Top 10 Free Sports Streaming Sites List 2023

Are you among one of those hardcore sports fanatics? And cannot afford to miss out on a single glance of his/her favorite game? And are you searching for the best free sports streaming sites? If Yes, you are not the only soul on the face of the earth; millions are included in the list.

Sport is one of the most favorite entertainments for adults and kids, whether it’s soccer, Wrestling, Squash, basketball, or cricket, sports celebrities are loved around the world.

We love to play sport, watch sport and some people even eat sport. I have seen people worshipping sports personalities throughout the world. So, do you really fall right on the criterion of a sports freak? If yes, then this article on free sports streaming sites is all you need right now.

Yes, if you follow a sport, life’s charm never fads out. You attach to your favorite team and celebrate its successor are sadden by its defeat. But the trend of watching sports matches live from the stadium or even live on TV has lowered down to a marginal level.

We got a special treat for you; you can have all your favorite sports matches under one floor. We got a list of top 10 free sports streaming sites where a sports freak can watch all matches religiously or can witness a glimpse of a missed match or highlights. You can have the entire match replay and witness in your idle.

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The websites we are going to mention as free sports streaming sites are responsive and reliable. Yes, there may be some websites that might not open in your region. There can be a reason for this, and you can have it fixed using a Free VPN. There are dozens of free VPN apps and extensions available and one can have the location changes in a moment.

Top 10 best free sports streaming sites 


free live streaming site

Fromhot is one of the most followed and loved free sports streaming sites you can have. This website is available around the world.  From any region of the globe, anyone can access any live sport direct from the computer or mobile phone. This website has been built to render the best available service to any sports freak. I have been watching my favorite soccer matches on this website. The website is stunning from all sides, from its navigation to the interface; the developers have done an awesome job.

From the main navigation menu, you can choose any game you desire. For instance, if you want to gets some information regarding soccer, baseball, Moto GP, Volleyball or Gold. Click on any of them and see all information crafted under one floor.

This owns a solid and fluid user interface and you are ensured that the spent time would be great.

You can access all the sports channels you desire. Click on the search bar to search for any sports channel and see the list of all matches going to held in any location in the world. This displays even the timetable as per your time region, you get access to all tv channels elegantly.

This Website offers services free of cost, you are not required to spend even a penny and get the live streaming on your mobile phone or desktop on the moment.

We have given you the direct link to the website, click on it to watch and behold the best moments of your favourite sport.

Key Features:

  • Solid and Fluid interface
  • Get any TV channel
  • Watch Live matches
  • Get Timetable and Schedule accordingly your region’s time zone
  • Free of cost
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2) Batmanstream

batmanstream - one of best free streaming site.

This is one of the finest sport live streaming sites you can ever have. This sports website garners 15 million users each month, and the numbers are sky-rocketing. Almost one-fourth of the total traffic goes from the USA and you can get an idea of how popular in the region the live streaming site is. Here on this platform people, mostly come to watch popular sports such as Football, rugby, NBA and NHL streams. If you are a religious fan of football and cannot afford to skip a single glimpse of it, have this channel bookmarked. You will be delighted to find your most-favorite sport and team matches without any hindrance.

The channel never allows pop-up or other annoying ads to be there. You see no extra and annoying ads listing. You see the fanatics chat widgets on the right-hand side where you can get involved in serious debates over there. Only get involved in them, if you got nerves to take heated debates on you.

This website has been known with a different name, prior to changing its name, such as Dracula. So, if you see the link is down or the site is not accessible in your region, you can use Dracula query to get this website.

It’s been years since this website is working, and the standards this website has set are unmatchable. They are raising the bar higher for the rivals and all this comes without any cost. I have seen free folks putting this website on number one list throughout their guides. As you get all services without paying a single penny, so you would love to have everything available there.

The site is clean and navigation is clearer. You can find anything you want, from your desired sports team to the desired TV channel, all have been integrated over there.

This website even hosts the commentary for the biggest events such as the Champions League.

You see the categories are nicely placed; you get a separate category for Football, NFL, Basketball, Handball, Hockey, Rugby, Tennis and Volleyball.

Additionally, you see dozens of links of each live game. So, if you see one link has been blocked, you get the other and so on. All links are brought up in high definition; you will have no quality issue over there at all.

Key Features:

  • Covers all sports especially USA sports
  • Popular videos of the previous match
  • Highlights of recent games
  • Ads-free ambience
  • Chat widget on the right side
  • Clean and clear navigation
  • Host commentary for Football big leagues and tournaments
  • Nicely managed categories
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best football streaming sites

ESPN is one of the major live sports streaming portals. The world famed franchise offers premium as well as free live streaming services. You might have been using the premium services, as most of the guys are unaware of the fact that they offer free services as well. They have a website to offer all the sports free of cost. The services are up to the impressive marks, and you see no pop-up ads over there.

