fully loaded so you have to wait a few minutes to load them.

The second option is more effective but risky, you have to view person story and then you must block it. So it does not appear that you see his/her story. The risky part is you will lose person contact.

If none of these options work for you or you don’t like them then you can download the app or you can visit the Insta Stalker website. The Insta Stalker website is the best option for you to view profiles and stories.

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How to use Instagram highlights viewer

The highlight is a feature in Instagram that allows us to save some stories and pin in our profile. When you save a story it will be saved in highlights ( folder ) and the group of stories called Instagram highlights.

There are two ways you can use Instagram highlights option.

1. Creating highlights for the active stories

So if you have an active story and to save on Instagram highlights follow these steps.

  1. Open a story you want to highlight
  2. Click on the highlight button
  3. Click on to create a new highlight
  4. Save story in highlight you just create.
  5. That’s it now it’s will show on your profile

2. Created highlight from archived stories

  1. For this first, you have to enable your archive feature so you have already a few saved stories in it.
  2. If you don’t have archived stories go to your active stories and grab a few of them you want to save.
  3. So the next step is to select stories you want to save and click on Next.
  4. Enter the name of your highlight.
  5. You can also add your cover photo. You can pick this cover from your stories.
  6. Click on done and that’s it now you can see it on your profile.

If you want to edit or delete some of the highlights just hold on it and you will see two options appears 1. Edit Highlight 2. Delete highlight you can pick one of them according to your choice.

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How to view someone’s private Instagram photos?

There is three option you can view private Instagram photos.

1. Send Request with your original account

The first option is you send a follow-up request from your Instagram profile. If he/she knows you and accepts your request it is good and if not you can use the second option.

2. Send a request with a fake account

If you want to see someones private photos Instagram creating a fake account can be worth it. Although it is not a legitimate way and it is against ethics and manners, but it can be away.

Follow these steps to create an account to view someones private Instagram photos.

The first step is to create an account it is better to select female gender and select girl name and profile photo. But make sure your account looks like a real account.

Showing a picture and adding an attractive biography increase your chance for followers request to be approved.

Make your account private not public so it makes the next person curious to approve your request.

When you finish your profile configuration now send a follow-up request and wait for an answer.

If it is not approved, you can send a private message an attractive message to catch his/her attention.

When he approves your follow-up request you can see his private profile and private photos.

3. Online tools

If the second method did not work for you can try Instagram private profile and photos viewer tools. There are numbers of tools available on the internet you can use them and view the personal profile and photos.

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The reality of private Instagram viewer websites or apps.

Everyone wants a faster and easier solution and Instagram viewer apps and websites offer you, they will tell you who visits your Instagram profile in seconds. But We’re sorry to tell you… they do not exist.

You’ll notice every day there is one site launch who offer a definitive solution for this problem such as Insta Agent and Intadetector.

However only thing these types of websites do is take advantages of new users and make a profit by ads.

The worst case is these websites even have no idea how this all system works. And most of us install these types of applications or visit websites, enter information in website and they keep your personal data and information.

As soon as these websites or reported or people recognize them they disappear and on the next day, they launch a new one with new design and a new name. So be aware and don’t fall in their trap.

We recommend you to go with Insta-Stalker website to view profiles and stories. This is a trusted and valid source.

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Insta stalker is actually a myth where you know who most visiting your profile. When you see the story of your contacts on Instagram they get a notification that you view their story.

If you don’t want to know then get notify that you watch their story you can prevent by visiting in Airplane Mode, or using any online tools. But don’t use any apps blindly there are lots of apps who just won’t get traffic for their web and earn money. So be aware of them.

You can use Instagram highlights features to save favourites stories on your profile.

We hope that this guide helps you to understand what Insta Stalker is and how you can check who visit your profiles.

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