10 Best educational apps for students – Learning apps to Learn new things

If you are a student and you spend the most time on your smartphone, then the apps that we tell you in this article will not miss from your phone or tablet. In our list, we have added only the most valuable, user-friendly, and useful learning apps that can help you in your study. This is the list of 10 best educational apps for students to learn something new daily and boost their knowledge.

The study is not always as easy as it looks. Courses, notes, and syllabi become a complete headache. Luckily technology makes the life of a student a little easier.

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Today there are lots of mobile apps that make education easier and more creative. Here in this article, we will share the 10 best educational apps for students.

Educational apps for students – The best Learning apps

educational apps for students

If you are a student, then this is the best list for you. Best educational apps for students to learn new subjects, technology, things, and more. These apps can help you in the following ways…

  • You can improve your class process
  • It helps you in time management
  • Help you to improve your grammar, vocabulary, and much…

So without wasting your further time, let’s start…

Learning apps to Learn new things every day:

1. Khan Academy

It is the number one app for students. Khan Academy offers thousands of videos and tutorials on various subjects. You can get thousands of free math, science, Technology, Arts, and humanities tutorials.

Khan Academy was founded in 2007 by a person named Salman khan. It is a great platform where you can get a huge amount of profitable information for free. You can access khan academy using their app.

2. Quora

It was launched in 2010 in the English language, and later on, with time, it was introduced in other languages. It is a type of questioning portal where you can ask questions for the sake of answers. You can create an account on Quora to submit the questions.

Quora is a social network app that goes more or less between what is Wikipedia and Twitter. These are generally questions and answers, although the interesting thing is that your questions will be answered by experts qualified by the community.


3. Coursera

Coursera is an app with an online teaching platform, which was founded in 2012 by two professors from Stanford University with the purpose of providing free access to quality education from anywhere.

Currently, this platform has more than two thousand courses of different themes, taught in 29 countries and 147 institutions, so anyone anywhere in the world can take them and learn.

Coursera has specialized programs and courses related to different topics such as business, history, computer science, physical sciences, languages, arts, and humanities, among a wide range of these.


4. GRE Vocabulary builder

This is one of the best educational apps for students. You can use it for the purpose of correcting vocabulary and avoiding grammatical errors. Learn new words daily, and improve your English. The vocabulary builder Android app is to learn English that was specifically designed to teach you new words, and you can use them in any free time you have up to date.

This means that your vocabulary will increase incredibly without adding hours of study to your agenda.

5. Curiosity

It is one of the best apps for learning online. In this app, you can create a free trial account. You can find a lot of articles, videos, and infographics in this app for study purposes. People are exploring new things daily with the new explorations by the senior members.

You can get inspiration and can take lectures by watching videos on this app. This will increase your knowledge. It is also helpful for education at home.

6. In shorts

If you are finding the best app for competitive exams, it is the best one. Here you can find the best and latest news which can be summarized in short words. The complete news is summarized in 60 words, compiling all the basic facts and figures.

This is the best app to find out the news videos and lectures. This can be used as the best educational app to learn from home.

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7. Udemy App

Digital learning, or Elearning, has become a new way of focusing on education. Currently, schools and other institutions incorporate not only computers in the classroom but also tablets and other devices that gradually banish traditional learning. New technologies have become a fundamental component in the sector, and their presence will increase even more in the coming years.

The applications aimed at this area also experienced a boom since through them, can be trained in a variety of fields and by solving barriers such as geography or having to attend classes in order to receive this knowledge. Then we talk about Udemy, and we will tell you the most outstanding features of a digital academy that has received flattery but also criticism.

8. Brainly – World’s Largest learning app

Brainly app was introduced with the purpose of educating people worldwide. This app includes all the top-level lectures from the best universities all over the world. In this app, you can find all the best videos and documented lectures by selecting the subject. Experts provide an explanation for your queries.

It is available for everyone, in any school or to learn any subject such as Math, Science, History, Algebra, English, Foreign Languages and many more. You can get free homework help which is 100% free of charge. Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime. You can also share your knowledge and earn points.

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9. Yahoo Answers

Yahoo! Answers is a community-driven question-and-answer website or a knowledge market of Yahoo!, which allows its users to ask and answer questions. To do this, the user has to have a Yahoo! Yahoo! Answers are available in 12 languages, but in Asia, a different platform has been launched, which allows non-Latin characters, called Yahoo! Chiebukuro in Japan and Yahoo! Knowledge in Korea, Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong. The questions are sorted by categories that speed up the response time by users. When some questions reach a particular level, they can be disseminated on the main page in the discover tab.

10. StudyBlue – Android/iOS, Free

StudyBlue is an online platform for studying high school and university students. The website allows users to upload class study materials, create electronic flashcards to study and share with others, and practice tests. StudyBlue allows students to save their notes in the cloud and connect with other students studying the same subjects. StudyBlue content can be accessed online or in mobile phone applications. The company serves more than 26,000 students in institutions in more than 100 countries, including the United States. The StudyBlue corporate office is located in Madison, WI, with a second office open in San Francisco, CA, as of September 2012.


All the best apps used for educational purposes are described in this article. In all the mentioned apps, you can find video lectures and documents. You can also find lectures according to your subject. Some of those apps are also allowing the answer to your questions. You can find answers to your desired questions by creating a free account.

As we all know, in the modern age young generation relies on smartphones, and huge numbers who didn’t like to read from textbooks, so it is a great opportunity to install these apps on your children’s smartphones. Also, these applications will prevent them from wasting their time on unnecessary applications and activities.

We have done our best to explain all the best learning apps to gain education from home. I hope you will share your valuable comments about the article.

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