But, the problem is, the free version only works for USA audience. Yes, you can get the link working using VPN. But, this only covers sports which are played and watched in the USA. If you are living in any other region other than the USA, and are desired to watch a USA sport, this website is for you.

The link what we are providing here is a free version of the premium service offering website. This is not a premium site, a free-version, still renders quality live streaming services, clearer and cleaner interface you use to see on a premium network.

You get all related sports news, highlights, important matches, and schedule, etc. The main navigation this website offers is Football, Cricket, NBA, F1, Tennis, NFL and much more.

You can have this website for smaller screens such as Android and iOS device, access them on your favourite device.

If you are not accessing the link from the USA, get a free VPN and witness a splendid experience of free sport live streaming website.

Key Features:

  • Get premium services free of cost
  • This portal covers sports played in the USA only and free version available for USA based audience
  • Clean and simple navigation
  • Highlights of important matches
  • Live streaming of all sports played in the USA
  • Football, Cricket, NBA, F1, Tennis, NFL
  • Behold timetable, schedule and venues
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free nfl streaming sites

HOTSTAR is a premium application, that’s true. The way ESPN offers free live sports streaming to the USA audience- Following the same footprints, HOTSTAR rendering their free services for Indian Audience for Indian sports.

If you are an Indian, living in the region, and desired to behold the favourite cricket or Kabadi moments. Switch to this website and explore the inch and squares of it. This website can also be accessed via the application; the same rules apply over there as well.

This is a premium platform, offering high definition live streaming, free of cost for Indian people. If you are not from India, want to access this channel, find a VPN. You will be switched to a virtual Indian location and would be watching Indian sports without paying a single Rupee.

The main navigation over this platform is Hockey, Badminton, Football, Cricket, Kabbadi, and others.

HOTSTAR allows Indian audience to watch any sport without further messing into sign up or subscribing process. This comes with a modern interface and loads up pretty quickly compared to the other rivals sports website.

Key Features:

  • A premium site offers free services for Indian Audience
  • Covers all sports played and hosted in India free
  • Live streaming of all sports including Cricket, Football, Rugby, Basketball and Hockey
  • Clean navigation without any ads
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LiveTV - sports streaming sites

There are obvious reasons why we included this website in the list? And why is this popular around the world? The glaring reason is that it covers all sports happen throughout the world. You name a sport, and there will be a spot reserved here for that. Numerous sports can be watched, followed and read from this one-stop shop. All news, videos, streaming, TV channel list are available free of cost. You have no need to purchase a premium subscription when all can be accessed free of cost.

Yes, sometimes due to copyright content infringement, the server goes down. But, this is happening with this portal for almost two years. The server and the providers manage to live again and come up with new zeal and extended experience.

This live streaming portal renders services for all sports including NFL streaming and other league streaming. You can count this website as one of the best NFL streaming sites.

So, if you are the one who wants to follow the latest news regarding football, cricket, hockey, rugby, volleyball, basketball, or any other sport, this is the one point for you. Have the link saved and follow this to watch your favorite game of sport.

Key Features:

  • It covers all sports around the world
  • Offers news related posts
  • Rich Video archive
  • Get live streaming
  • Numerous TV channels can be accessed
  • Covers popular sports including football, basketball and cricket
  • Special coverage for NFL Live streaming
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stream2watch - best sports streaming sites

This is a world famous online free sports streaming website available. This website has been changing the extension for about every six months. The reasons are obvious, offering copyright content. You have no need to freak out; the live link is given to you. The live link works like a breeze and offers you a splendid live sports experience. You see this website is clearer and cleaner than ever.

From the homepage of the site, you can check all lists of live sports matches. From the search bar, one can search for the favourite sport, TV channel, schedule, leagues and much more.

This portal also renders services in the new format. You see the latest happenings in the field of sport in news format and read them out. You can install its application and subscribe for any favourite game or sport. And get alerts whenever any news regarding the portions comes.

Just visit the home screen, and click on Watch Now and stream your today’s game in high definition free of cost. The only freaking out aspect of this portal, this irritates the users with pop-up ads. Every time you change something from the screen. The pop-up takes you to some annoying adult site. So, if you are the one who watches sport along with your minor kids- Do not try this website, have other enlisted.

This portal offers more than one live link, the mirror link on the right-hand side works.

The portal covers almost all sports happening around the world. You search for every sport you like and see the live session of the game without spending much.

Key features:

  • Access numerous live sports channel
  • Reach out schedules, timetable and venues
  • New formats added to offer services in better ways
  • Install the application to get notified on the mobile phone
  • Get live streaming high definition
  • Covers almost all sports including Football, Cricket, Rugby, Hockey, Basketball and much more.
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7) VIP League

VIPLeague - best free sports streaming sites

If you talk about the interface and presentation of the sports or channel, this website stands out. The interface is seamless; the presentation of numerous sports and channels is amazing. The whole credit goes to the developer and designer, the user reaps the fruit of their hard work.

The VIP League offers best online sports streaming including Cricket, Soccer, Hockey, Cycling, Rugby, NASCAR and etc.

