How To Access Chat History, Messages and Photos

Ways to do this to successfully get someone stuff (phone hack) to access chat history, messages, apps etc.


Three Ways to phone hack.

1. Using mSpy app 

By using an mSpy app it is easy to hack anyone WhatsApp account or phone hack. This is easy to use and it is specially made for phone hacking and WhatsApp hacking. it is available on play store and can be downloaded. after that download and install the app on the target phone and after that app silently records all data and information and you can view all that by going into your mSpy account. To download this app on your phone you have to buy this app from the website of mSpy to access chat history, messages, photos and much more.


features of mSpy

  • phone hack (you can remotely access any phone and can access all phone data such as web browser history, what a person surfing the internet on their phone, trace his calling activities, messages, photos, access their phone apps etc). mSpy is available for phones and computers to monitor them.
  • mSpy have a lot of features as it can track current GPS location, sent/received messages, read emails, monitor Internet use, control apps and programs, control over access to a social network account, track location, WhatsApp, and access to photos/videos of the phone.
  • hack WhatsApp messages, photos, videos and all stuff.
  • mspy works in hidden mode and remains undetected.
  • hack and read all web history, it almost hacks the whole devices and can send the whole information of phone.

2. Using Kali Linux

Phone hack using Kali Linux. If the target is an Android phone, yes you can access chat history, messages, and photos but in the case of Apple, it is quite not possible because of Apple too good security. you have to learn some basic bash coding and MSF payload in Kali Linux. you can send him a malware in the form of an Android application that will stay there and do the malicious stuff. It requires Social Engineering on Android, by using Kali Linux create an apk file and then install it into victim phone. This APK allows you to remotely access all the data, apps and other information of that phone. To do this you just need to create apk in Kali then install it on the targeted phone.

3. Man in the middle

you can do this by using a sniffer on a wireless network that you and victim are connected to. By this, you can access chat history, messages, and photos. If you are successful in doing so you will have all the control on his internet activity. There is an Android software called Z Anti which can do this. If you and victim both are on the same wifi network, you will have control over his activities. Do not connect yourself on the open/public WiFi to prevent yourself from such attacks.

4. Using some best phone hacking apps(droidbox, androrat etc), before using that app you need to root your android device.

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