How To Increase RAM Of A Computer Using Virtual Memory

Do you want to increase your PC RAM using virtual memory? Yes, but how to increase RAM? If you want to increase RAM of your PC up to 8GB or more without buying any new hard disk drive, then apply this given method and have a look, This increment of RAM is a virtual memory.

Virtual memory uses some hard disk space of your hard disk drive to expand the RAM of your computer or laptop. It can make computer performance a little bit faster but a hard drive is much slower than RAM. You can use virtual memory to speed up your computer performance, but if you require good speed and higher performance then buy a new RAM. I have personally increased my ram now it’s working fast, there is a little increase in processing speed.

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How To Increase RAM on Laptop or Computer Using Virtual Memory

1. Right click on my computer icon and then go to properties.

2. In the left side, click on Advanced system settings.

how to increase ram

2. click on performance settings.

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3. click on advanced and then you will see an option change, Click on change.

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4. Now a window of Virtual memory.

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Remove the tick from automatically manage paging file size.

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5. Click on custom size and select a size according to your choice suppose if you select 2048 MB (2 GB) hard disk space then your RAM (virtual memory RAM) increases to 2GB and from your hard disk 2GB will be decreased. Hence your RAM increases. I am selecting 2048 MB of space from my hard disk drive E: you can select your space according to your need and performance.

how to increase ram on laptop
6. After when you have done all these things your computer is going to restart to make the changes you have done to be saved. When your PC open, then go to my computer you will see there is 2 GB will be decreased and in your RAM, page file increases as your virtual memory.


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