The website renders its services in multi-lingual forms. You can have various languages enabled and watch the entire ambience in a language you understand. This is a rare feature and makes this website stands out in the massive crowd.

This website is accessible at any corner of the world. It does not matter where you live, at this point the website is not blocked in any of the regions throughout the world.

This website’s football schedule sometimes becomes so long that it takes minutes to read that out. All games all over the globe are available. Stream your favourite matches over the channel and get the favourite glimpse.

I have not seen this best football streaming portal recently. This is one of the best NFL live streaming websites and brings out all stuff jotted out.

This website enlists the upcoming sports events, news, videos, highlights and much more.

Key features:

  • Seamless interface
  • Quite impressive presentations of the latest news
  • The best sport streaming site to watch cricket, soccer, hockey, rugby and NASCAR
  • Offers services in many languages
  • Especial coverage for NFL football live series
  • Reach out latest schedule, timetable and venues
  • Get highlights of latest matches
visit website

8) LOLA 1

football streaming sites

This is another top-ranked portal to watch sports online free. This offers seamless streaming of all major sports played and watched in the world. If you are on a hunt and have not found any best website even now to watch football streaming, this is the website for you. This website also offers some great news enlisting services. They got their own content creator and put their thoughts into the streams of words. More than the highlights, people adore reading the news content or articles available on LOLA1.

You can access any major league, world cup champion’s trophy or any tournament happening at any corner of the world. You get the schedule of all matches, time-table, venues, and even the points table. They offer various sport live streaming including Football, ICE hockey, Table tennis, Volleyball and much more.

You can access the highlights of any sport without any hiccup. Access any live match, click on the watch it now, and get the live streaming free of cost.

The portal comes with a user-friendly interface, the design is up to impressive marks, and the archive categories allow users access videos easily.

The videos available on the platform are arranged via tournament name or venue etc. So, give a try to this website and see what this has to offer to sports enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • Covers almost all sports played around the world
  • Separate news section
  • They host their own commentary for big leagues
  • Get schedule, timetable and venues
  • Access any live match played at any corner of the world
  • User-friendly interface
  • Separate video archive
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9) SonyLive Sports

For Indians and people of the Asian region, this name is synonymous to various entertainment niches. This portal is one of the finest, biggest and top-ranked live sports channels you can have. The website has also managed to bring up their mobile application. If you want to get the latest updates on your phone. Without hitting browsing, have the application installed and see what the portal has showcased on the homepage.

Without a single shadow of a doubt, for sports enthusiasts, Sony is one stop shop. You can have all the latest updates for any sport such as Football, Cricket, Tennis, Basketball and much other more. If you are searching for any sports channel- And watch latest happening in Cricket world up 2019, or watch Cricket World Cup 2019 live streaming click on the link.

You can have latest videos updates, news updates, scores updates, point’s table updates and much more.

SonyLive manages to have their own dedicated commentator for a big event including cricket. The commentary and graphs are something that has held this channel high-up even after the years.

The segments integrated on the platform are something that must not missed-out. They also offer premium services, but one has no need to purchase the premium subscription, the free-services fill the bills.

Key Features:

  • The best site to watch sports for the Asian region
  • They cover almost all sports played around the world
  • Offers latest news, videos and blog posts
  • Craft score updates, points table and much more
  • Behold schedule timetable and venues
  • Get any sport live free
  • Also offers premium services
visit website


Streamwoop is comparatively a new channel or portal added to the list. The impressive features, stand-out interface, and spell-bound segments have managed the way to bring this channel on the top 10 list. This channel is setting the bar higher for the rivals and offers almost all important sports coverage.

Not only one can behold the latest highlights and videos. Get live streaming but the crispy imagery content is something must count. This channel list-out all major events happens in an entire year, for each sport. You can witness the schedule of your favourite sport for an entire year and get informed. This channel is primarily designed to entertain northern American regions, but after benchmarking the success of this, suppress the owners to expand the audience.

This offers you the best football live streaming, NFL streaming, and Basketball streaming. You also get engaged to the chat happening in the widget, the heated exchange sometime spoil the mood, you prefer to not get into this.

Key Features:

  • Seamless interface
  • List out all sport event happening in an entire year
  • Primarily designed to entertain the northern American audience
  • Dedicated streaming for NFL Streaming, basketball and Football
  • Separate chat widget
  • Stand out features added
  • Get latest news, highlights and videos
  • Access any live sports channel you desire
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The Final Thought:

Around the world, maybe thousands or more than that, live streaming channels are functioning. We have made a list of top 10 free sport streaming portals, what we think are the best available.

The premium channels have been excluded from the list. We intended to offer a list of free live streaming channels. As I mentioned above, some portals got blocked sometimes in a region.  You need to use VPN to get them working again in the region. Sometimes, you see the channel’s server gets down or brought to down. Don’t’ freak out it gets functioned after some minutes or try others if not.

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