Trick To Hide Any Files Inside An Image

We can hide any files inside an image by means of steganography. Steganography is one of a technique for data encryption and it’s a safe and cool way to pass your message to recipients without knowledge of anyone else.

In order to read the message, the recipients must decode the message. Decoding a message is not so difficult, but most people don’t know that there is a secret message inside a photo.

Steganography also provides a level of security to your message. And it does not require any key to decode the message.

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So, now talk about how to hide any files inside the image. In order to hide any files inside the image, you have to follow the given below steps, which are quite simple and easy.

Hide any file inside an image: STEPS:-

1. Take a JPEG file and a data file and save both of them in a C:\Drive

Step 1 : Save Image and data

2. Now, compress both the file into .rar or .zip and save it on C:\Drive.
(For compressing, select the both file and click on add to archive)

Step 2: Compress both files

3.  Now, go to  command prompt
Press win+R  and type cmd then enter to
open the command prompt and press cd.. (cd dot dot ) until it goes to C:\> and then type cd drive.
Now, it will look like
Open Cmd

4. Now combine image and .rar or .zip file to create a new image.
In command prompt Type,
copy   /b   hackchefs.JPG+Drive.rar   NewHackchefs.jpg
and press ENTER.


This will create a new image same as original image but a .rar file is embedded inside it. Note that the size of the image is increased.
[ b converts the files into binary format ie 010101 that’s why it’s possible to add .rar file  in the image.]

How to Extract data from Image?

It’s very simple to decode the file, you just need to change the extension of the image to .jpg to .rar and then extract the file.

extract message from image

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