Foumovies: Download Bollywood and Hollywood Free Movies

What is FouMovies? How to use it? How it is different from other movie websites? Aren’t these questions comes in your head? Here we come to tell you all about these questions. Read this article to know all.

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FouMovies is a movie downloading website. It has more than 1.5 million users watching movies every month.

The website becomes so popular in a very short time. The website is famous in multiple countries but according to Similar Web, the majority of users came to the website from the United States, Phillippines, India, South Africa, and Malaysia.

The global rank of the website is 30,891 and in the united state, the website is rank at 23, 859 (as per the report of May 2019).

These numbers change after some time and due to the popularity of the Fou Movies website these numbers are changed in days.

You can watch Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies. You can watch a movie in any of these two languages – English and Hindi movies.

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How to download movies from fou movies

As we mention the website is a movie downloading website. You can download different types of movies in different qualities. The downloading process is very easy and simple.

1. First, you have to open the website link… You will see the interface of the website look like this:


2. You will see lots of movies. Choose one from the homepage or you can search one you want to watch. In our case, we want to download Avengers: Endgame. We didn’t find this movie on the homepage. So, we go to the search bar and type Avengers. It shows us these results…

fou movies

3. Click on Movie and it will show you the detail page of the movie. The best way to open the link and to avoid ads is to open in a new tab.

fou movie

4. Now just click on the Download button. That’s it after downloading, your movie is ready you can watch it and enjoy.

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Is it necessary to create an account on FouMovies?

No, there is no need to create an account. FouMovies is a simple website that allows you to download movies. They do not ask you for signup or registration. You have to just open the website and find a movie you want to download and that’s it.

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Is FouMovies safe to Use?

Yes, FouMovies is a safe website. You can visit it without any worry. The only thing you have to care about is their unappropriated ads.

When you visit the website and you’re trying to open movie links you will notice that some ads appear which are irrelevant.

These ads are open in new tabs and ask you to install them. Something like below showed in the image.

Just don’t download or install them and you’re safe.

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Issues with FouMovies

You can find a list of lots of movies on the website but their some issues that appear with the website.

1. The main issue of this website is unappropriated ads. When you click on Website links add appears in the new tab. The website earns from these ads. So, they set up these ads. Whenever a user comes to their website and clicks on links they earn some cents.

2. Sometimes the quality of newly released movies is not good. They upload newly released movies that are recorded on cams. So you have to take care while you are trying to download a newly released movie.

foumovies movie download

3. The third problem of this website is its response time. You’ll notice that in the comment section many users ask them for quality improvements and you’ll also notice some user comments spammy links. They did not remove them and also not give any response to the comments.

4. You’ll notice that the URL of the website is .info but the first website was in .com but without telling any reason they close the .com domain and start a new one in .info extension. This may be due to some copyright strikes, or ban of that domain name for providing movies for free.

foumovies bollywoood

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What Quality You can expect from fou movies?

The overall quality of the website is very impressive. You can download HD movies in 1080p and 720p. You can find movies easily they merge movies in related categories. Nearly all old movies available on the website.

You can use an advanced search feature and sets different features that helps you to find all movies with a higher rating. On the Fou Movies, you can download English, Hindi, south Indian dubbed and Tamil movies with higher quality.

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Types of Movies You can Watch on FouMovies?

Using FouMovies you can download Hindi movies, English movies, English movies which are dubbed in Hindi and south Indian dubbed movies.

Categories and Features

You will see a long list of different categories. In each category, you will see related movies. The advantage of the categories is you can easily find movies related to your interest.

The main categories are Adventure, Animation, Biography, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Horror, History, Music, Horror, Romance, Science Fiction, Thriller, War, and Sports.

foumovies alternatives

If you love to watch romantic or science fiction movies just go to the romantic or science fiction category and you will see the list of all movies on romance and science fiction topics. Pick one of them you like and download it.

foumovies hollywood

Even you can filter movies by years they provide you feature where if you want to find movies which released in 2018 or 2019 you have to just go to the website and in the main menu, you have to select the year. In the following year all released movies you can view and download them.

foumovies english

Same as you can find movies by language if you watch Hindi language movie click on the Hindi language category and if you want to watch in English language select English language movies.

fou movies

If you will not find a movie you want to download you can also Request them by clicking on Moviee by request.

For example, if I want to see the new movie “The Queen’s Corgi” and I did not find the movie. I can send a request that pleases they upload this movie on their website.

fou movies

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Some more websites from where you can watch and download movies.


The cinema industry grows very rapidly and we see that every day a stunning movie, film and TV drama released. You can download any types of Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian dubbed movies from FouMovies. FouMovies provide you high-quality Hd movies. You have no need to create simple you have to open the website and download movies you want to watch.

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