How To Become a Hacker in 2022?

In order to learn Hacking, you’ll need to know the following subjects thoroughly. Even if you don’t know any of these, you can do some limited Hacking with many other tricks and methods. Anyone can become a hacker, you just have to put your interest in this field, whether it’s for a professional job or just a hobby.

How To Become an Ethical Hacker

If you are really going with this field, just remember that everything takes time and has a process that needs to be completed to master it. Check out the steps below that can make an ethical hacker – 

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How to Become a Hacker? Follow These Important Steps

How to Become a Hacker?

1. Learn Computer Networks

Obviously, its studies networks. The sub-topics in this are creating a connection, closing a connection and safeguarding the established connection, and many more concepts. It is essential to exploit vulnerabilities and protocols.

2. Learn Programming Languages

Learn to code in any programming languages as C, C++, Java, Python, PHP etc. These programming languages can be learned by taking formal programming courses and reading books.

3. Learn Cryptography

Cryptography is a subject that deals with Encryption(The process of converting the message into some secret code called ‘CipherText’) /Decryption(The process of converting the CipherText into the original message ). This subject also deals with message authentication, digital signatures, etc., in order to learn to hack; you’ll need this subject because this deals with the security part of the Network. Apart from being Hacker, if u  wanna be a Cracker, Cryptography helps you a lot. Now, What is meant by a Cracker? Cracker is the one who rips the data out of copyrighted material that contains security on the data.

4. Learn Shell Programming

It is putting UNIX  commands in a file.
It’s almost always a special-purpose code.
Often one-time code.
Seldom used where speed is important.
Often used to manipulate files.

5. Learn Web Programming

You’ll need to have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, PHP, etc., because they are languages that make a web page. So, I think you have got an overview of the subjects related to Hacking.

6. Learn to be Anonymous

As a hacker, it s essential to learn how to be anonymous online because there will be types of hacking, legal or illegal, where you will have to be anonymous to not get caught. Being anonymous will help you hide your IP, location, and other information that may help other parties to track you.

7. Explore the hidden or Dark web

You all may already know about the dark web, it is a part of the internet web that is hidden from the general public and require some expertise to crawl into this. many of us have understood the Dark Web as a bad one because of its criminal and illegal side, but it also has some advantages when it comes to using it to help someone, so it is a must for every hacker to learn about this.

8. Do Experiments and practice

Do the experiments on your own to know the actual happening of a situation and focus on your targets. Learn and try day by day to get perfection and become a hacker with knowledge, and stay updated with the latest trends.

9. Join communities

Every hacker should join the hacker community to meet, share knowledge and learn from new hackers; indeed, exploring and learning is the key to growth. There are many communities available on the internet for your choice, you just need to find the right one and join them.


To become a hacker require so much patience and knowledge; one wrong step can cause trouble for the hacker. To become an expert, hackers must follow the above-mentioned steps and learn them doesn’t matter if it takes time.

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