How To Generate QR Code Easily

Now a day everything is having a QR code either it’s any product or movie tickets or anything else. Before discussing how to generate QR code, firstly you should know what is QR code and why it is so familiar these days. QR code stands for Quick Response as the name suggests it can be read quickly.

QR code is used to translate the piece of information into a barcode and this barcode can easily scan by cell phone or any other scanning devices. Once you scan the QR code it gives the information about the movie tickets, t-shirts, Electronic gadgets, etc depends on what embedded with a QR code.

The reason why it becomes familiar these days are it’s easy to generate QR code, easy to scan it, and, easy to embed the bundle of data and information about products in short barcode and modern cell phones have the pre-installed scanner so need to buy any device for scanning barcodes.

You can also generate QR code of your website. And also embedded some text along with barcode, so the person which scan the QR code will get the data. In other words, we can say that it is a one of a technique for data encryption. We also generate QR code and scan QR code for sending short messages, connecting to Wi-Fi networks, purchase items, watch videos and much more.

Now, the question arise how to generate QR code? Is it free? yes, it is free to generate QR code and its very easy to generate Qr code, in order to generate QR code your need to follow the given below steps.

For Generate QR code from URL


1. Copy the link in your browser.×150&data=Testing
2. Replace the word Testing at the end of a link with your desire URL (i.e
3. Now, it will look like×150&
4. Press Enter and your QR code are generated QR code

For Generate QR code from Some data


1. Copy the link in your browser.×100
2. Replace the HelloWorld with your desire text(i.e is best ).
3. Press enter and your Qr code are generated.

qr code generate

As you can see the color format of QR code is black and white, what if you want to use different color format (i.e green and yellow) is it possible to change the color format of QR code? The answer is yes, you can also change the color format of QR code.

To replace the black color with other colors

before ‘&’, now it will look like this×150&color=0-255-0&

color QR code

To replace the white color with other colors

before ‘&’, now it will look like this×150&bgcolor=255-0-0&

color QR code

To replace both simultaneously use×150&color=0-255-0&bgcolor=255-0-0&

Generate color QR code

Use RGB code for coloring like 0-250-0 represents green and 255-0-0 represents red. Here you can find the RGB code for your desirable color.

RGB color Picker

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