How To Find Someone’s Phone Number online With Top 7 Tools?

How to find someone’s phone number? Well, it’s just a question with a simple answer nothing is impossible or difficult to do in this advanced technological world. Getting someone’s phone number is easy whether you are searching for business purposes or personal.

Find Someone's Phone Number

Some want business leads, some wish to reach out, and some want to get in touch with their old friends. In this case, we are here listed the top 7 tools/ways to ‘how to find someone’s phone number’ online. 

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How To Find Someone’s Phone Number With

As it is necessary to use proper tools to ‘how to find someone’s phone number’ and details online, we have listed the top 7 tools for you. Let’s check below.


revdriver tool

RevDriver is our number choice regarding the question ‘ how to find someone’s phone number for free.’ It is a free chrome extension with verified and updated phone numbers, emails, and other company data such as firmographic and technographic.

It finds phone numbers for decision-makers, influencers, and advocates from LinkedIn profiles, Twitter, Facebook, Company’s website, Product review pages, or anywhere else on the internet. It also has a credit counter that helps Freemium users export contact data to their CRM or MAP.  

How to find someone’s phone number with RevDriver.

  • Install chrome extension on your device.
  • Visit any social media profile, company’s website, or any page on the internet.
  • The extension will scan the page.
  • Now, you have the potential contact number or data you wanted.



Uplead is a premium tool that allows you a one-month free trial, and it has taken over second place in our list because of its unique features. It has 95% accurate and updated data and lets you do bulk research; pretty cool, right?

In Uplead, you can search contact by 50 categories, contact lookup, and get real-time verification. In addition, you will find contact details in uplead and a rich profile with email, job, gender, experience, and educational information. Uplead also has a chrome extension.

How to find someone’s phone number with Uplead

  • First, you need to sign up in uplead.
  • Select your search criteria with the left-hand panel.
  • Filter search criteria as per your need.
  • Select your wanted leads.
  • Now, you can finally click on leads one by one to get their information.



To get over the question ‘how to find someone’s phone number,’ AnyWho is the best tool to have because it’s free and lets you do a white page search and reverse lookup. AnyWho is best for business and personal use. We always recommend you check out this tool. It is worth your time if you are looking for a free contact search tool.

With AnyWho, you can find a mobile number by a person’s name. You can browse unlimited contacts, and it’s easy to navigate. 

How to find someone’s phone number with AnyWho ( see for more features)

  • It is one of the most accessible tools to use; just go to the official website.
  • For business, select ‘The yellow page; search bar and fill in the required field.
  • Click on ‘FIND,’ and now you can see search results.
  • Narrow your search with filters if you want.
  • For a person, click on the ‘People search’ tab.
  • Fill in the required field, and you are good to go.


Linkedin is the best platform to form a connection and can also help you find Someone’s phone number. It has millions of professional users, and the platform is helpful in generating qualified leads with ROI. 

Everyone on LinkedIn connects to help each other, share knowledge, generate leads, grow their business, and more. To build the connection or get Someone’s phone number, you need to do certain things mentioned below.

How to find someone’s phone number with Linkedin.

  • Login to your Linkedin Profile.
  • Go to the search bar and search for a potential person by their name.
  • Now that you find that person sending a connection request, eventually, they will accept.
  • Now you can see their profile details such as phone number, email, and other information.

White Pages

white pages

With White Pages, you can search for people, check your background, and use the resident screen tool. The Whitepages tool only works in the US and finds landline and phone numbers. However, this tool is not free to use, and you can only get landline numbers for free. 

White pages can also help you find out the phone number owner with the ‘Reverse Phone Lookup.’

How to find someone’s phone number with White Pages.

  • Click on the ‘People Search’ tab.
  • Fill required details and middle name if you want nearly the exact result.
  • Click on the ‘Search’ tab to see results.
  • Click on any one result of your preference and find their contact details in their profile.



Everyone is well aware of Facebook, and there is no need to describe it in detail. Facebook can help you with reverse phone lookup, as millions of people have registered their phone numbers while signing up for Facebook.

To get someone’s phone number, the user must link their phone number to the profile and not have a private account.

How to find someone’s phone number on Facebook.

  • Login to your Facebook profile.
  • Click on the ‘search’ bar.
  • Type phone number with area code.
  • Now, you can find the person’s profile linked to that number. 

Been Verified 

been varified

Been verified has billions of verified personal and business data to help you identify unknown numbers. For example, you can find a mobile number by a person’s name and address and other details such as email, social profile, location, age, and relatives.

Been Varified has a great feature that enables you to search for unclaimed money towards your name or other people’s names. It also allows you to search email, address, vehicle lookup, and user name. 

How to find someone’s phone number with Been Varified.

  • Go to the official website.
  • Enter the first name and last name of a person of interest and click ‘Search.’
  • Now, enter city and state, and click ‘search.’ 
  • Fill in your age and middle name if you want.
  • Then select what information you want. 
  • Accept privacy policy.
  • Now, you can see the person’s details.

Final Words

We have checked and gathered the best list of tools for a question of interest ‘ How to find someone’s phone number.’ We hope you will find those tools and the article helpful if not, let us know, and we will help you in the best possible way.

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