How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages – See Deleted Messages

This tutorial will definitely help you to read deleted WhatsApp messages. If you have any question like these:

How to read deleted WhatsApp messages? how to see deleted WhatsApp messages and images? and, the ways to recover all the chats and images?

Then, Don’t worry this step by step tutorial will help you to get back all the deleted WhatsApp chats and images. You can just follow the steps mentioned in this tutorial. I have written three ways that you can use to read deleted WhatsApp messages.

Many times we accidentally delete the message for everyone and sometimes we need that deleted message. Also, many times the sender deletes the message for everyone. Now, Let’s start this tutorial.


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How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages (Method 1)

In method 1, I am going to use WAMR app to read deleted WhatsApp messages, images, or WhatsApp stories. The features of this app include reading deleted WhatsApp messages, images, voice notes, audio, and animated gifs.

The functioning behind this app is simple. This application read the notifications and creates a backup of the messages that you received on WhatsApp based on the notification history. When your friend, family member, or anyone deletes a message for everyone then you can read that deleted message in this app.

Please note that this app recover deleted WhatsApp messages on the basis of notifications. Therefore, you need to always turn ON the WhatsApp notifications and also allow WAMR to read notifications so that it can create a message backup based on your notification history.

 Another important thing to note is that you need to place the phone in the automatic image downloading option in WhatsApp settings. So, this app can create a backup for image notifications. The last point to note that is if you are chatting with someone and he deleted the message while chatting then you can not read that message in the WAMR app because of the obvious reason that this app stores notification data only.

Now, Read these step by step guide for using WAMR.

Step 1

Open the Play Store and install the WAMR app. After the app gets installed, open the app, and accept the disclaimer of this app.

Step 2

Select the apps to monitor. You can monitor various apps using WAMR. If you want to read deleted Whatsapp messages, chats, images, stories, etc. then select Whatsapp.

You can also select Facebook messenger, telegram, etc.  I have selected the WhatsApp app. You can see in the image below. Now swipe right.

how to read deleted whatsapp messages

Step 3

Enable these three options that you can see in the image below.


After enabling these 3 options, swipe right and the app will be ready to work to save messages, images based on notifications. The app will open like this (See the image below).

Step 4

My friend has sent me these messages on WhatsApp.

whatsapp chats

But, after some time he has deleted those messages.

how to read deleted messages on whatsapp

Step 5

Now, In this situation, WAMR is a very useful app to read the deleted messages. Open the WAMR and you can easily read the deleted messages.

how to read the message which was deleted for everyone on whatsapp

Note – The above message was recovered because I was not Online during the chat. I closed the WhatsApp for 20-30 second and in that short interval of time, my friend sent me two messages. The notifications of these messages appeared on my screen and therefore, the WAMR save the notification and store the messages backup.

In case, If you are online and chatting with someone and in between the talks if the person deletes the message for everyone then you can not recover that message for the obvious reason that this app stores messages based on notifications.

To read deleted messages on WhatsApp you always need to turn ON the internet on your phone because you never know when someone deletes the message for everyone.

This app saves notification messages and images. So, never turn off WhatsApp notifications, mute anyone, or never turn off the notification permission for the WAMR.

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How to See Deleted Messages on WhatsApp (Method 2)

In method 2, I am using the Notisave app to show you How to read deleted WhatsApp messages. This app is similar to WAMR and the working procedure is also the same as WAMR.

Now, you have the choice to use any app between these two. So, It will be more helpful to you.

Step 1

Open the Play Store and install the Notisave app.

Step 2

Allow the notification access for Notisave. So, that it can save the notifications of apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, etc to save messages.

how to recover deleted whatsapp messages

Step 3

You can see all the saved notification messages by opening the Notisave app. You can also read WhatsApp deleted messages if someone has deleted the message for everyone.

In the below image, You can see that I have received two deleted messages and these messages are saved on Notisave.

read whatsapp deleted messages

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How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages and Images

I have already discussed how you can read deleted messages on Whatsapp and see the images, stories, and other files using WAMR and Notisave app. But these two apps can not recover the old deleted messages.

These apps store notification messages but you can not recover the old deleted files. So, in this case, only Google Drive backups will work.

If you want to recover deleted Whatsapp messages, images, audio files, and other files then you can simply use the Backup store at Google Drive.

Most of the people generally use Google Drive for the Whatsapp Backup. You can use this backup to restore all the previous messages, images, audio files, etc.

What happens if I have not set up the recovery account for Whatsapp data? In that case, You can recover it by going to your file manager and then open the WhatsApp folder. In the Whatsapp folder, you will see the database folder. Open the database folder and you will see all your stored data. You can use this data to restore your deleted Whatsapp messages and images.

Location for Whatsapp Database – Storage>WhatsApp>Databases

recover old whatsapp messages and images

Some times it happens that we reset our phone using the factory reset or hard reset. There can be many reasons for doing that. If you have not set up an Automatic Whatsapp backup on Google Drive and also not copied the Whatsapp Folder before the factory reset then in such a case you can not recover your Whatsapp data.


Many times when someone sends us a message they delete it when there is something weird or unusual written in the message or for any other reason.

Most of us think that what was there in that message. So, to read the deleted WhatsApp messages you can simply use the Notisave or WAMR app and I have already written a step-by-step tutorial above.

There are many similar apps like notisave and WAMR. I have personally used both of these apps and found them useful. You can use any other app according to your choice.

Video Tutorial

You can also watch this video tutorial to easily understand how to read deleted messages on WhatsApp.

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