How To See hidden files Infected by virus


Many times when the virus enters the Pendrive or hard disk, it makes our important files invisible. So, How to unhide files hidden by virus? How to see hiddeen files infected by virus? Well it is easy and I have written the step by step intructions to recover your hidden files.

Are you looking to recover data from pen drive? Many times different viruses enter into our pen drives by the internet or from someone’s else computer when we receive/copy any data from that infected computer.


After when our antivirus scans the memory card, hard drive, or any storage device, It shows to remove the viruses of the memory card/hard drive. When we removed those viruses, many times this problem faced by many individuals that you did not see any files only shortcuts appear in your pen drive.

So, how to fix it and get back all your hidden data? I will guide you to solve this issue. You can read this complete tutorial of how to fix it.

I will use the command prompt to fix this issue. It will Show hidden files cmd to recover Files From Virus-Infected Pendrive, hard drive, and memory card. It will Unhide files hidden by virus.

If you have such an experience, you may know that virus attacks will result in unexpected data loss on a hard drive. It is easy to recover all those data easily just read the given below instruction step by step and you will recover data from pen drive safely.

How to See Hidden Files Infected by Virus – Unhide files hidden by virus

Use CMD to recover files from virus infected pen drive, hard drive, and memory card. You can also use Data Recovery Softwares to recover your lost data.

Both methods are easy to use. You can recover data either by using show hidden files CMD or by installing any data recovery software.


Click on the start menu.


Then run cmd (you can use windows button + R or search for cmd in the run)

recover data from pendrive


Enter your hard drive/pendrive/memory card drive location letter. My hard drivc is H. So, I have to type it as H: in command prompt and then enter.

Unhide files hidden by virus


Type the given command carefully

attrib -s -h /s /d *.*

Unhide files hidden by virus

Type all the above line as it is and press enter…..

wait for a while…..

Show hidden files cmd

Now check your pen drive/memory card/hard drive. You have recovered your corrupted or hidden data back. This way you can recover data from the pendrive easily. All your hidden files/data are visible now.

Final Words

The virus makes the shortcut of the files like images, videos, games, or any files. After that you can not see the files or browse them.

To recover yourself from these types of problesm, You need to just follow the above 4 steps and you can easily recover your all data which was infected by the virus that makes it invisible. 

You can not see the hidden files by using the option show hidden files that windows offer in the system. The only way to show the hidden files is by using the above commands that I have written or you can also install some softwares from the Internet to get back your files.

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