Earn Money From Website ( 5 Ways) in 2023

Here I am sharing 5 ways to earn money from the website, which will surely give you good revenue if you have a decent amount of traffic. If you want to improve your website traffic then use this free SEO tools and for quick SEO tips, stay updated on our website.

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There are so many methods to earn money from the website, but here I am sharing some of the best methods that will lead you to earn good revenue and motivates you to keep blogging.

5 Best Way To Earn Money From Website

Adsense and Affiliate marketing are the best ways for any blogger to earn money. But apart from this, I have also listed some other methods that you can try to earn more money from the website.

I am using all these methods on this site and on my other blogs.

1. PPD Sites ( Pay per Download )

As the name suggests, PPD sites will give you a revenue per download. You can upload any zip file, image, music, video, etc and according to the downloader country, you will get revenue per download. It’s a good way to earn a decent amount of money from the website by uploading some files and give the download link to a visitor. It’s a great way to generate money from your visitors. But the problem with many PPD sites is the annoying survey that has to face by downloader/user to download the file and it is bad for your website reputation. Don’t worry, Here I am sharing some of the best PPD websites without survey.

If you want to know more about this PPD Sites like revenue per 1000 downloads, minimum payout, withdrawals method, and more, then go here.

Best PPD SItes without Survey

2. Short URL

This is another good method to earn money from the website. The short URL is a new technique to shorten the long URL. Google also provides the facility of shortening the URL but you cannot earn from it. There is some website that will  Shorten your URL and place the skippable ad before the destination link.

When anyone clicks on your given URL (Short links), it will have to wait for 5 seconds then it will be redirected toward the original destination link. So it is the way, they pay you and the payment depends upon the website. So with the help of a URL shortening website you can earn money from a website and increase your website revenue.

Here are the 5 best Shortening URL websites.

If you wanna know more about Best URL shortening website like minimum payout, pay per 1000 views and much more, then visit here.

Best URL SHortner

3. Google Ads

You can also earn money from the website by displaying the Google ads on your website. If you have a published good amount of content on your website then you can apply for Google Adsense. The Adsense will review your website and check whether your website is eligible for ads or not.

They will mail you whether your website is approved or not. If they approved your website, then the ad will display on your website and you will get money when the user will click on the ads, and CPC ( Cost per Click) depends on the user country. If they don’t approve your website then improve your content and make sure your website doesn’t violate the community guidelines of Google Adsense and request again.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the way by which you can earn a large amount of money. It is the best way among all of them to earn a large amount of money. Affiliate Marketing is a referral program to which you refer a product, service, etc to your visitors by means of making posts or displaying banner/ad on your website.

Many big websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc have their affiliate program and you can earn money by selling their product through your affiliate link. And other websites like PPD sites, Hostgator ( Hosting and domain website) and many more website have also their affiliate program to increase their sale and you can earn a large amount of money using their affiliate program and sell their product or service. If you know how to do affiliate marketing then you will surely increase your website revenue. If you want to know more about affiliate marketing then stay updated to our website.

Earn money from website through Affiliate marketing

5. Other Ad network

Sometimes earning income from Google Adsense is not enough for you, so you wonder how can I Increase my earning from the website.  In this case, you can follow our other 3 ways PPD sites, Short URL, and  Affiliate program, or you can also apply for the other highest paying ads company. If you don’t know what are the other highest paying ad company, so don’t worry here I have compiled the list of the best high paying ad networks for website and blog. You can use as many ad networks you want on your website but I recommend you do not use more than 3 different ad networks. And by using these you can also earn money from the website and increase your website revenue.

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