How Do You Know If Someone Blocked Your Number?

According to a survey many people used to Block their relatives/friends call due to various reasons. So, How do you know if someone blocked your number?

When you are to try to call or text someone and you did not receive any response. It is possible that the receiver cell phone is off or he is busy. Also, it is possible that he/she does not want to contact you and blocked your number.

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Our helpful guide will explain different ways to check that your number is blocked and how you can call or text someone who blocked you.

How Do You Know If Someone Blocked Your Number?

There are many possible reasons that someone blocked your number and only you better know for what reason they blocked your number.

Below you can read some signs that indicate that your number is blocked or not. Possible Reasons if someone blocked your number.

1. Your calls and messages are never answered

When you call and send text multiple time but you do not get any response from the receiver there are many reasons that can happen and a blocked number is one of them.

When you call someone or text someone from your side it looks normal but the receiver will not receive anything.

2. Number of rings before send you to voice mail

You may not notice when you call on a number you listen a beep sound multiple time.

If you hear sound multiple time it is a normal thing but when you call and listen to ring only a single time then it is clear something is wrong such as the person stands in weak signal zones, or busy on another number or your number is blocked.

3. Automated responses

Another reason that indicates the block of your number is during the call you get a response from the sim provider company that “the user is not available”.

Remember blocked number is not the only reason to get these types of messages. But if you receive the same message in several days then you should consider this as a strong indicator.

4. Use Alternative Number

When you did not get any response or you redirect to the company message voice and you think that these are not normal things then use a different number and call from it.

If the same message you received from an alternative number then it is okay you’re not blocked otherwise you are blocked.

5. Maybe something else

When you try all possible and you suspect only that the receiver is not receiving your calls and text because he blocked you.

Do not bother because you are not sure 100% yet. There are other possible things can happen such as network problem, mobile power off, weak signals, and many more.

So if you find out that your number is blocked and the next person did not want to listen from your side then do not disturb and respect his decision.

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What You Can Do When Someone Blocks Your Number

First of all, know why he/she did not want to talk to you and block your number. Follow the below guide to call someone who even blocks your number.

  • Disguise your caller ID: Using this technique receiver will not recognize who is calling. It keeps your id hidden. To hide your ID go to setting > call setting > Additional setting > Caller ID and select “hide number”. This technique will hide your original number and bypass the blocked list.
  • *67: The second technique to bypass the blocked number is dial *67. It will show your number to the receiver as a private number or hidden number. For example *67 and your number.
  • Calling App: The third option is if you have a smartphone download a calling app from a play store that provides you random numbers. Generate a number and call it. There are lots of applications available to use of them and you’re good to go.
  • Call a landline: if the receiver has a landline phone and you know that then take the advantage and call on it because the landline phone has no option to block a number.
  • Change your number: You can use a new number or use a friend mobile and number which is not blocked from the receiver.


Some time accidentally your number gets blocked from the receiver and you can not do anything. Using techniques we share above you can know either your number is blocked or not.

If your number is blocked then first know your number is blocked. If you harass the receiver or you call it multiple time and it makes him sick then we suggest you meet face to face and make sure that you will not disturb him anymore.

You can also use techniques we mention that helps you to bypass your blocked number and allow you to call you.

If you know a better way then please mention us in the comments section.

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