How To Hack WiFi using app

Most of us trying to get someone’s WiFi password and sometimes trying to get our neighbor’s WiFi password to surf the internet free of cost. So, how to hack WiFi? Well, getting a password and hacking a password both are different things.

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How To Hack WiFi?

I have tried this a lot using different Android apps and then I tried it with Kali Linux. One of the best tools in Kali Linux. I tried on WEP but now a time almost all WiFi is WPA2 secured. In this post, I will discuss only how to hack WiFi passwords using Android phone apps. There are many apps on play store which claims that they can hack WiFi password. It is difficult to hack a WPA2 secure WiFi password. There are some techniques you can use to hack WiFi passwords by using a mobile phone.

You can Hack Wifi with Android using third-party apps. However, this app can not guarantee you that it can actually hack WPA2 secured WiFi. Some apps might work well but only on WEP WiFi

How To Hack WiFi Password Using App?

There are many apps for hacking WiFi passwords but most of them are not working. You can try WiFi WPS WPA Tester and Androdumpper WiFi for hacking WiFi.

Hack WiFi using the WPS WPA Tester app

How to use WiFi WPS WPA Tester app? It is easy to use this app. You have to follow these step by step guide.

Step 1 – Root Your Device

Root your android device. Yes, you should need a rooted android phone to use this app. All these types of apps required your device to be rooted. If your device is not rooted then some features of this app can not work on your phone.

Step 2 – Download and install WiFi WPS WPA Tester App

Install WiFi WPS WPA tester app in your phone. This tool enables Monitor Mode on your Broadcom chipset, which is essential for being able to crack the PIN.

hack wifi apk

Step 3 – Run the app

After installation, run the WiFi WPS WPA tester app. You have to click on the “agree” button to use this app.

hack wifi online

Step 4 – Check WiFi Network

For checking your nearby available WiFi networks. Press the circle-shaped button (which is at the top) to refresh the WiFi connection page. Identify the access point you want to hack. You will see a list of available access points. Tap on the WiFi name which you want to hack.

hack wifi software

When you tap on any WiFi. This app will show you the warning message “are you authorized to test XYZ?”. You have to tap on yes.

hack wifi app

Step 5 – Try Automatic pin or Bruteforce to get WiFi Password

If your phone is not rooted then you have to tap on no root. For a rooted phone, You have to tap on Root. Make sure that you are the tick is on New Method and No Root. Now, You have to tap on “CONNECT AUTOMATIC WITH TRY ALL PINS” or you can also choose the BRUTEFORCE option.

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Step 6 – The Last One

When you tap on “CONNECT AUTOMATIC WITH TRY ALL PINS” the process of hacking WiFi begins. It can take 5-10 minutes to get the password of the WiFi.

how to hack wifi with android

It will take a few minutes to do this process.

how to hack wifi

In the end, if it will work then a message appears on the screen saying “success”. It will show you the password of the hacked WiFi.

How To Hack WiFi Password

If you are choosing the BRUTEFORCE option then it will take 20-30 minutes or more than this to hack a WiFi.

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