IG HOOT – How To Use Ig hoot to Increase Instagram Followers

Today social media become part of our life and things that matters now are our social platform followers and likes. To gain followers and likes on social media such as Instagram, we do everything, but sometimes things work and sometimes not. Our helpful guide will tell you how you can increase your Instagram followers and likes with the help of Ig hoot.

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What is IG Hoot?

If you do not familiar with IG hoot, no problem we introduce you. Actually, IG Hoot is an Instagram automation app that is used to increase Instagram followers and Instagram likes. Using this tool You can also download Instagram DP, Instagram stories, and you can like Instagram comments and much more.

Is it really work?

Yes, it is 100% working. It helps you to get significant numbers of followers in minutes but select the number of followers according to Instagram’s daily limit rules.

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Is it free?

It has both plans free and paid. In the free plan, they asked for your Instagram login details, and you faced different ads.

In the second paid plan you need to pay the amount that’s it you will not face any ads, and they will not ask you for your Instagram login details. They give you customer support in paid options even if someone unfollows you they will provide you a new follower. Also, they claim if you do not like their services, they will refund your payment.

Can I get real followers or fake followers?

They claim that they provide you 100%, real followers. They detect your hobby and location, and for these reasons, they find peoples and make them your followers. In paid option no doubt you will get real followers.

Get 10k followers on Instagram Using Ig hoot

You can increase followers and likes using IG Hoot in seconds but take care of start slowly because if the Instagram system detects you that your accounts get followers from a bot. It will lead your account to ban.

Follow these steps to increase Instagram followers.

  1. Open the official website of IGHoot (https://ighoot.io) on your desktop/PC. They also have an IG Hoot app.
  1. Create your account and Login to IG Hoot.
  1. IG-Hoot will give you access to the dashboard. Using the dashboard, you can control your account and increase your followers.

We received the latest update that IGHoot knows not works. You may access to website and app, but the process will not work.

IG Hoot App for Android

It is the best auto liker for Instagram, and they provide their app to those who used Instagram on mobiles. Open your internet browser, and type paste the given URL (https://ighoot.io) in the search bar you will see a message of IG HOOT app on their website homepage. Click on it, and it will redirect you to the play store.

ighoot followers

The next process is the same as we mention in the above section.

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Is IG Hoot safe for increasing Instagram followers?

Whenever someone tries to use an automation tool, the question comes in mind that it is safe or it can cause your account to ban. The answer is most online automation tools are spams and not safe to use.

Some users of IG Hoot say the website is not a scam and it is 100% ok to use, but whenever you used this tool, they ask you to log in to their Instagram account. So we hope you will understand what we try to say. You used it or not; it’s up to you.

Also, do not exceed or reached the limit of daily followers always stay behind the limit and do not break any Instagram rules.

Is IG Hoot safe and legal to use?

As we already mentioned in the above section that this is an automation tool and IG Hoot or any other that type of tool is not allowed by Instagram or any other social network. So it is not legal to use. Also, these tools always ask you to log in to your account. So it is possible they can hack your account or use your private information.

Is IG hoot apk available?

Yes, the apk/app is available. You can download it from the official website.

Is it risky to use auto like app for Instagram?

Yes, 100% risk. Instagram never allows you to use online tools to get followers or likes and try to game their system. If Instagram catches you, they will block your account instantly because they will count your activities in spam.

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Increase Instagram followers without an auto liker app?

Instagram has become very popular among content marketers and those who love to share their pics and want to become famous.

Here we share with you some tips that may be useful for you to grow your Instagram account.

  • The first thing to grow your account is to like, comment, and follow other people who have an audience. When you post, a useful comment, people will come to your accounts and start following you. We recommend you only follow people who are in your industry.
  • Post visual and emotional content consistently that attracts people who come to your account. If your content is not touched people’s hearts, you will not get any audience. So make your content super emotional, and you post consistently.
  • When you create super awesome content, then go for collaboration with people who are in your industry or topic and already have the audience.
  • Another great thing to increase your followers is post pictures with fresh memes. It is a great technique to attract the audience. Keep in mind, do not post memes that are already viral use fresh and new memes.

By following these tips, you will get a better result, and you can increase your audience in a short time.

IG Hoot Alternatives

These are the best alternatives that you can try.

1. Hashtagpirate

HashTagPirate is also an auto liker tool you can use to increase your Instagram followers. Also, it is an excellent alternative to IGHoot.

You can do the following things using HashTagPrice.

  • Schedule your posts on Instagram
  • You can set your location to follow peoples, and it will do the rest of work
  • You can auto unfollow your followers
  • Auto Repost
  • Download profile pictures, images, and videos directly.

HasTagPirate is not a free tool. You can buy their offers that start from $4 to $15. It is a great tool to increase your followers and likes you should give it a chance.

2. IconoSquare

increase instagram followers

IconoSquare is also an online tool that is used to check statistics of account and helps to increase followers, improve engagement, and increase the efficiency of your account. IconoSquarefirst appeared on the internet in 2011 in Limoges, France.

Using IconoSquare, you can get the advantage of these features:

  • Instagram tips (improve and grow your Instagram followers, engagement, and likes).
  • Instagram strategy.
  • Social media marketing, facebook strategy, and much more.

It is a great tool to grow your Instagram account. It is an excellent choice and a great alternative option.

3. Gainsta

increase instagram followers

It is a great tool to increase real Instagram followers every month. The tool works on AI technology. They offer you three different plans include Starter, Starter + pro, and Professional. These plans cost from $19.99 to $49.99 and offer you a 7-day money-back guarantee. When you choose a plan, they will give you access to a dashboard where you get all the features.

You can use these features while using it…

  • Scheduled posts
  • Post from Desktop
  • Automated Interactions
  • Repost media
  • Powerful targeting
  • Analyze progress


IG Hoot is the best auto liker website, among others, they provide you Instagram followers and likes. We do not recommend you to use automation tools to increase your Instagram followers, but if you really want to use this tool, we recommend you go for a paid option. In the paid option, they will not ask you for Instagram login details.

You can get an unlimited amount of followers using IGHoot, but there is no guarantee your account will remain safe and not get a ban.

If you are a user on Instagram tell us in the comments section, how much you have followers and which strategy you used to increase your Instagram followers and likes.

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